Airline delays, overbooking, tarmac holds: Why it can suck to fly in Canada (Marketplace)
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Airline delays, overbooking, tarmac holds: Why it can suck to fly in Canada (Marketplace)

October 13, 2019

[ ♪♪ ]>>David: Travel nightmares.>>Oh, our flight was
cancelled this morning with basically no notice.>>David: Delayed,
cancelled, stranded… Will a Passenger Bill of Rights
always protect you?>>If it’s supposed to be
a passenger charter then make it for the passengers.>>David: Canada versus Europe. If you’d been on the same
plane leaving from Europe, they would owe you
hundreds of dollars.>>That’s– that’s really annoying.>>David: We’re chasing
the people with power. If an airline isn’t fined when
they break the rules then why should they follow the rules? It’s fight, or flight time! This is your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: At the
Toronto airport, I’m checking in to
check up on airlines. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Passenger
complaints are on the rise in Canada, so we want to
test your rights on flights. What’s your biggest
beef when flying?>>Delays.
Been delayed a lot. Yeah, um…>>Lost luggage.
>>David: Lost luggage?>>Lost luggage.
>>Yeah.>>We had our
flight cancelled, yeah.>>David: Uh-oh.
No matter the airline, it seems everyone’s
had problems. Have you ever been
delayed on a flight?>>Yes!
>>All the time.>>We’ve been delayed.
>>David: Really?>>Yeah?
>>David: What? How long?>>Hours.
>>David: Hours?! You ever get
flight delays?>>Yes, about 40% of the time.>>David: 40% of the time. Long delays are a big beef. Just ask Chris Conrad. [ ♪♪ ]>>I’m tired and frustrated
and I just want to get going.>>David: That’s how Chris felt
when her European vacation was delayed by nearly a day. She says they didn’t board
until one in the morning.>>David: And still
there’s more delay.>>More delay,
and we sat around, and we sat around and… It was a really old rickety kind
of plane and when they tried to close the door it
wouldn’t close properly. And then we sat
there for a while, and then they taxied out a bit,
and then they taxied back again. Well, they said, “Oh,
the original plane was “broken so we had to get
this other old plane in, “and they put a new
engine in it, and now the engine isn’t working.” So, they were
trying to fix that.>>David: That
costs three more hours. That’s a long time.
>>It is. It is, yeah.>>David: You must have
been going just stir crazy.>>I was hungry, and I was
tired, and I was thirsty, and I just wanted
to go home.>>David: Air Canada
does send her home… a taxi. After an overnight delay
her flight is cancelled, and she’s booked to
fly the following night. Total delay, 22 hours.>>They should have their
planes in good working order. They robbed me of an
entire day of my vacation. I didn’t sleep for 48 hours. I think they owe me at least
half of my air fare back.>>David: So, she asks for it. And what did Air Canada give
you in the way of compensation?>>They offered me 25% off
in undiscounted base fare.>>David: How much is that? Well, take away all
the extra fees and the base fare is just $329. 25% off that? $82.25. Not good enough for Chris.>>It’s like a slap in the
face, really, you know? It’s like they–they don’t care.>>David: But they don’t
actually owe her anything. Under the existing rules,
travelers like Chris have no clear right to compensation
from any Canadian airline. But there might be
hope in the future… because the rules
could be changing. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Minister Of Transport,
Marc Garneau.>>We’re here to make sure that
passengers rights are respected.>>David: Last spring,
he announced a Passenger Bill of Rights.>>When Canadians buy an
airline ticket they expect the airline to keep its
part of the deal.>>David: He promises it
will make things better. How much better? That’s what we
intend to find out. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: We’re at
the Halifax airport… Hi, Gabor.
>>Hey, David.>>David: meet a guy who
knows all about the new rules. Shall we go chat?
>>Sure.>>David: Passenger rights
advocate, Gabor Lukacs. He fights for disrupted
air travelers seeking justice from any airline. In the case of Chris,
