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  1. Thank you for the video John. I’ve wanted to learn how to add the nose pads to plastic frames for sometime now. Great training video!

  2. Totally off subject, but do you have a video on how to spot up prism on the manual lensometer? I'm trying to teach myself and it gets quite confusing. LOVE your videos by the way…thanks for the knowledge

  3. I'm often recommending customers to use Silicone Stick-On (from GMS Optical) nose pads for their eyewear, especially when they are sensitive to tighter fitting adjustments but who also need them to fit tighter. Can Laramy-K create a video showing how to capture or find waves, warping, and lens aberrations?? Specifically during final inspection of the customers pair, before letting them know their pair is ready for pick up… Please let me know if you need any clarification on the question. Thank you for all the amazing and wonderful videos you've come up with

  4. Another idea would be to figure out how to permanently attach silicone nose pads to the already existing plastic nose pads, without dremel. The adhesive silicone pads fall off too quickly.

  5. do you know of any manufacturers that can help me design a private label using a light and durable material similar to flexon?

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