Abstract Composition  in  Fine Art Painting
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Abstract Composition in Fine Art Painting

October 18, 2019

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  1. great conversation about the use of abstract in realism painting. I always learn something new from your videos.

  2. I learned something. Thanks! I am still working on changing the direction of the light and the focal point. Your comment about Schmid and edges was a real eye opener while looking at the painting on display.

  3. "What were you thinking"–to me one should better ask: "what was your Intent" or "what feeling you are tuned onto?".
    Thinking is something that can be shut in terms to project an unbending intent and assemble a clear feeling. This is magic and it works. Thinking is from the realm of past inventory: thus, from thinking you most often produce recycled past, not new. Thinking is useful about the ploy/method/technical part–but! if the feeling and intent are not powerful, only amateurs would be impressed by purely technically successful pieces.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Always good takeaways. The takeaway for me was the techniques on how to control the eye of the viewer on the painting when bringing lines off the canvas.

  5. I was so excited to see a new video. Thank you! BTW, I think you might be a closet abstract painter. 😉

    Interesting that there's something about the act of abstraction in a realistic painting that makes it more dimensional and meaningful. Beautiful contradiction.

  6. From Colombia, (very far from your studio) just want to say you THANKS for all your videos. I'm learnig a lot from your words and is a pleasure to hear your experiences. I hope someday can travel to be one of your students.

  7. It is so nice of you to share your expertise with us! I have learned something from every one of your videos. Thank you Mr.Baumann!

  8. Thanks again for another new inspiring video Stefan – I just have to thank you also for the video where you suggested we enter art competitions – I submitted to the Mall Galleries London and I have 1 piece through to round two! Cannot believe it:) Alison

  9. I really enjoy watching your videos and learn something new every time. I also enjoy your sense of humour it always brightens my day. I have looked at your website and tried to download the free book but nothing happens, I think I have subscribed but have not received any emails yet, is there a problem with the site or am I doing something wrong?

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