about the composition «je te dis tout»
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about the composition «je te dis tout»

September 10, 2019

«je te dis tout» can be called my debut: in 2013, on june 27, the day of my eighteenth birthday, i published this work. and i think it’s symbolic: perhaps because for me it feels like a new birth… now it is reasonable to release a remaster version of the composition, with a new editing of the video — with a new interpretation of this work: i wanted to express the feeling of something otherworldly, because i’m interested in the theme of dreams — all subtle, strange and ambiguous. after all, it’s impossible to be categorical in these questions — there are no specific answers and scientific evidence: it means, that such things — are something pseudo-scientific and at the level of sensations, images, so it’s impossible to assert resolutely. but it is fascinating and, for some reason, close to me… and also — the instrumental version: i think it’s appropriate and necessary. the song is, especially, about the wind for me: therefore, this image is, perhaps, obsessively present here — a landscape of the shaky sky and a certain shooting style that reflects this movement… i’m eternally grateful to the arranger-composer, theodor osipov and to each of you — it’s precious… and… let’s see what happens next…

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  1. музыка на фоне классная… Вы очень изменились, Евгений! Ощутимо развитие!!! жду новых работ!

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