A Day Without The Constitution
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A Day Without The Constitution

October 11, 2019

♫ Singing: Our… lives… would… Not be fun without the Constitution We would be on the run everyday It would bring us to our knees even if we said please And it’d stifle what we’d do and what we’d
say. People could be banned from voting in the
states Schools could segregate our children by their race Our right to petition government, a thing
of the past Our right to free speech would go away fast Each state could have its own currency No personal freedoms or internet privacy Without a constitution we’d have no liberties Police could arrest anyone they please Woman Speaking: We Totally Take the Constitution for granted Man: Maybe if we had a day off of work to celebrate it, we’d have more time to appreciate it. Slide Says: Show Some Love in September for #ConstitutionDay Make Constitution Day a National Holiday ♫ Singing: Our lives would
not be fun without the Constitution… We would be on the run everyday​. Slide Says: Sign the petition: whitehouse.gov/petitions Before September 30th

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  1. Lol, these freedoms have already become a thing of the past. And the sad thing is that Americans will do nothing to stop the federal government except petition to the very people in government who have caused this mess in the first place. Do you think most government "officials" really care about what you have to say? No, they serve themselves and the people who pay them the most money.

  2. if the ACLU would accept that the 2nd amendment protected the individual right to  to keep and bear arms it could double its membership. bonus benefit it would weaken the NRA.

  3. I think about it every time I see the ACLU propounding the false equality of same-sex "marriage" and fighting against the very rights of conscience it once defended when the leftists were under the gun. Now it's the Christians, and rights of conscience are laid waste lest there be anything less than full affirmation of that false equality….

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