AirPods Pro TEARDOWN vs Liberty 2 Pro! – Best ‘Pro’ Earbuds?
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AirPods Pro TEARDOWN vs Liberty 2 Pro! – Best ‘Pro’ Earbuds?

November 24, 2019

There are some pretty eye-catching interesting
hardware designs on the box of these Liberty 2 Pro headphones from Soundcore. These drawings
show an internal speaker construction that I’ve never seen before. This video is sponsored
by Soundcore, and today I’ll be taking apart their new in-ear studio performance headphones
and see if the insides look as cool as the box says they are. I decided to compare the
Soundcore hardware side-by-side with Apple’s newest Airpod Pros, with that white q-tip
stem design. The Airpod Pros probably have that traditional speaker inside so it should
be an interesting video. Let’s get started. [Intro] Let’s start by taking apart the Liberty Pro
2’s. Now it’s not very often that headphone technology is shaken up by something new.
But Soundcore’s tech is definitely different. They call it the Astria coaxial acoustic architecture
– which sounds like a bit of marketing jargon. But I’ll break down the naming while I break
open the headphones. Astria is the Greek goddess of purity, which
Soundcore believes is a reflection of the sound produced by the Liberty 2 Pro. Pure
meaning it’s true to life. So that’s the first word. The coaxial acoustic architecture means
that instead of one traditional speaker inside these wireless earbuds, we should find two.
Coaxial means they are lined up on top of each other and pump out sound at the same
time so that the sound isn’t disrupting or competing with itself. The Liberty Pro 2’s
are ipx4 – meaning they’re sweat resistant, sealed shut, and very hard to get inside.
That ipx4 rating is the same water resistance rating that the Airpod Pro’s have. So both
of these are going to be difficult to open and will also both probably be destroyed when
I’m done. “F” in chat for the earbuds. After slicing through the glued shut plastic
housing and prying out the speaker unit, we get our first loo at the coaxial drivers.
It’s definitely unique. That pointy niblet in the center is the knowles balanced armature.
And hidden in that bottom circular coin looking thing is the normal speaker that’s tuned specifically
for bass. This is the world’s first pair of symmetrically aligned coaxial drivers in wireless
headphones, which means that all the sound is directly aligned with the listener’s ears.
The terminology of course isn’t as important as seeing the hardware itself though. Since
the rectangular pointy niblet armature thing in the center handles those mids and highs,
that circular driver below it can focus on just handling the lows, sharing the workload.
Which makes the sound cleaner and clearer than a normal headphone could with a single
speaker trying to make all the noise by its lonesome. I’ll pull apart that bass driver in just a
second.10 Grammy Award-winning audio producers worked on these Soundcore headphones to create
that in-ear studio performance. You know how movie theater sound systems and even home
stereo systems come with different sized speakers to handle the different sounds. Now these
Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro’s can do it all in a very tiny space. It’s a little sound
accurate theater for your ear. It has a super small 65 milliamp hour lithium
battery in each bud which has 8 hours of play time. I’ll come back to these in a second.
Now let’s talk about the Airpod Pro’s. These guys cost $250 – twice as expensive as the
Liberty 2 Pros we just took apart. The Airpod Pro’s have a pretty seamless water-resistant
design. So getting inside will once again destroy the headphones, but it’s the only
way to see the hardware. Squeezing the headphones pops open the seam between the head and the
shaft and then I can slice my way around the opening. Another difference between these
and the Liberty 2’s is that the Apple Airpod Pro’s do have a noise canceling feature which
is also pretty unique. But you’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth that
extra hundred dollars. Prying out the speaker inside the headphone
once again is very difficult. Both companies are serious about their water resistance.
Finally after physically slicing off the front grill we get our first glimpse inside. Apple
has positioned a large rectangular microphone right inside the earpiece grill. The microphone
blocks the speaker. The microphone is part of the noise cancellation. It listens to the
inside of your ear for unwanted sounds and then cancels it out. The speaker is what we’re
here for though – and that’s this guy. Which I’ve kind of destroyed. It’s got a large white
diaphragm in the center with a clear rubber surround. It’s a singular speaker meaning
that it has to produce all of the mids, lows, and highs by itself. Don’t get me wrong – both
of these headphones sound great. I’ve paired both of them up with my Android phone. This
video is just comparing the internal hardware. The Airpod Pros have one single driver and
the Liberty Pro 2’s have that new-age dual symmetrical coaxial driver. And there are
major physical differences between those two methods of delivering sound. I’ll pop off the bottom of the stack drivers
inside these Liberty Pro 2’s so we can see that lower dynamic speaker. And there it is,
with it’s own copper coil and clear diaphragm. If you haven’t been satisfied with the sound
quality of wireless headphones in the past, maybe it’s time to try something different.
Normally these Liberty 2 Pros are about half the cost of the Airpod Pros, but with the
link in the description of this video, you can get an extra $40 off the retail price. The Liberty Pro 2’s are currently the only
wireless headphones that exist with this astria coaxial acoustic architecture set up. Taking
apart the Airpod Pro 2 charging case. This guy can hold 24 hours worth of charge and
the buds themselves can last for 4 1/2 hours. The case is once again obviously not designed
to come apart, but that’s never stopped us before. The internals were actually pretty
cool. Pulling off the top reveals the underside of the plastic molded earpiece slots and then
a few long ribbon cables headed down to the dual internal batteries. It’s a dual-cell
519 milliamp hour capacity, and all of it charges up with Apple’s proprietary lightning
port. The Soundcore case is also equally difficult
to get inside. Pretty much no wireless headphones can ever be repaired easily – which is a
bummer. One good thing about the Liberty 2 Pro’s though is that Soundcore has something
called hearing ID which tests your hearing and adjusts each earbud so that they are acoustically
matched to how your individual ear hears sounds. Every ear is different and these earbuds can
adapt the audio accordingly. The Liberty 2 case does have USB-C charging and a pretty
glamours charging pad on the bottom. Why manufacturers don’t make transparent tech anymore is beyond
me. This thing looks pretty awesome. The Airpod case also has wireless charging glued into
the side panel. It’s a bit smaller of a coil, but still, both would look amazing with a
transparent case. Now that we are inside, there are 4 screws
holding the wireless charging pad to the motherboard. I can unscrew that and then we can see the
undersides where the case can transfer it’s 24 hours of battery life into the 8 hour battery
of the earbuds for a total of 32 hours. The internal case battery is 500 milliamp hours.
I’m glad Soundcore sponsored this video. They’re some pretty cool technology to be seen inside
of the Liberty 2 Pro’s. I have my own pair that I’ve been using for about a month now
and both the lyrics and audio are super crisp with some solid base. They are a bit larger
than the average pair of earbuds so be ready for that, especially if you run a lot. Personally,
I’d be okay with them sacrificing a bit of that 8 hour battery life for a smaller and
lighter casing. Turns out the box is advertising the exact hardware inside of their earbuds
and that’s pretty cool. Since you made it this far in the video, Soundcore
has made 10 awesome looking JerryRigEverything Edition Liberty 2 Pro’s and they’re doing
a world-wide giveaway. So if you want one of these, I’ll put the details of the giveaway
down in the video description alongside that limited time discount code for $40 off. Once
again, huge thanks to Soundcore for sponsoring this video. Come hang out with me on Instagram
and Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. Soundcore looks like nobody cared about what it looks like. Hate lazy product designers. So really I would laugh at you wearing those, Apple fanboy or not and I'm not. But at least know why Apple is better, and then go ALL the way to be better, not just the NERD way.

