A-Frame Stacking Styles for Shiitake Mushrooms
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A-Frame Stacking Styles for Shiitake Mushrooms

October 27, 2019

This site is basically a research site,
in fact, we’re comparing… different stacking techniques as far as their effect on the production shiitake mushrooms. Here you see a high A-Frame… basically
consists of a couple poles with a wire strung between them..and we stagger the logs, alternate them as they lay across that
wire and when the mushrooms do form, they’re
very easy to pick in this open configuration. That differs from the other stacking system
that is just over here to my left… that’s a low A-Frame. But you know, in contrast to the high A-Frame that I just described this is a low A-Frame very similar except instead of propping the logs up on a wire three feet off the ground we just them propped up on this piece of your irrigation piping… so it’s lower to the ground. One advantage is, depending on the conditions, the humidity is higher, which may or may not be a good thing but you can see the logs are in contact with the ground to a greater
extent than they are in the higher A-Frame, so that can be a problem in terms of
fungal contamination. So we’re doing studies to compare the two, but
it’s a little early to indicate which is the best.

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