Abstract art ideas acrylic + abstract composition ideas = line painting art
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Abstract art ideas acrylic + abstract composition ideas = line painting art

October 24, 2019

Would you like to see abstract art ideas acrylic? My abstract composition idea of today is to combine the grove snail in my garden … … with the art of Lorser Feitelson. Just after this. Hi there, my name is Albert van der Zwart, welcome to Imperfect Paintings where it is all about … … improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. The process of painting starts with finding inspiration to paint, like this. The grove snail (Cepaea nemoralis) is the most common garden snail in Europe … … and can also be found in the US due to introduction from Europe. I walked around the house and found these. I just love them with their color variations. No lines, one line or multiple lines ranging in color from a greenish yellow to a pearly shiny red-brown. I want to capture my idea of them and combine it with line ideas of the American artist Lorser Feitelson. This is how my brain works or how I find inspiration to paint abstract. I mix my paint with diluted acryl medium gloss to make it even more transparent. To give it a little extra shine, I add some Talens Amsterdam gold paint. When you look closer at the snails you notice the colors are never clear. It is a natural mix with variations. I try to imitate that in this way of painting. When looking at the lines of Lorser Feitelson it almost looks too simple to be art. But when I compare the lines, or look where they start … … where they end and what happens in between. I’m hooked. The white lines are still a bit transparent so I add some extra paint. After painting two lines I miss something in the composition so I add a third line. Now it looks better. The colors of the lines I tend to make them look more like the snails. Dark lines with some white next to it … … some red in the dark brown. Remember the line on the empty snail house? I spend some extra time on the form of the lines to create the hard edge painting lines of Lorser Feitelson. Question of the day: which version do you like best: A, B, C or D. Let me know in the comments down below. Line painting art or paintings lines never stops to amaze me and I enjoy making my own artwork. If you want to learn how to paint like Fabienne Verdier and how she uses lines in her artwork … … click on the link and I will see you over there in the next video.

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