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September 15, 2019

do not apply here. You’ve just entered
another dimension, one where it’s legal
for you to be stopped, searched, and detained
without probable cause or even a warrant. You’ve just crossed into…
The Border Zone. Well, actually, you crossed
into it 50 miles ago. Step out
of the vehicle, please. The border zone covers
everywhere within 100 miles of a land or sea border. That includes 10 entire states, nine out of the country’s
10 biggest cities, and two-thirds
of the population. Wait… that whole thing
is the border zone? Yes, and the border patrol
can set up checkpoints anywhere within it, even between
two American cities. And in this zone,
they can stop and search basically
anyone they want– even American citizens. They can even force you
to unlock your phone without cause,
and they do this routinely. In one famous case,
they even searched a NASA engineer. But there’s classified
information on there. I was vetted by NASA. Houston, we have a problem,
in Houston. I’m not letting them
look in my phone. I have nudes on there, that I’ve been
saving for… someone. (laughs) Well, if you refuse
to cooperate, then we can search your car,
detain you for hours, and keep your phones for days. Days without our phones? (screams) We are so screwed. Why couldn’t you just
hand over your phone? He’s probably gonna
search the whole car. Well, it’s your fault
we’re here in the first place. Ooh!
Are we whispering now? Fun! (whispering)
The fact is, even if Colby had driven
around the checkpoint, you still could
have been stopped. The border patrol
can legally pull you over anywhere within
the border zone. All they need
is reasonable suspicion. Well, then we’ll be fine. We haven’t done
anything suspicious. We’re just three wholesome,
innocent teens. The problem is, they tend
to take huge liberties with what qualifies
as suspicious. The border patrol
has pulled people over for things as arbitrary as sitting rigidly
upright in seats, making a U-turn,
or simply driving towards Los Angeles. What business do you have
in Los Angeles? Guns? Drugs? One of those
Homes of the Stars tours? And in 1975,
a Supreme Court ruling authorized
what effectively amounts to permission
to racially profile people. Get out of the car.
The Supreme Court says I can pull over anyone
with a Mexican haircut. What’s a Mexican haircut? Whatever I say it is.
It’s a flimsy pretext for racial profiling,
dumb-dumb. And even though
there’s no law requiring anyone
to carry citizenship papers, border patrol cops
have been known to demand that people
produce them, and then detain
anyone who can’t prove their status on the spot. Speaking of which
hey, you kids… you got your papers? What? No! This is like something
out of Nazi Germany. No papers. Then I guess you’ll be
coming with me. How can they do this
to us? We’re American citizens. Well, policing
American citizens is actually a lot of what
border patrol ends up doing. This is Todd Miller,
a journalist who’s done extensive
on-the-ground research in the border zone. Technically, the border patrol
is only supposed to have jurisdiction over
immigration violations. But undocumented
border-crossers tend to avoid the checkpoints
completely. So, border patrol
ends up stopping and policing
mostly U.S. citizens. Where I live in Tucson,
you can’t go anywhere without going
through a checkpoint. But there is so much
fear and anger towards migrants
in this country, many Americans either
don’t notice or don’t care that all of our rights
are being violated. But you already knew
about the U.S.’ history of racist immigration policy,
right? You’ve seen
my immigration episode. I mean, we knew that,
but not because of you.

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