would the new bill mean that she would get compensation?>>Under new bill, she would
not get compensation either. The bill exonerates airlines
from the obligation to compensate passengers
when the delay is caused by mechanical issues. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Mechanical problems
are a common reason for delays and cancellations. But here’s the thing, even under
minister Garneau’s new rules, passengers like Chris
won’t get compensation. And Lukacs says that’s wrong.>>Airlines should be liable for
compensating passengers in the event of cancellation, delay,
or overbooking that is somehow caused by mechanical issues. That’s a no brainer. That has been the rule in Europe
and I don’t see why it should be any different in Canada.>>David: So, what are
those European rules? To find out we’ve
come to England. [ British Anthem
“God Save The Queen” Plays ]>>David: Travelers
here have had a Passenger Bill of Rights
since 2005. They’re entitled to compensation
when things go wrong, even when most
mechanical issues are to blame. But here’s the thing
many people don’t know. It was a fight to get those
rights so we’re heading to the north of England to meet
the man behind that fight. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Hi, Coby.
>>Hi, David. Welcome to Birmingham.
>>David: Yeah, thank you. I’m David. Coby Benson calls himself
a flight delay lawyer. Alright.
Quite a few people here.>>That’s right. We have a team
of about 20 people.>>David: His firm’s
built a business out of flight disruptions, helping
clients get the compensation they’re entitled to.>>There’s tens of thousands
of people every single year who have had their claims
denied by the airlines. They come to us.>>David: And one
precedent setting case put them on the map
when a European carrier used mechanical malfunction
as a reason to deny a claim, Coby took it to court. The airlines’ legal
argument didn’t fly.>>The real legal test as
confirmed by the court, was whether it’s out of the
ordinary and quite simply the court said that these
technical problems are not out of the ordinary.>>David: For an airline to
avoid paying they have to prove the reason for disruption
was extraordinary.>>Thankfully, we were
successful in arguing that most technical problems are not
extraordinary and therefore the airlines have to pay out. It was a great
victory for us…. It was an enormous battle
against a very large airline.>>David: So, now as a result,
anyone flying on a European airline can claim for
most flight disruptions. Even Canadian airlines have
to follow the same rules when flying out of Europe. So, how would that
affect Chris’ 22-hour delay?>>If she was flying from Europe
to Canada, it wouldn’t have mattered which airline she was
on, she would’ve been covered under European law, even though
she’s not a European citizen, and then she would’ve been
entitled to 600 Euros–>>David: 600 Euros.
That’s about $900 Canadian. That’s a lot of money.>>That’s right, it’s a lot of
money, and a passenger only needs to have been
delayed three or maybe four hours in order to get
that large sum of money.>>David: We break
that news to Chris. If you’d been on the same
plane leaving from Europe, they would owe you
hundreds of dollars.>>Yeah. That’s– that’s really annoying. It’s–it’s not fair.>>David: Do you have
any words of advice for Canadian passengers?>>If they’re flying to Europe
make sure you’re flying with a European carrier and you’ll be
protected under the very strong and pro-consumer European law.>>David: Europeans have
become used to the protection but don’t always realize
that not everyone has it. In Canada, we don’t
have those kind of rules.>>Yeah, okay.
>>David: Does that surprise you at all?>>It does, yeah because… I kind of think of Canada
as a very, sort of, consumer rights kind of–
kind of society.>>So, what circumstances
will they have to compensate passengers if it’s not
mechanical or weather then? What else is left? [ Laughter ]>>What say you
Canadian government?>>If it’s supposed to be
a passenger charter then make it for the passengers. [ Speaking French ]>>David: Okay.
So, there you go. The Frenchman says that we
in Canada either should have a revolution or a strike
