A Fight For Rape Survivors’ Rights
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A Fight For Rape Survivors’ Rights

October 16, 2019

I was raped on Aug. 9, 2015. I had been
downtown with a friend and this man approached us. He led me to a parking
garage, slammed my head up against the parking garage wall and raped me
vaginally and anally. In his statement to the police he admitted that it was like — he had penetrated me, he just said it was consensual. And I have a body
with bruises and a forensic nurse said that I was raped — literally on my rape
kit it says, “Opinion: sexual assault.” But my case was still denied prosecution. My case is a part of a national trend of police exceptionally
clearing rape cases. Exceptional clearance is supposed to be used sparingly and they’re
reporting to the FBI and to their city councils that they have these high
clearance rates, which we all thought that meant these were all solved cases
that were cleared by arrest and now we know that a large majority of them are
exceptionally cleared and the rapist is still walking free. The trauma just
creeps up slowly and that’s when I started failing my classes,
withdrawing from classes, staying in bed all day. I stopped being able to talk to
people. I couldn’t even talk to my closest friends. I had already been
advocating I just wasn’t really advocating too publicly because I thought
that I was gonna go to trial and then after my case was closed and they
denied prosecution then it was like okay I can vocally like be Marina — like not be pseudonyms — I can go be Marina and tell my story. I knew there was no way that I was the only case that got denied and so
like I just I knew that I needed to fight for other survivors and for our
rights. A lot of survivors struggle with school and so I brought up the idea that we should get teal cords to give to survivors at graduation to honor
survivors when they graduate. The rape changed my life obviously and changed my future because you know I had other plans. I don’t even remember what they
were anymore but now like my whole life is going to be fighting for survivors’
rights in some capacity.

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  1. ..Marina Garrett, they will find that person with the aid of D.N.A. and Technology (A.I.). You will fight once more with out fearing anymore sweetie. You have a friend in Austin Texas. U.T. Sciences will help your cause. I'm sorry you had to go through that shit! As the future reaches out to us in the A.I. technology world generally, we will all win together. I hope that with this newer form of the sciences out there now, Justice is done! Wish you a good life and carry on. Stay brave and chin up!

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