A Real “Pocket-Sized” Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera from Sigma [2019]
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A Real “Pocket-Sized” Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera from Sigma [2019]

October 23, 2019

Sigma just threw us a curveball and
announced a pocket-sized yes a truly pocket-sized full-frame
interchangeable lens camera the FP unlike cameras that say they are
pocket-sized no need to name names the Sigma FP will be a pocketable cinema
and stills camera in fact it will weigh under a pound and is about four and a
half by three inches in size to put this into perspective, it’s about the size of
Sony’s cyber-shot rx1, but now you will have the ability to interchange lenses don’t let
its small form-factor fool you because the FP is built on a die cast aluminum
frame so will be durable and lightweight it’s 24.6 megapixel BSI sensor hits
that sweet spot between resolution and performance and if you’re looking to
capture a fast sequence the FP will record up to 18 frames per second from
what I’ve seen the user interface is well laid out and I like that you can
quickly and easily switch from the cinema to photo mode but what I think is
really interesting for video shooters who want full control over the image is
its ability to record 8 10 or 12 bit raw video externally in the cinema DNG
format that’s not something I would utilize for recording our YouTube videos
but this would be great for any indie filmmaker looking to have all the info
needed for editing and grading if you’re just looking at a record video
internally you have the option to record in either Full HD or ultra-high
definition to a UHS two compatible card up to 120 frames per second in HD now it
does provide a 3.5 millimeter input for an external microphone for recording
better audio but unfortunately there’s no video headphone jack for monitor and
the audio smaller cameras tend to get hot when used for a longer video shoots
causing the camera to occasionally power down
looks like Sigma has addressed this with its choice of materials for its body and
its specialized heatsink for efficient heat dissipation it also is dust and
splash proof for shooting in all types of environments now this will be the
first full-frame interchangeable lens camera that bypasses the use of a
mechanical shutter and instead only uses an electronic shutter for improved
reliability silent shooting and the elimination of
Shutterstock caused from traditional mechanical shutters now this will be
Sigma first camera featuring the L mount since they’ve announced their alliance
with Panasonic and Leica Sigma’s lens roadmap looks promising
currently there are a wide selection of prime lenses from the art series
available with the L mount but you will be able to use any of Sigma’s EF global
vision lenses with the use of the MC 21 adapter what’s great about the large
diameter of the L mount and it’s short flange distance is that it’s perfect for
adopting many different types of lenses this makes it truly adaptable for your
shooting style and won’t limit your creativity whether you want a handhold
it attach it to a gimbal drone or rig it in a custom cage this will be a great
solution for creatives look for high quality imagery that you can carry with
you anywhere and finally for those of you who are camera nerds like me Sigma
used to use Foveon sensors in their previous cameras not this time they’re
using a more traditional sensor with the bear pattern now Sigma hasn’t announced
pricing yet or when it’s gonna start shipping but I’m really excited to get
my hands on this and all you creative people out there should be as well that
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enough about me let me know what you think about this camera in the comment
section below I’ll catch in the next one

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  1. Sigma tossed a slider not a curveball. I read the calls of the catcher. It’s not pocketable for my pet gecko though.

  2. Technology marches ever onward but the artist taking the picture must delve into their talent and search for brilliance .

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this beautiful video.
    For me… I have learned so much just by watching your video channel and I enjoy very much watching.
    And for me you are the next Mr. Izzy 🙂

  4. Really interesting 🙂 If they could do some small lenses as well even more interesting, then truly pocket friendly 🙂

  5. As for the FP i would probably need one of those rear lcd parascope like cowls for stills since tracking at 18fps with a lcd is near impossible even for external recorder like a Ninja.

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