to get these rights. [ Bells Ringing ]>>David: Gabor Lukacs
is fighting for those rights in Parliament.>>For the all too common
event of mechanical malfunction, the bill proposes to actually
relieve airlines from the obligation to compensate
passengers for inconvenience.>>David: He’s invited to
share his concerns with a House Of Commons committee
that’s reviewing the bill.>>We recommend that the
committee amend paragraph 86.11 Sub 1 Sub B to
clarify that in the event of mechanical malfunctions,
airlines are liable to compensate passengers
for their inconvenience.>>David: It’s going to be
an uphill fight for Lukacs. But these passengers
are on his side. [ ♪♪ ]>>I mean, they really
should change it. It holds them accountable
as an airline, right?>>David: Do you think
you should be entitled to compensation?
>>Oh, absolutely!>>Yeah, definitely not
in the best interests of customers and flyers.>>David: Time to
get some answers… ..from Marc Garneau,
the man behind the bill. As it stands now, the bill
does not require airlines to compensate passengers in the
event of mechanical malfunction. Why is that?>>Well, what we
have decided to do, in some cases if there is an
operational delay in a flight, for example because the flight
crew was not there to fly it, or the airline made a change for
operational reasons to maximize their traffic flow.>>David: If they cancelled a
flight because it wasn’t full?>>There will be compensation
there because that’s something that is within their control. It is not a mechanical problem.>>David: But why is mechanical
not within their control?>>We do consider it to be
within their control but for safety reasons, of course,
we don’t want them to take off if there is a problem.>>David: In Europe they don’t
have to choose between safety and compensation.
They get both.>>We’re putting together
our own Bill of Rights and I think you’re gonna see that
we have a world-leading class or category
of compensations.>>David: Let me put
it to you this way, if you and I get on a plane
and fly to anywhere in Europe, if there is a delay, a big delay
from a mechanical malfunction on our way back from Europe,
we do get compensation. Why should we as air passengers
be treated differently depending on which direction
we’re flying from?>>I think that we have to,
yes, compensate passengers for certain things but at the same
time we want to make sure that– that our airlines can
remain competitive, so they can keep the
prices as low as possible.>>David: Some people
feel that airlines have more protection than passengers.>>I believe that this is very
balanced and that we are seriously addressing
the rights of passengers.>>David: But it is not
enough for this passenger.>>Well, it makes me wonder
whose side the government is on. There’s no incentive for
them to even have their planes on time now. If they had to pay everybody
compensation every time their planes were delayed or–
I think that would make them pull their socks up a bit. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Benson agrees that
the rules are a good deterrent.>>European rules have
encouraged punctuality of airlines, so the law has acted
as a really good mechanism to ensure that the airlines
are operating efficiently and on time.>>David: How this man took
on a major airline and won.>>It wasn’t about
the money for me. It was about just
bringing this to light.>>David: Should a
passenger have to go to court to get something
that they actually deserve under the existing rules? Fighting For Your Flight Rights
continues… only on your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: It’s
fight or flight time. [ ♪♪ ]>>Oh, our flight was
cancelled this morning with basically no notice.>>David: No matter the airline,
your frustrations with flying are sky high.>>There has to be something
that can make some processes like this a little easier,
a little better.>>David: It can be a
long fight to get the right compensation from airlines. Most of us just give up. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: But not this guy. He took on Air Canada and won.>>David: Hey, Dan?
>>Hi, David?>>David: In Fall River,
Nova Scotia, Dan Lachance’s battle began after a
cross-country journey to Whitehorse involving
