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A.I.M. | Time to Bring Your Characters & Composition Alive!

November 10, 2019

♪ Lil’ but Mighty ♪ Compo, compo, hmm. What does she mean, when she
says that I’m supposed to describe the character more? When do I describe the character more and how am I supposed to do it? Oh, this is so helpless
and so frustrating, mmm… Whoa, who are you? And, why are there all these words around? – That’s because you are in my world. – Ooh.
– This is where you learn all about creating characters. – But, I’m terrible at writing. No matter how hard I try and even when I try to
describe the characters, I’m still getting 20 upon 40 (sighing). I don’t know why. – I can help with that.
– You can? – Yes, I’m Ms. Xie. I
write and I also teach. – Wow.
– With the A.I.M online course, I can teach you how to write better. – Mm.
– But first, you must wake-up. – What, am I dreaming? – [Mom] Girl, what are you doing? Are you doing compo corrections? – Ma, where are you? I need to get the A.I.M
course, let’s go now! – Do you have the same questions as the students earlier on? If you do, it’s time to check out A.I.M. – Well, Ms. Xie and I can’t wait to share with you this strategy on A.I.M that will definitely help
you improve in your writing. So, join us today.

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