ACLU of GA Executive Director Andrea Young Speaks Out Against GA’s Abortion Ban
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ACLU of GA Executive Director Andrea Young Speaks Out Against GA’s Abortion Ban

October 11, 2019

(claps) – Thank you, Staci. I’m Andrea Young, I’m the
Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. We were involved in Doe v
Bolton which established a woman’s right to choose in this country. And we will continue to defend
a woman’s right to choose. Georgia, my home state, has
made tremendous progress in terms of women’s
rights, and we will not stand to have the clock turned back. This is a Frankenstein
Bill. It is cobbled together with ideology not science. It is ideological in nature and we- and has incredible implications
for the entire continuum of women’s healthcare. And we stand with women, we
stand with women’s rights to make these personal and
intimate decisions about when and whether to
have or expand a family for themselves, and I
say that as a mother, as a grandmother of a granddaughter, that women have got to have
these rights for themselves. And as Staci stole my line, “We will see you in court, Governor Kemp.” We are preparing with our
local attorneys, national attorneys, with our coalition partners, a comprehensive challenge to the many ways that this bill is unconstitutional and violates the fundamental
constitutional rights of women in this country. So thank you for being here
and continuing to follow this fight and tell the truth
about what this bill does for women in this state. Tell the truth about what it
does to women’s healthcare. So with that, I now want to bring on SPARK Reproductive Justice Now director, (crowd cheers) Dr. Krystal Redman.

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