three connecting flights.>>So, when I got to Vancouver
and boarded the flight for Whitehorse and we were
just about to take off, and we were
seated and belted in, and then I was asked to deplane,
because there was another passenger that had been
ticketed for that seat.>>David: And they
come to you and say, “You gotta get off.”>>Yes, that’s exactly
what happened. It was a shocker.
It was a shocker.>>David: Dan was booked
on the next flight which meant a delay of nine hours.>>I was not happy
with the situation, and I wouldn’t arrive
there, as it turned out, till after midnight. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: But he
does have rights. Air Canada’s own rules
say that passengers who are bumped off a flight,
and then substantially delayed, get $800 bucks compensation.>>David: Did you get that $800?>>No.>>David: Dan emails
Air Canada asking for the money and receives this reply.>>And essentially says
that they sometimes have to deny boarding.
>>David: Mmm-hmm.>>And so, as a result,
they would offer a %15 off the base fare of my next
booking, at>>David: He refuses the
discount and takes Air Canada to small claims court. That sure gets
their full attention. They offer to settle. They say here’s the money.>>Right, but at the same time,
in the same letter, along with that offer is a declaration that
there’s no admission of any wrongdoing on
Air Canada’s part. That was the trigger. It wasn’t about
the money for me. It was about just
bringing this to light. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: And so,
he gets his day in court. But the airline
still won’t back down.>>The big response from
Air Canada was that I wasn’t on the flights that
I said I was on.>>David: The airline says their
computer showed Dan missed a connection, so they gave
away his seat to Whitehorse. But he made all of his flights. And he could prove it.>>’Cause I had receipts
that put me there, to prove that I was there. In this case in Vancouver,
I was there for hours prior to the boarding of
that flight at the gate. Literally, hours.>>David: What happened?>>Uh, eventually we won.>>David: Dan gets the
money, and his court costs too.>>Yeah, that was a good moment. The adjudicator essentially said
that Air Canada wasn’t following its own tariff, wasn’t treating
its customers with respect until they were actually forced by
the hand essentially to do so.>>David: But you didn’t win
this case because they didn’t show you respect, you won
because Air Canada didn’t follow their own rules?>>Yes. Yeah, it’s all about just
following the rules that are posted there, and not
trying to get out of it.>>David: But it’s
not just Air Canada. Other airlines have also fought
back against passenger claims. So, how do we know carriers will
always follow the new rules? We tell minister Marc Garneau
about Dan’s battle. Should a passenger have to go
to court to get something that they actually deserve
under the existing rules?>>Normally that
should not happen. I don’t expect
passengers going to court. I think the rules will be very
clear and I have the feeling that the airlines are
going to cooperate.>>David: Will you hold
airlines accountable if they break the rules?>>Absolutely. That has always
been the case and the Canadian Transportation Agency
which is a semi-judicial body has the power to
impose penalties.>>The Canadian transportation
agency has failed its mandate. It has abdicated its
mandate to enforce the law. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: Passenger rights
advocate, Gabor Lukacs, has lost faith
in the regulator. He doesn’t believe
the CTA will crackdown.>>From my perspective, we can
have the best possible rules and laws that you can imagine,
if they are not being enforced they’re all futile.>>David: He worries airlines
might not pay up because the CTA hasn’t been
dishing out fines. How many times have you
seen in the past several years, when an airline has been
found to break their own tariff? How many times have
they been fined anything?>>Never.
>>David: Not once? We check that. He’s right. At the time of this interview,
not even one fine in the last five years for breaking
their own rules. We take that to the minister. If an airline isn’t fined
