‘A PM who ignores parliament cannot survive’ warns Philip Hammond
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‘A PM who ignores parliament cannot survive’ warns Philip Hammond

November 27, 2019

I will urge all of my colleagues
who are standing in this contest to embrace the concept
of compromise. That the only way forward on
brexit is compromise. Compromise in parliament,
compromise in the country and I think going to parliament,
with a hard line, absolutist view and daring parliament to
accept it is quite a dangerous strategy. That parliament has voted
very clearly to oppose a no-deal exit – But parliament has
no locus anymore. – This is a parliamentary
democracy. A prime minister who
ignores parliament cannot expect to
survive very long. First of all, the European
Union will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement,
I’m quite clear about that. Even if some people want
it to in Brussels, and I don’t think they do,
they wouldn’t be able to because of their own
political fragility. The fragility of their
coalition of 27, but there’s also, if I
may say so, a contradiction between
saying that we are going to leave on the 31 October
and we should try to renegotiate yet again
with the European commission. There simply isn’t
going to be time. There actually isn’t going
to be a commission to negotiate with until towards
the end of October.

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  1. What about a PM who ignored a democratic vote
    Not just the PM but the majority of the two faced MPs.

  2. A PM who ignores the electorate also cannot survive.

    Tonight we'll find out what the electorate really thinks about Brexit…

  3. So the only way forward is to continue Mays game? No…. We have to leave by the new leaving date…. The "deal" is dead….. There are NO negotiations possible, so we leave and THEN negotiate the future relationship


  5. When will Hammond realise its not about what Parliament want its about delivering the referendum result and your parties manifesto that you all supported to get elected.

  6. There very full of parliamentary democracy but not so full of our democracy tossers every one Spurting about how bad wto deal would be is this the same man who told os we would lose 500,000 jobs on a vote to leave he was wrong then and wrong now

  7. No, we do need need a PM who is willing to ignore parliament if parliament ignores the electorate.
    The Idea of international government is so dangerous. Localized government is far better for preserving freedoms such as the ability to hold government to account when it becomes corrupted. MP are forgetting who pays their wages.
    It's time to put the philosophies of empire building to bed.

  8. The VERY first thing the new prime minister needs to do is sack Hammond, a hard core remainer who does not respect the majority who voted for brexit and and a real enemy of the self employed.

  9. Hammond is a total fool.
    The Conservatives have ignored the electorate and are getting shredded by The Brexit Party.
    The EU will not reopen their "deal" and Parliament has rightly rejected it.
    The only Brexit that can be delivered is "no deal" / "WTO".
    If he and his cronies continue to oppose it they will become political dinosaurs.

  10. This is just typical arrogance of these career politicians -THEY JUST DON"T GET IT ! – what matters is what the people voted in the referendum ! – their open contempt for the peoples vote to leave the EU is simply astonishing – – – as a floating voter – I swear I will never vote Labour /Tory or pathetic Lib Dem ever again in my life – NEVER – no matter what happens – – – –

  11. Any other outcome rather than WTO Brexit on 31 October 2019 will be the end of the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party. Period.

  12. "Hammond warns leadership candidates not to ignore parliament on Brexit" a cheek really. So basically he's saying IGNORE THE ELCTROLATE

  13. Compromise. Compromise. Compromise. Give up!

    When you try to please everyone you will please no one. Just look at Theresa May…

  14. philip hammond: a PM who ignores the result of a referendum can thrive, as long as they listen to parliament

  15. Sorry but in what universe are the UK Parliament listening to US, THE PEOPLE?!

    Happy to take our money though aren't they?

  16. And a parliament that ignores the people holds no legitimate power. We will leave on no deal if we must….whether MPs like it or not!

  17. never ever vote labour or tory no matter what they do going forward. well done Brexit party!! Brexiteers will not compromise same deal or get STUFFED and lose not only the cash cow but we dont want your products and we can sell to the commonwealth and rest of the world

  18. 'A PM who ignores parliament cannot survive’ warns Philip Hammond
    A Parliament that ignores the majority vote of the people cannot survive either.

  19. An M P who ignores the electorate can’t survive as he’s just finding out in the EU elections. Parliament is NOT sovereign the people are.

  20. Hammond, times are changing. You are just to snug in your elite world to face it. Parliament and people like you will not survive unless you bow your head to the people. So fed up with this smug banker's myopic view on reality

  21. And a Parliament that ignores the democratic will of the people will be removed Philip Hammond . Have the Lib Dems accepted your application yet ?

  22. Politicians have failed to deliver Brexit. I assume that their salaries will be adjusted downwards to reflect this? If I didn't do the work for which I was paid my salary would be cut! ( if I even managed to keep my job ).

  23. Hammond warns leadership candidates not to ignore parliament on Brexit. Read more ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/26/philip-hammond-warns-leadership-candidates-not-to-ignore-parliament-on-brexit

  24. Just leave , it's a joke, I think it will affect us a little but two years time.. make new trade deals around the world maybe in time Europe will give us a free trade deal considering how close we are… Just leave are economy cand with stand the instant damage … Politicians are weak today we need someone like Winston again decisive what you see is what you get no smoke and mirrors.. passionate for future not pessimistic

  25. It’s his last throw of the dice 🎲, he knows he’s on the way out and going down fighting, his half in half out campaign with May failed. It’s either leave with no deal or reverse democracy.

  26. the duplicitous and preconceived process by which mps have managed to prevent the UK leaving the EU is an insult to democracy. Hammond has been a bad chancellor and a bad mp and our parliamentary democracy will be better for his demise.

  27. This is bordering on stupidity from Hammond because a referendum simply continues the present deadlock into a future parliament. A present parliament cannot hold a future parliament to account and that means that the electorate will still have the voting power at a future general-election to reverse any decision made by the present parliament. Any parliament who ignores the electorate cannot survive because in a parliamentary democracy the electorate will always have the final say at a general-election. In this case, it will mean the wholesale cull of standing MPs not supporting the 2016 referendum result because there will be 17.6 million very angry voters. Even the most stupid of standing MPs are very well aware of this probability.

  28. Hello , I’m Phil , I told Theresa to take ‘’ No-deal ‘’ off the table , to make sure she couldn’t make a deal

  29. and any mp that ignores the people will not survive as you now see with the destruction of the conservative party when they are ousted ,even with the horrors of having corbyn in government

  30. What about a chancellor that ignores the result of a Democratic referendum? Roll on his early demise under Johnson.

  31. Would you like this man fighting alongside you in the trenches? You'd look round to find he'd scarpered, leaving only a liquid brown mess.

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