Adam Schiff: President Trump Acting AG Appt. Appears To Violate Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Adam Schiff: President Trump Acting AG Appt. Appears To Violate Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC

September 16, 2019

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  1. IF that were true why did demos not complain the many times Barack Obama violated the Constitution. Not true only democrats violate the Constitution.

  2. Lawrence you’re an affront to anything decent. Schiff is a maggot and sooner or later he will get stepped on. All you fools who vote demorats, go have a good look at California, you’ll see how badly the dems run things

  3. I would like to hear that Lawrence O'Donnell has disappeared, no one can find him. A skeleton is found several years later buried in the ground, no one can prove it is O'Donnell. Just like one of 110 of Hillary Clinton's political enemies that have disappeared. Two Prosecuters found dead in Florida investigating Seth Rich's death.

  4. A larger question is who is advising Trump on the machinations behind appointing Whitaker. Trump doesn't have enough knowledge of the workings of government to be thinking this up on his own. Whitaker is another swamp dweller along with Stephen Miller. Gawd, these are slimey smucks!

  5. Whittaker was flying under the radar with his crimes until he choose to step into the limelight,more secrets to be revealed !

  6. Fake news is the # 1 enemy of the American people. In the past lying journalist where fired, demoted, they had no platform or respect. Now they are promoted, paid the big bucks, they get their own shows. It's a tool of most dictators. We have the power to stop this. Stop fake/lying media before we become communist China.

  7. Every GOP POS should be held for treason and obstruction. They’re protecting tRump so they link to them will be covered up. All guilty of excepting Russian money.

  8. Trump used the US military for a political stunt by ordering them to the Mexican border. What will Trump do if he looses the 2020 election? Declare martial law? Declare election results invalid? Cancel the election? President for life? The military needs to NOT take orders from the draft dodging Coward-in-Chief with fake heel spurs.

  9. Checks and balances! That's what a Congress is for. Thank you God for restoring the voice of the people that want accountability in the WH.

  10. I would like to know how Matt Whitaker got the job of assistant district attorney in the first place . How was he able to take the giant leap from a lawyer for a crooked patent co and that co he was involved F.A.C.T to ADA , he is part of long con.

  11. I couldn't agree more with Adam Schiff: Expose the lies, the corruption and the crimes. Only that way everyone with some decency left will turn away from this totally rotten administration.


  13. Adam Schiff is a traitor to America. Look up Schiff/Standard Hotel. You will find out just how corrupt this bug-eyed huckster is.

  14. trump is not our president
    trump should be in prison
    trump should be held accountable for his unhinged behavior
    trump should be exposed for his corruption
    trump should be impeached
    trump should be removed immediately from the WH
    trump should be indicted on all the sexual accusations against him-can’t fix an old predator
    trump should be forced to release all his taxes
    trump should be forced to apologize to all the individuals he has lied about

    #45Colluded #Liar45 #Fake45 #Crooked45 #Lock45Up #45ObstructedJustice

  15. I can't believe the crust of Schift and Larree openly conspiring to harass the President with corruptly invoked congressional processes. Sounds like an 'open air' market for RICO conspirators. Jerry, Adam, and Nadler. Three strikes and you're out. You are euphoric idiots. The President will swat you like flies with an investigation of your seditious actions.

  16. I doubt that schiff is in HUGE TROUBLE and why was his name on the FLIGHT LOGS to EPSTEIN ISLAND and what about that hotel of his.NOT GOOD FOR SCHIFF

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