when they break the rules, then why should they follow
the rules if all they have to do is pay the money they
would have paid anyway to passengers under their tariffs?>>Well, they will have to
pay compensation if they’ve violated a passenger’s rights
so that is a penalty that they will have to pay. If they refuse to do that then
they can be fined by the CTA and I’m fully competent–
confident that the CTA will exercise that power.>>David: Even though they
haven’t used the power to fine over the past five years?>>We’re talking about
what’s ahead of us now.>>David: Funny enough,
a week after our interview the CTA announces a huge fine
for Air Transat over this…>>…Who called 9-1-1
from this aircraft…>>David: What does this
change for your flight rights? So, it’s increasing the
amount of time that I should be stuck on the tarmac for?>>It is mind boggling why. It makes no sense to me.>>David: The Fight For
Your Flight Rights continues. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: The real
deal on your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: New passenger rights
are getting ready for takeoff. They’ll offer you
better protections, including banning all airlines
from bumping people off a plane against their will.>>Oh, my God. No!>>David: Like the shocking
example of this man being dragged off a
United Airlines flight.>>Oh, my God!
Look at what you did to him!>>David: And in Canada,
remember those Air Transat passengers stuck on
the tarmac for six hours? They already had rights.>>The person who called
9-1-1 from this aircraft please present yourself to the
very forward of the aircraft.>>David: Quite the ordeal. As a result, the airline gets
that fine, nearly $300,000. Why? It broke the rules. Under the existing rules,
passengers on Canadian airlines are entitled to refreshments
and the opportunity to get off if they’ve been stuck on
the tarmac for 90 minutes or more so long as it’s safe. But under the proposed
legislation that time would extend to three hours for all
airlines, doubling it from just the 90 minutes. Consumer advocate,
Gabor Lukacs tried to fight that too. So, it’s increasing the amount
of time that I should be stuck on the tarmac for?>>It is mind boggling why. It makes no sense to me.>>David: Minister of Transport,
Marc Garneau is sponsoring the bill. The buck stops with him. Why is three hours that
right amount of time?>>We’ve looked at other
countries and that is… a fairly widely accepted norm.>>David: But if we look
in this country right now, the protocol of many
airlines is 90 minutes–>>Only–
>>David: –instead we’re doubling it when we
do the regulations?>>Only certain airlines
have it and it is–>>David: For the big ones?
>>–it’s an internal rule that they have in
their contract. Of course, if an airline
wants to continue to offer that they can do that.>>David: What do passengers
think of the proposed change from 90 minutes to three hours? What do you think of that?>>That’s way too long
to be stuck on a tarmac.>>I’m not a fan. I’ve got two kids under two
and that would be chaos.>>I would go stir crazy.>>You’re begging to get
off that plane after two hours.>>David: Hopefully that
doesn’t happen to you today. Have a good flight.
>>You better not jinx me. [ ♪♪ ]>>David: When you take a look
at some of the things that we’re talking about, do you think
there is anything that you would change now?>>I am absolutely positive that
Canadians will be very pleased with this Bill of Rights when
they see it and I would ask Canadians to be patient. They’ll see it in 2018
and they’ll be very satisfied with it. And this is something that will
be world leading in terms of rights compared to
other countries. [ Bell Chiming ]>>David: But the
bill is not law yet. It’s still being debated
in the Senate. Maybe they’ll listen to
passengers and advocates. What do you think? Send us your thoughts. And we’ll keep watching. [ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: It’s a
cross border price war. We’re buying for baby. Weee!>>All fun and games until
we check the price tags.>>Wow!>>Asha: $119.99
>>Yeah.>>Ahh!>>Asha: I hear you. Are Canadians getting gouged? On your next Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]

