A few history facts that make sense (1959 – Antarctic Treaty and Van Allen radiation belts)
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A few history facts that make sense (1959 – Antarctic Treaty and Van Allen radiation belts)

February 22, 2020

because remember back in the old days
the limit to where a ship could travel was almost entirely based on the fresh
water you could carry with you if you could drink the water you were sailing
on they go for a heck of a lot longer it select the entire took a great example
when you’re heading out to Antarctica it’s let’s say you’re doing wooden ships
in the 1400s or 1500 you get close you’re gonna you know the salt water
starts to freeze at about 15 degrees you’re gonna start running into icebergs
well icebergs are just throw absolute terror into the hearts of sailors
everywhere even today nobody likes an iceberg and if that doesn’t turn you
around fine how about a 200-foot wall of ice when you get there fine you think
you scaled that great how about no animal life no plant life no indigenous
population nothing you could sack or raid along the way and that’s goes on
for a long long long time so you’ve got to take your supplies with you
Antarctica metaphorically screams go away it all came down to technology
remember how we were talking about earlier about negative reinforcement
meaning you know branded icebergs and hostile environments and human beings
really had no way to counteract that until the internal combustion engine was
mass-produced you know we were toying with the internal combustion engine in
the 1800s but really until the Americans started messing with it in the early
1900s did we we finally be able to exploit the technology and by that I
mean planes you know not just those bipods used in World War one the the
planes got exponentially better and in 1928 so the thing I kind of joked with
before was let’s say you’re the King of France and 1500 right then you had a map
of the flat flat earth what could you do with it pretty much nothing you had
wooden ships and horses you know with that technology you were stuck so until
you had planes that could fly over the ice you really couldn’t do much so in
1928 the Americans started sending their best guys out to Antarctica and just
kept them flying further and further and further
out and it took you know 1928 you’re not gonna fly brief or very far right but
the but the missions just kept going and they took a break during World War two
because they had to fight the war a little side note out of all the
countries that were down in Antarctica previous to that only one stayed during
World War two do you know who it was don’t don’t tell
me it was the Nazis right yes it was Nazi Germany
straight out of Indiana Jones I could find a way to win the war they would go
anywhere and that’s what they did and they were the only ones down there to
wear a very secret mission that’s not exactly tied to flatterers but it is
interesting because the guy that headed up the counter-attack which still is
shrouded mystery Admiral Richard Byrd launched operation Highjump the the only
full-scale military operation in Antarctica that was public in 1946
supposedly to root out the last of the German forces but as you know the by the
time he got to his press conference in 1954 there were no Germans to worry
about and what I mean by press conference is television appearance I
got to mention that some kind of framing the u.s. Sylvia thing for you
so Richard Byrd what he would do is he’d go down on these missions memory he was
down there for pretty much 30 years the better part of his life he was down in
Antarctica just flying around his own planes because he was a pilot as well
and he’d come back to the States and go around the world and do little tours it
was like hey I’m the greatest Explorer in the world shaking my hand autograph
take some pictures shake some babies and he went on this American show called
long jeans Cronus go back in 1954 it was a CBS show and it was I think it will
watch company and it’s spelled L o ng I NES if you guys want to look it up and
it’s great we were lucky to get the footage where it’s very clear to it’s
it’s it’s looks like it’s straight from the studio it’s it’s awesome footage and
he goes on there it’s black and white of course and he’s talking about Antarctica
this is 54 mind you where he’s saying well the place is
pretty much made out of money and everybody’s down there the Argentinians
Chile New Zealand Australia Great Britain the Russians the Americans
anybody who’s anybody is down there at the time and he’s setting up for one
more mission turns out it was going to be his last which was operation deep
freeze in operate in 1955 to 1956 and that’s when you know that was one of
those turning points for me because I know that the world is based on greed
and power and money gotta have those resources gotta have those resources so
when he’s down there and he’s on this show saying that hey look the entire
place is just made out of money you know you got a mountain range made out of
coal that could feel the whole world there’s oil there’s minerals there’s
uranium which it wasn’t even supposed to say because uranium was not a well-known
word in 1954 and he goes down there 1955 in 1956 and that’s when the world
changed so after operation deep freeze which was let’s say the middle of 1956
starting to into 57 that’s when after 30 years that’s Murphy’s Law for you though
isn’t it well it’s like well you can’t find it because until early if you have
the old maps until you can confirm the maps what do you really know and they
didn’t they didn’t know anything so they but then in operation deep freeze they
found it they out they found the outer marker now they’re not gonna say it
they’re not gonna admit to it but that’s the only thing that could scare anybody
off the ice it’s not gonna be a frost giant everybody went off the ice at the
same time almost immediately in fact several things happened that were so
monumental and so broad stroked that the only you’re looking at you’re going holy
smokes what happened down there to freak everybody out
because in 1957 after up in operation deep freeze everybody got off the ice at
the same time you know every country I just listed off they ran off that ice
like their lives depended on it and they all went and did specific
things most notably the Russians and the Americans because Russia was the only or
I’m sorry the Soviet Union back then Soviet Union was the only
country that could really assist the United States and covering this thing up
the first thing they did was they went back to their respective homes and they
started firing atomic tipped rockets straight up in 1958 and they did that
for four years straight both the United States and the Soviet Union for no
apparent reason and the first three shots you know the United States at
least categorically admitted what they were using back then the first three
shots but the Americans were all in the Megaton range and yet remember that
Megaton was not a word that anybody used back in the late 1950s yeah we the the
Hiroshima and Nagasaki those were low kiloton weapons Megaton is a scary scary
word you know that’s a million tons it’s it’s a huge amount a huge explosive so
but the Americans they’re after those first three shots you could tell the
Americans whatever they were trying to bust through they weren’t going to do it
if you can’t bust through something into through with a three mega ton weapon
yeah yeah that’s then you’re not going to so right after those first three
shots NASA was formed by the United States and do not think anybody is out
there that thinks that NASA is this peaceful benign star trekky type
organization it is Department of Defense the United States military through and
through in fact it is uniquely military it is based on the still burning embers
of the Nazi war machine NASA was founded by our half of the NASA
rocket scientists that we’re developing the v2 rockets back in World War two
Russia got the other half of them and they were using those guys for their
space program but it wasn’t the space program that you were thinking and we’ll
get into the second so 1958 the NASA was formed and meanwhile the Rockets are
still firing up after the next four years and they both quit at the same
time at the end of nineteen I’d believe it was 1962 hopefully it was in 1961 I
think it was 1962 and they both stopped literally in the same day and you can
say well was a moratorium no no they were mapping out the sky you know if you
