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Adobe x Terminator: Create Your Fate Using Premiere Rush with Tyler Babin | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 16, 2019

what is up ladies and gentlemen my name
is Tyler Babin I’m a photographer a filmmaker and a youtuber based in New
York City I’m also a 2019 Adobe Creative resident and today I’ll be giving you
guys a quick crash course on some of my favorite tips and tricks for editing in
Adobe Premiere rush you’ll be able to use all these new skills to develop your
own remix trailer for the new film terminator dark fate two days ago I had this not a simple
life no it’s a nightmare never seen one like you before
almost human I am a human how do we win by keeping your life so what you guys
just watched was my personal remix for the Terminator trailer and I’m gonna
break down everything that went into that but Before we jump straight into
rush I want to give you guys an idea of my overall file structure once you get
all your assets downloaded there’s gonna be a lot of video clips a lot of music
options voiceover sound effects there’s gonna be so many things you need to keep
organized and in my opinion organization is really the name of the game when it
comes to any creative endeavor but video especially so here we are and premiere
rush we’re gonna minimize this really quickly so I can show you guys my
overall file structure if you look at this folder right here terminator dark
fate this is where all my assets for the edit are gonna live if we open up this
folder you’ll see I break everything down into seven different subfolders
there’s my project files all of my footage my audio for music and sound
effects graphics any photos or stills that might come out of the Edit and
exports I always have one extra folder called everything else for any
miscellaneous project files that may come up throughout the Edit so once we
jump into Rush we’re gonna want to create a new project we’ll go down to
the bottom left project name and we’ll name it terminator dark Fate remix we
also want to make sure that we sync with Creative Cloud this does two really
awesome things for one it auto saves a backup that we always have access to and
two it allows the project to be accessible over all my devices that are
synced with Creative Cloud so whether I start a project on my desktop my phone
or my iPad I can pick up the project where I left off on any other device I
love this whenever I get pulled away from my main computer whether I’m on a
train or sitting on my roof I can always be working on the Edit once
we have our project named in sync with the Creative Cloud you want to go into
our footage and start pulling in our first scene so if you want to select all
the clips in the order you want them imported you’re more than welcome to do
that for me I know that I want all this footage to be imported chronologically
so I’m just gonna click command a to select all and build out my first
timeline so we’ll click command a this selects 39 clips and we’ll go down here
to click create it’s very easy to get overwhelmed whenever you see a timeline
with this many different clips in it so I always recommend to bring in your
first batch at a time work on it a little bit and then you can always bring
in other clips later now remember you only have 60 seconds to work in your
edit so make sure that you’re working specifically with only the clips you
want and don’t make the edit too busy if we click back over to my previous edit
this is what the skeleton of the project looks like you’ll see I have two primary
video tracks track one has all of my primary footage and then track two has
any cutaway footage or if I’m using something like a flicker transition I’ll
have additional frames above the primary video feed if we take a look at my audio
breakdown track one has all of my main music audio that I’m using track two is
dialogue and voice over and track three is all of my sound effects fun fact I
actually love creating sound effects inside of premiere rush itself it allows
me to avoid having to go buy extra sound packs or having to leave premiere rush I
need to stay completely in the flow I’ll show you more on that later but first
let’s talk transitions so you’ll notice over here on the right panel you have
things like motion graphics titles transitions color correction speed and
audio editing as well as the ability to crop and transform your footage all
within rush we’re gonna start out with transitions
Russ has a few great transitions built in not only does it allow me to very
quickly add transitions by dragging them down I can even zoom in and change the
length of the transition what’s great is you can also use these effects on audio
so for instance if we look at this audio clip right here where the music comes in
all the audio fading in and out here take these off all you have to do is
grab your cross-dissolve and drop it straight onto the audio and
drag it out for whatever your desired length is one of my other favorite
little transitions that I like to use is the flicker effect this is when you take
a few frames of footage place it above the main a roll and allow it to one
frame at a time tick back and forth and it’s a technique
that I used a lot in this trailer so I want to quickly break down how this
works if we come over to our project bin and
drag in a new piece of footage it’ll automatically snap to our playhead and
we can start editing it click over one frame come down to select your cut tool
and it’ll make a cut you can then move one frame forward cut again one frame
forward cut again you can also just click your keyboard shortcut the letter
S to make this happen instantly I like to cut five frames eliminate these and
then every other frame delete so now we have one frame and then the black frame
another frame of the top video black frame and so on and so forth it creates
an effect it looks like this and there you have it
that’s a quick and easy way to add a flicker transition inside of rush for a
more dynamic look now while we’re on this title screen of this November I
want to show you how you can utilize motion graphics templates to actually
create custom titles throughout your trailer all you have to do is go to the
right hand side and click this letterbox T once you’re here you’ll see all the
built in motion graphics templates and titles the rush has included feel free
to experiment with these as much as you can and I love that Adobe stock is also
integrated so if you click over here more titles you’ll have tons of other
options that you can click through and find a style that works for you I love
the look of this one right here so I’m going to select it and drag it straight
into my composition once we drop this title in we can edit it to say whatever
we want all I’ll do is double click and replace
it with this November once we select it we can actually scale this way down to
match the other title we’ll move it up just a bit so now that we have our title
design the way we want we’re just gonna drag it down into our main timeline
we’ll drag over our flicker effect as well as the sound effects below and now
we can delete this original title and this is what our effect looks like another great built-in feature of Rush
is the ability to color grade all in the program so if we go up here to our color
adjustment panels and select a clip we can make adjustments so for instance on
this clip I added SL Fuji this is with no effect this is with the effect back
on it adds a little bit more punch and grit to the footage and to me makes it a
little bit more exciting feel free to experiment with different colors and
effects and see what matches the mood you liked the most one of my favorite
things is to add in a preset and then adjust the intensity slider down here to
make it a little bit more understated so finally one of my absolute favorite
things to do in rush is utilize the voiceover feature if you look down here
at our audio tracks all of them have a microphone this allows you to
immediately record voiceover directly into the program now this is very useful
if you are actually just recording audio but I love to make different sound
effects with my mouth that I can incorporate into my edit so for instance
all of the flicker effects and ramps that you hear throughout my trailer
we’re all recorded in the app now this is going to look a little ridiculous but
I’ll show you what I mean so if I select the microphone down here I can make a
swish effect that I can use as a ramp to bring up the intensity in certain
moments of the Edit we’ll just click record it looks funny it sounds funny but it’s
actually a really cool effect now if we pull this out we can hear how it is on
its own and we can actually edit this audio to make it sound even better if we
go over to our audio panel drop-down we can switch it over to a voice effect
which gives us a bunch of different options I want to reduce the echo a
little bit and I also want to enhance the speech by setting it to male now if
we listen to it again we get a really intense sharp ramp-up that we can use to
emphasize a special moment so in the opening that’s exactly what I did you’ll
see here we have voiceover 5 it’s a short sharp moment but whenever you
combine it with the music it really adds to the moment so there you have it those
are my five favorite tricks and techniques to use about editing an adobe
premiere rush now I can’t wait to see what you guys make I highly encourage
you to take all the amazing assets that both Paramount and Adobe have provided
to you and push the creative boundaries as much as you can experiment with
different types of music in genres of film and create something that’s
completely unique to you I can’t wait to see what you guys create and if you have
any other questions or comments please hit me up on Instagram and I would love
to connect with you guys but for now I’ll catch you later

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