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  22. The Minister of Transport is so nervous and shows it with his Freudian slip "I'm fully competent" LOL. Good job host.

  23. Happened to me several times.
    Arrived at the airport only to find out the airlines has sold my seat to someone else, or not even sold it to someone else, but insists I buy my seat "AGAIN" or they will sell it to someone else, and at a hugely inflated price.
    Kind of comes close to robbery. Always a American airline company.

  24. I board a southern China going to LAX
    We stop over in Guangzhou to change plane Boeing 737 to A380, Then minutes later we board the plane 50 sec later the pilot said our flight has been delayed because of air traffic, I go to my phone and look on the radar *there's no even a plane landing or in the sky*.

  25. If you want to know why the minister of transport endorses certain bills just look at who is lining his pockets.

  26. Im from canada, and westjet was so dirty, i got sick with nausea and migrane 2 days after i flown from Edmonton to Toronto pearson. And their flights are EXPENSIVE!!

  27. Canada is going down the toilet. Also, that lady shouldn't be complaining. What if said engine failed and mid-flight. They could have crashed and died. She should be happy that they knew better than to fly a plane that was basically on its last leg

  28. LOL – if these airlines had to pay compensation, there's no question that prices will go up and these same people will have more to complain about. Prices are already high enough and as someone who flies frequently for work and leisure, I don't experience that many delays that it is a big deal. I know the risks involved when I fly… no different than when I drive to work. If I want zero chances of my car getting into an accident then I would walk, bike, transit, take the taxi, etc. to work. If I want zero delays when flying, then I will stop flying. I can't imagine what it would be like to work with some of these people – they would be so high maintenance, expecting perfection, etc. Nothing is perfect – yes, speak your mind, provide feedback, fight the fight, etc. but then move on and make the best decision for yourself. The great majority of delays I experience are absolutely weather related. I think they should implement this as I would love to see prices go up just to watch people complain. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise – I would still fly but there would be less of these complainers on board with me due to higher prices 🙂 I would just feel bad for the people who understand delays can happen but who couldn't afford the higher prices. Just more important things in life to get upset about than flight delays. But everyone has their own frustration triggers.

  29. 21:54 "this will be world leading in terms of rights". Yah RIGHT! Canada has been world leading, they're by FAR the worst as even developing countries as they've implemented standards set by the FAA (USA) as we've had unparalleled safety with ZERO crashes for the last 10 YEARS until just recently. This means they fly much further, LONGER and with smaller crews and fewer pilots then all but the poorest countries and the US no longer allows them to land after two veteren piloted planes nearly landed on taxi strips in San Franciso which had over 1000 ppl in 5 planes on them and passed less then 6 ft over, or landed on the WRONG runway and didn't answer air traffic control until they landed. They then fueled up and took off and wrote over the black boxes OR deleted them once they landed thus the FAA wasn't able to hear what had happened as the second pilot shrugged it off as "radio issues" even though my DAD created those radios all THREE of them.
    They are allowed to fly 14 hrs with two pilots with a turn around of 7 hrs. Vs the FAA requires 3 pilots on all flights over 6 hrs OR any transnational flights/transoceanic flights regardless of time it takes. They also allow their pilots to take 4 hrs naps and to trade out while Canada actually allows their pilots while in mid flight to take up to 40 minute naps thus while you're sleeping your pilots might be ALSO sleeping. They've caught Canadian pilots BOTH snoozing off thus NO one was flying the plane at all. This occurs frightenly often along with crashes as drowsy pilots are landing the planes, which is even WORSE then drunk pilots or pilots who just woke up hence them not responding to air traffic control as they'd probably just woke up and thus were landing the plane themselves on autopilot.
    Thus I wouldn't be worried about getting a refund or being delayed, I'd be worried about making it at all as the airlines with the worst track records of being late get the worst flight plans which also means they're the most likely to suffer major delays since transoceanic flights can easily add MANY MANY hours to the trip if they end up running into head winds hence the reason my flight from LAX to Taiwan which was supposed to take 12 hrs ended up taking 18 hrs and requiring us to land in Japan to refuel. Thus our 9 hr layover in Malaysia turned into a 2 1/2hr and a trip which was supposed to take 16 hrs (Seattle to Chenai India) took 21hrs. It only took 14hrs on the way back.

  30. Air Canada has so many cancellations/delays bc they suck at being on time which means they get the worst flight plans and end up having super long delays as more and more airports are like Syndey which doesn't allow planes to land if they are more then 15 minutes late thus will require need to reschedule completely as the plane lost it's spot which normally means a cancellation and another flight the following day or a 6-8hr delay. This also means if you had connections you'll have to rebook another flight and PAY for it as most countries don't reimburse NOR rebook you as it wasn't that airlines fault that the other airline is crap and didn't show up on time.

  31. If airlines do not have to compensate for delays due to mechanical malfunction, isn't that as bad as telling them they do not have to invest more on mechanical maintenance? And wouldn't that lead to big accidents?

  32. in a cab you dont pay for the ride until you get were your going… thats the way flying should be… It would stop the way passengers are getting treated… If they dont do what there paid to do they shouldnt be paid… if you get in a cab and tell them to take you some place and they take you to a completly different place and tell you they might take you were you wanted to go later whenever they feel like it .. you wouldnt put up with that .. why put up with it from airlines??