couldn’t bust through it at the very least you could use them as its
glorified paintball gun and you know figure out where the
curvature was because eventually you’re gonna have to fake the space programs
and call it a space race and therefore you know if he called a space race a
higher degree of getting funding better chance of getting the money from the
government if you call a space race especially if you make Russia and enemy
much they were not they have been in bed with us at the highest levels since day
one because this particular secret transcends borders
it is borderless and they knew it but you still have to militarized space
because the private sector you can’t let them get too hot you know people are
curious you know people loved airplanes and people loved rockets and you don’t
want to have corporations start doing things on their own so what they did
whether it was they created a space race and everyone got their money and with
all the nukes they were firing up there they figured out how what the what the
angle of the dome was because remember this up until not that long ago we
didn’t have a picture of the Earth from space so and you have to eventually
produce such a thing because remember you’ve been showing people to globe for
four hundred and something years sooner later you’re gonna have to show him a
picture because everyone’s got cameras now and someone no you don’t so you
ought to you have to control the picture you can’t let the private sector try to
take their own picture so the government says no no I’ll take care of it that’s
fine so they in fact let me use a as this
little little dig and the people out there they’re trying to go this mark
Sargent guy he’s nuts there was a great quote from George Orwell which I put in
the description box of every video that I make which was a little short quote
that he he wrote an article for a British thing in 1946 and he was talking
about the responsibilities of science he’s not a flat earther but the I
thought the quote was good where he said that you know if you go out to anybody
on the street and you say how do you know the world is a globe the first
response he goes it’s almost always the same and that is well we know duh and we
know it’s a globe it’s like really how do you know and if you try to press them
on it I’ll get angry what’s interesting about
that was he wrote that article in 1946 NASA was even founded until 1958 right
so how did everybody know on the street that it was a globe it’s because they
were told but now we’re getting to crunch time now being told may be in
jeopardy so you guys show people a picture but you can’t just show them a
picture because what’s the first question they’re gonna ask you how did
you take the picture so you can’t just hand somebody a nice glossy photo and
say look it’s our world cuz eventually somebody say hey I had to take it who
took the shot so it becomes the most expensive fake pitcher in history you
actually have to create a rocket program just to give the illusion that you can
go high enough you build up really really tall rocket multiple-stage rocket
in fact you wanted the Germans even wrote the script for it it’s in a movie
it’s called um fra oom Monde which translates to woman on the moon look up
that movie you get a chance a silent movie with piano overtones it breaks
down the whole thing I mean this was in the 1920s they made this movie where
they you know the big the big tall rocket multiple stages going to the moon
I mean cinematically they blue printed out the whole thing and so that’s what
you did you’re great at this giant rock at the Saturn 5 rocket you fire it up
but then what you don’t see that now of course we see it with all the rockets
that we do if you do a little time-lapse photography it arcs over and goes almost
horizontal within the first hundred 150 miles that should not happen look it’s a
rocket should be able just punch up it’s called escape velocity for a reason but
that’s not what happens so anyway they faked the space program and it was
brilliant it really really worked and I know I’m getting a little head of myself
but that’s what happened the 1950s and 1960s the other thing that happened was
silently behind the scenes was that in so NASA’s founded in 1958 in 1959 the
pivotal year of this entire thing the most interesting year and the whole Flat
Earth theory two things happen both were equally as important
one was that a NASA employee announced the Van Allen radiation belts and said
that there’s a band of energy up there made out of something radiation that’s
super super deadly to people no one should ever go up there ever then Ellen
announced that 1959 same year quietly not in the papers the Antarctic Treaty
was formed which says that no one can go down to Antarctica and do anything from
a corporate level ever there was no reason for that money and power rule the
day if uh if my oil and gas company wanted to start fracking in your guys’s
backyards tomorrow there’s a good chance I could make that happen it’s just money
Who am I gonna pay off what you know it comes down to state and county and
federal we I could do this and yet my company with its unlimited financial
resources cannot go down to Antarctica even though the world’s greatest
Explorer Admiral Richard Byrd said on television that it is right for the
picking I can’t go down there no corporation can go down there as a
matter of fact here’s where it gets even weirder not only can I not go down there
with my oil and gas company I can’t even talk about it hey thinking because you
know people whine they complain about all sorts of stuff I mean honestly it’s
is politics 101 I just go to my friend in The New York Times and hey say hey
I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of money let’s run a full-page ad every
month saying how great it would be for marks oil and gas company good to go
down to Antarctica I’m not even allowed to do that there are quiet meetings
behind the scenes probably under the guise of natural national security where
they talk with the presidents of different oil companies that are even
thinking about I’m sure you know they tap the phones and monitor their emails
and they just send an agent in doesn’t you have to be a high-level agent and
says look national security he can’t go down there and this applies to every
country that you can think of once you become an economic power this treaty is
put in front of you and it says your country cannot set up shop in Antarctica
ever how does a treaty okay first of all there’s no treaty Lassa and no tree
lasts that long and this one isn’t even up for review and to the year 2041
second how many treaties you know are that unilateral where everyone agrees on
it now you mean China is going to agree with Russia that’s gonna agree with
America agree with the UK and just go on and on and on and on down the line where
nobody complains look the the UK and Russia they needed to rebuild after
World War two Russia was a frickin smoldering mess they needed the
resources they didn’t complain Britain didn’t complain America they
didn’t have to complain necessarily they were the ones that were kind of
instrumental in the whole thing but it’s a it’s a fascinating today so and and
people look it up it’s like no dude I can totally book a flight right now down
two down no see penguins like yeah fine spend $15,000 they’ll take you out to
the peninsula you can take pictures with penguins you try to do that with your
company say you’re gonna do something down there not even possible in fact
even in individuals say you want to go down there and you want to charter a
plane or a helicopter if you’re gonna try to go in the interior you’re gonna
have to go through multiple pyramids signed off by multiple countries that’s
also the reason why they split it up into so many different fragments meaning
it’s not that way if one country if you get through one country’s barriers
another country can just say oh yeah we don’t want you to do it and then what
are you gonna do you know you can only complain to your own country millions of
square miles of ice and snow and resources and nobody gets to have it
why what’s conspiracy is bigger than money there’s only two but I know of
they are so big that money does not play into a factor oh the two reasons is of
course the shape of the world the other is what happens when you die life after
death those are the only two things that are bigger than money and that’s what
we’re talking about here

