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A Guide to Drink Driving Offences in NSW | Go To Court Lawyers

November 26, 2019

There are a variety of offenses related to
drink driving and drug driving in New South Wales You can be charged after a breath test with being over the prescribed alcohol
concentration limit for driving with drugs in your system
for refusing to provide a breath or blood sample offer driving while affected by
drugs or alcohol Each offence carries its own penalty and
suspension period There are no work licenses or restricted
licenses in New South Wales so the outcome can have a significant
effect on your work and personal life. In some circumstances you can apply for Section 10
no conviction, which will mean no suspension period will be imposed, but this is very
hard to obtain for drink driving offence Penalties and Suspensions for drink
driving in New South Wales The Road Transport Act 2013 outlines the
drink driving offences and penalties including the minimum suspension period
required to be ordered by the Magistrate Drink driving offences that relate to your
blood alcohol concentration a divided into Special (.02), Novice (0.00), Low (0.05 to .08),
Mid (.08 to 0.15) and High (0.015 or above) The suspension periods range from
three months to three years for a first offence and six months to five years for
subsequent offences Fines can range from $1,100 to $5,500 depending
on the offence and your previous history Mid range and high range PCA can incur a jail term between nine months to two
years depending on the offense and your traffic history. Refusing to
provide a breath sample is the same penalty as high range PCA
and a suspension of twelve months to 3 years can be imposed for a first offence If you are charged with driving under
the influence of alcohol or drugs there is a minimum disqualification
period of six months with the possible jail term of nine months.
If you are found to have illicit drugs drugs in your system while driving then a
3 to 12 months suspension will be imposed along with a fine ranging from
$1,100 to $2,200. Some offences such as
mid range and high range PCA will result in an immediate
suspension of your licence this means that you will not be able to
drive between when you are charged and when you are sentenced by the Court. Interlock devices and driver training programs
are possible options may allow the magistrate to impose
a lesser penalty A DUI lawyer will be able to give you
advise further on this for more information on DUI offenses
in New South Wales visit our website gotocourt.com.au

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