  33. I get delayed leaving London all the time, they never give compensation plus they lost my luggage a few times

  34. With all the United Air or something drama happening I was glad to live in Canada and then I’m like…

  35. I completely disagree with the compensation now that airlines are gonna have to pay for every hour they aren’t in the air they ain’t gonna give a f*ck about mechanical problems and just rush.

  36. It is easier for the Canadian government to fine and punish ordinary citizens who cant fight back. They will throw you in jail for contempt of court if you dont pay up but ofcourse they will make it look like you didnt follow their rules design to rob you. (Sick fucks)

  37. Wow, the minimum wait time on the tarmac should be no more than 20 minutes as over 90 minutes is already stressful

  38. No offense, but if you aren’t going to handle stuff going wrong, you shouldn’t fly, simple as that. Sorry for my rudeness, but I just spent a day in Charlotte International because my flight was canceled, so I got some fried chicken and a tea and watched some CBC Marketplace and chilled.

  39. u know why.? bcoz the industry dont have competition from anything, different from Europe, japan where airline industry need to compete with train industry. Thus, the industry will not be healthy, seems like democracy fail in corporation in first world country. dumb

  40. 20:18 How is going from 90 minutes to THREE HOURS "world class"? What is wrong with Minister Garneau???

  41. Hey CBC you definitely should have interviewed Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii on this topic LOL

  42. I work as a flight attendant and I find the most delays I’ve been involved with were caused by the inbound aircraft being delayed by some reason often weather and air trafic control congested airports etc causing a domino effect. I do think mechanical issues and overbooking should be stopped but ppl also shouldn’t book their connections so closely! I’ve had passengers worried about missing their connections when the plane lands early. I think what would really make a difference would be to force the airlines to schedule longer turn around times. If they had to prove that it’s possible to deplane clean and prep the aircraft and have the new passengers load and depart on time even with like a 30min or some reasonable delay of the inbound aircraft (especially if it’s coming from locations that are always causing delays) then the amount of small delays would significantly decrease.
    Other than that and doing something about over congested airports, which is what’s caused me to have to sit on the tarmac for hours like the lga airport just being too small so saying we can’t take off until it’s cleared up because then we would not be able to land in lga if we did. Or being stuck in a line up waiting for a chance to turn into a taxi way to get to a gate. I don’t really see what could be done but I don’t think this legislator is going in the right direction

  43. Marc Garneau is in the pockets of the Canadian Airlines. This new bill is rubbish – worse than we had before.

  44. The arguments Garneau is making for the passenger bill of rights are just downright silly. Compensating passengers due to mechanical issues won't compromise safety one bit. If Garneau cared about safety he would make it so that 3 pilots had to be on flights to Europe like every other country in the world does. It's not about keeping fares low either, they have these strict rules in Europe yet RyanAir and EasyJet do just fine pricing fares at a fraction of what we Canadians pay when travelling domestically. At the end of the day this is an airline bill of rights meant to insulate airlines from angry customers while providing the facade that having an oligopoly domestically serves Canadians.

  45. From 90 mins to 180 [3 hrs] is a industry standard to be on the tarmac, which country is he quoting from or for? I CALL B/S.

  46. 7 hours in Stansted Airport! 7 hours in Stansted Airport! Yeah! But we were owed quite a bit of money easyJet more like shityJet

  47. The European rights for customers of airlines, needs to be in Canada as well. Go get them Gabor. Keep fighting. Customers rights are important in any industry.

  48. I'm not sure why people when stuck on a plane, and the carrier will not let them get off, ALL the passengers need to ban together and file a LAWSUIT FOR FALSE IMPRISONMENT.

  49. My dad was on a plane that crashed once and he didn't get compensation that was a Mohawk airlines flight when he was working for Corning

  50. Be careful what you wish for. If airlines are fined enough, they may be pressured to start taking chances as to what they consider safe enough to fly. The bottom line is the bottom line.

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