Adobe After Effects Tutorial : How to Create a New Composition With After Effects
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Adobe After Effects Tutorial : How to Create a New Composition With After Effects

October 17, 2019

All right, welcome back to the After Effects
basic series on Expert Village. Now what we’re going to be talking about in this clip is
how to create a new composition. As you can see down here, I’ve already got a few compositions
already open. If we wanted to create a new one, all we need to do is select the composition
menu at the top of the screen, and then “new composition”. We could also simply hit “command
n” and end up with this composition settings window open to us; both very effective ways
of creating a new composition. And what you have here is all different kinds of settings,
preset, premade by After Effects. If you want, you can select one of these settings. I’m
going to stick to the NTSCDV setting. You can also customize your setting by changing
the aspect ratio or the height and width of your footage. But, NTSCDV – not a bad place
to start. You can also change the frame rate of your composition here. And don’t forget
that once you make these selections you can always come back and change them in your composition
settings after it’s been created. The duration of your composition can be changed here. Let’s
make it ten seconds. And it is kind of important how long you want your composition to be.
It’s a little bit different working in After Effects from Final Cut Pro or Avid or any
other NLE. The timeline is limited to the duration that you create it to be. So let’s
start with ten seconds. We can change it later if we need to. Okay, now we have a new composition.
And that composition automatically opens a window, a new tab in our timeline, and we
have a composition window here with the composition ready to go. Like I said, if you wanted to,
you could come back in here to the composition settings and change the frame rate to whatever
you desire. You could change the duration, if you needed to, to make it a little longer.
Let’s say fifteen seconds. And then just hit “okay”. Now you’re composition is fifteen
seconds long exactly, instead of ten. So, yeah. It’s very flexible. And that is how
you create new compositions.

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  1. try to do it yourselfe then? without saying uhm?? think its easy to make things and explaining at the same time? nice tutorial 5/5

  2. dude…..who the hell knows what a composition is and what its used for in adobe after effects? that is one thing u left out mr. village. what the hell do u use the composition for

  3. @jermuthafucka Most people who are using a tool as powerful and advanced as this one my friend, generally know what he is talking about..

  4. @askmeapple – Lol uh, 'Expert village' isn't one person. It's several hundred, that each have videos about completely different subjects. This guy probably hasn't got more than 20 videos on expert village's channel.

  5. i can't go over a 99 fps in my comp settings, how do i fix this because i got a clip of 250 fps and i want to twixtor it but the comp keeps on putting it to 99 fps at max 🙁

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