A Digital Picture Frame Keeps D.J. Connected with His Daughter
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A Digital Picture Frame Keeps D.J. Connected with His Daughter

September 22, 2019

Everyone’s working
hard to wrap up our makeover for the
Schafer’s and we’re adding the final
touches, like the icing on the cake. Hey
Mark just the guy I’m looking for. How
are you? Good to see you. great
to have Knicks play as part of Military
Makeover now I’m seeing picture frames, I’m
seeing pictures, but there’s something
really really special about it,
tell me about it this is your invention. Absolutely thanks very much
so actually yeah it’s all about bringing
families closer together, you can take
your pictures on your phone anywhere in
the world and snap them straight to the
frame anywhere in the world. That is, no
printing. How does that work? Take the
photo you don’t want to think about it
anymore you just send it through the
app, fire-and-forget, it goes on the
frame and also gets stored in the cloud. And super
valuable to let’s say active military
members who are deployed overseas right? They take the frame with them
they can have it you know with them at
all times and the family back here in the
States can constantly update their
photos based on a recent event or to brighten
someones day, it’s that simple and that
instant absolutely. We are
favorite with military families. Y ep you can
be deployed anywhere in the world
take photos send them back to your
family, keep everyone updated, it’s fantastic. Well
you know what’s really cool is that DJ
has a 14 year old daughter as you know
but she lives out of state, so now she
has provided a number of photos that
were seeing over here in the picture
frames that were providing DJ and Annie
and she can now constantly update her
photos in that frame to share with her
dad. Absolutely and we’re really
looking forward to giving it to DJ, and
the best thing about it as well is you
can keep adding more and more frames,
send them to other family members have them
in different rooms in the house and
still control them all from your
phone. Do you
actually coordinate it with his daughter
to get this done right? We did
indeed, if you look just here I’ve got some
photos already that she sent through
and they’re gonna pop up on the
frame. It’s
all about now bringing them back together so we wanted to be a
part of that. Good to have you here Mark
thanks a lot, and Knicks play fantastic
option for families that are separated by a
distance and location. Excellent, Art. [Music]

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