ACLU of Georgia 2019 Membership Meeting Sizzle Reel
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ACLU of Georgia 2019 Membership Meeting Sizzle Reel

October 14, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Group] Save our children. – [Man] No papers, no fear. – [Group] Immigrants are welcome here. Love, not hate, makes America great. (dramatic music) – United States of
America is supposed to be a land of freedom and opportunity, a democracy and rule of law. But the president’s declaration last week of a fake national emergency
threatens the rule of law and makes our country look more
like a tin-pot dictatorship than an actual republic. – [Crowd] This is what
democracy looks like. – We’re here to say, let’s stop this ban. It’s not gonna fly. – Some voters in Randolph County, Georgia are outraged because the
board of elections is trying to close seven of its
nine voting precincts. Randolph County is sixty
percent African American, and many voters do not
have transportation. Jim, I’ve got a copy here of
about twenty something pages of a letter the ACLU of Georgia sent to the Randolph County Board of Elections and Registration. And in this letter is basically hinting the ACLU of Georgia believes the proposal by the Board of Elections and Registration would make it harder for African Americans in that county to vote. – [Woman] Victory this
morning for the citizens of Randolph County. The Board of Elections
has voted down the plan to close seven of nine precincts. – We’ve been seeing particularly in the last eighteen months has just been relentless
voter suppression. – [Rachel Maddow] When the
county government heard that the bus was on its way over with all of these older black folks from the senior center,
the county government called that senior center and said, “don’t let them come,” and they took them off the bus, and they
wouldn’t let them go. – [Andrea Young] We’ve seen
pole closings with problems most recently with absentee ballots. And then there’s also been the threat of this new exact match. – Under current law, the state
can reject absentee ballots if the voter’s signature
doesn’t match the one on file. Well this morning, attorneys
for the ACLU argued in court that signatures may change
for a variety of reasons like age, disability or injury. They also argued that voters should have an opportunity to dispute any findings of mismatched signatures. – Smart Justice Georgia
is a state campaign focusing on decriminalizing marijuana, ending abusive police practices, and stopping the way
people of color are treated by the system in Georgia. – I was lost in the system. Matter of fact, I never would have got out if they hadn’t… Black Mama Bail Out hadn’t come and got me because they lost me in the system. They had thrown my case out. [Mayor Keisha Bottoms] When
you are talking about poor people who are being
unfairly incarcerated, it may be anyone in our
community who’s living and walking in the margins. And so this is important to all of us. It’s important to our communities. It’s especially important to our families. – [Narrator] The ACLU of Georgia has filed a class action lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Corrections and other state agencies on behalf of deaf and hard of hearing
inmates and ex-cons. Jerry is one of the plaintiffs. [Sean Young] He was thrown
into solitary confinement for almost a week, because he allegedly committed a disciplinary infraction. But at the disciplinary hearing, he wasn’t even given the
tools to even defend himself. He couldn’t even understand
what was going on, because there was no sign
language interpreter. – Our son… it was a miracle for him. – [Narrator] Matthew
and Suzeanna Brill say their fifteen year old son, David, went from having up to ten seizures a day to being seizure free for seventy one days after he began smoking marijuana. The Brills were charged
with reckless conduct after someone alerted the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. On April 20th, David was removed
from the Brills’ custody. That day, he had a seizure and had to be rushed to a hospital. – Governor Brian Kemp
has officially signed a medical marijuana bill into law. It allows for the in-state
production and sale of low-potency medical marijuana oil. Now that allows parents
to legally obtain the oil. – In Georgia, the
governor is poised to sign one of the most restrictive
anti-abortion laws in the country. State lawmakers narrowly passed a measure Friday that would outlaw most abortions once a heartbeat can be
detected in the embryo. The ACLU says it will sue
to block the legislation. – We will see you in court, Governor Kemp. We are preparing with our local attorneys with our national attorneys,
with our coalition partners a comprehensive challenge to the many ways that this bill is
unconstitutional and violates the fundamental constitutional rights of women in this country. – Ninety seven percent
of those in the Senate who voted for this bill
were male legislators. In the House, eighty five
percent of those who voted for this bill were male legislators. So clearly, we need more women in our Georgia legislature. – The ACLU of Georgia, We stand with you in the fight against discrimination. The fight for freedom of expression. (crowd cheers) We want everyone across
the state of Georgia to be free to be who they are. (crowd cheers) – In Cobb, Fulton, DeKalb,
and Gwinnett counties, they all get an F on their performance in the 2018 election. – The counties that we are suing are run by both Democrats and Republicans. And both parties have failed to protect the sacred and constitutional right to vote for all citizens. ♪ Thank you, ACLU. ♪ (hopeful guitar music)

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