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  1. Hello. Being 47 I of course, grew up believing, undoubtedly, that we went to the moon and the earth was more or less a sphere. With regards to the former, as of late I am getting more and more skeptical as to whether this was actually a fact. Heck, I even a small set of 8-1/2 x 11 Kodak issue original colour prints of the landing and they are gorgeous, but quite frankly, if you look at the evidence as presented in the "official" narrative, some things just don't add up, fail the 'sniff test' if you will. The four things that get to me are, 1) the Van Allen Belt, 2) how they lost all the data and original films, 3) We never went back..? 4) why can't we even get beautiful pictures captured from land based telescopes (or even the Hubble for that matter) or even recent satellites moon passes from other countries, of all the landers and their sites as well as the two jeeps they left up their? As for the latter: I wonder why the 'flat earthers' never use the amazing architecture of the Parthenon to buttress their claims? I mean they build the building not straight in order for it to look straight (curb appeal sort of speak) and did so thousands of years ago. Look it up if you don't believe me. I've looked straight the inset corner of First Canadian Place from the roof, and ya, it was bent like a banana, yet I know it is perfectly plumb (Toronto, Canada) – put that in your pipe.. Cheers!

  2. such a well presented summarry of what happened in 50s regarding antartica and space. funnily enough though mark sargent isnt trusted in the flat earth community

  3. This is the one of the most strangest presentation I ever heard, superbly narrated but strangely strange. No corporations are allowed to even go there…?

  4. Operation Fishbowl was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program.
    In French the meaning of the name Dominique is: Of the Lord.
    Nuclear tests, mapping what's up there, Operation Fishbowl Of the Lord. Interesting.

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