AG Kamala D. Harris Urges State Legislature to Pass Homeowner Bill of Rights
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AG Kamala D. Harris Urges State Legislature to Pass Homeowner Bill of Rights

October 11, 2019

out of courtesy to the Attorney General
thank you for coming and welcome to the assembly Committee on banking first
there many homeowners who are in this room who have travelled quite some
distance to be here and I’d ask that we could acknowledge them by asking them to
stand excuse me we don’t allow applause here we do recognize you being here but
I want to thank them for traveling and I want to thank you mr. chairman for your
leadership I am looking forward as are they to a robust hearing on these bills
as the chair and members know this is about what we are calling the California
homeowner Bill of Rights and it is simply about bringing transparency and
fairness to California’s rules around the process of foreclosure this is not
about ideology this is not about politics this is not about red or blue
it’s about simply saying that as it relates to the dual-track procedure we
allow homeowners to have an opportunity to keep their home because the rules are
fair in telling them how to go through the modification process while a
foreclosure is pending the second bill is equally
straightforward and practical a common-sense fix to the problem that
countless homeowners have in California when going through the foreclosure
process they are confused by a system that does not give them one person to
talk with about how they can navigate the foreclosure system I have heard
countless stories up and down the state in every district represented in this
room of homeowners who are going through the process of foreclosure and call up
the servicing institution and if they speak with anyone that person invariably
is unfamiliar with their case and does not have the paperwork countless stories
of those homeowners who then call over and over having to retell a very
difficult and emotionally painful story and then go to the corner store or
somewhere else to fax 50 60 pages of documents only to be
it only to require that they they’re told how they can navigate the system so
the second bill would be very simple and requiring a single point of contact I
look forward to a robust conversation about the details of these two bills I
thank everyone here for your leadership I do believe that the members who are
here today understand the seriousness of that and this issue is in California
right now we have five hundred thousand homeowners who are currently in the
foreclosure pipeline we have been hardest hit at one time last year we had
nine of the ten top cities in the country hardest hit by the foreclosure
crisis California received 18 billion dollars from a settlement that
recognized that there was a great deal of pain experienced in our state and
those numbers represent a very very important fact they represent families
families who believe in the American Dream and want to keep their home and
are willing to pay to do so this bill is simply about making it a fair system if
they’re able to do that and so I appreciate everyone’s support I
appreciate your leadership I look forward to working with everyone here
mr. chair I thank you particular

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