  2. Let’s see here. Soundcore: Lazy crap design, huge form factor, no noise cancellation, tiny oddly placed buttons, logo blasted all over
    Airpods: Smaller, designed with perfectionism in mind and not settling for less, noise cancellation, easy to reach modern buttons, no logo
    Clearly Apple wins, sorry poor tech freaks. Aesthetics and perfectionism matter too. Of which most you fat losers, got none on yourself. So when challenging, let’s be clear it takes a lot more than THIS.

  3. Jerry, can you check expresspodz airpod pros knock off and do a teardown on it. I saw a review and it was identical sound and functionalities of real ones. Just curious if knock off is built with same components.

  4. i love the idea of having to buy a whole new set of headphones when the batteries innevitably fail in 2-4 years… what a joke… i have numerouse sets ofblutooth headphones that are all out of commision due to having terrible batteries that are near imposible to replace… my 15 year old audio tecnica on ear monitors are the best ones i have , and will last forever if i take care of them, and even if i want to go wireless, they have a detachable 1/8th inch jack, so i can get a bluetooth dongle if need be .. if these companiews made an effort to put the batteries in an easy to access placew, and offer resanble replacements, (like rechargable button cells) i would give them a try… but these new sealed methods are planned obcelsance at its best.. have to destrot it to fix it lol

  5. Lmaooo @all apple fanboy posts.

    COAXIAL. If you are smart or somewhat intelligently inclined. Automatically its better audio. Please dont be a fanboy because you bought an apple product just because.

  6. I don't care about who's sponsoring Zac. Even in this video he was objective on both earbuds, just pointing the facts. He never said the ones are better than the other.

    And also Apple deserved through history to be called out for price to actual value ratio. Though that's a story for another time, it's not just Apple in that basket.

  7. can you do a teardown of the Sony XM3 headphones? I've been looking for one ever since I got them in December last year.

  8. This was not a fair review. Soundcore pretty much paid you to say that the air pods aren’t very good. I want to see a review for the AirPods by them selfs

  9. Hey, so I expected to see some sort of crossover circuit on the dual speaker module. Some kind of filter system to split the frequencies between the two speakers, especially after seeing only two wires going to the system. Unless there’s a return path on the casing that I can’t see which would allow the crossover to be beforehand, how can it split the frequencies between the highs and the lows between the two speakers?

  10. It looks as if most people commenting that Jerry's a sellout, haven't really watched the video with much attention. I mean he does mention that AirPods have noise cancellation, he does say both sound great, and he does explicitly say that he is just comparing inside hardware. So I personally wouldn't be so judgy

  11. I was very disappointed with the Liberty Pro 2. There's a good bit of white noise present. Don't know about the Apple buds. For the time being my Jabras are going nowhere. I hope to try Sony's ANC buds soon.

  12. everybody hating because zacks made video of product sponsored by company lmao
    grow up apple wankers, he said that airpods have unique future and it's good but ahve single speaker which is old solution. he marked "don't get me wrong, they both sounds really good " and u still have to complain tf

  13. Hi Jerry!
    Awesome to see the inside of the airpods and the libertys. I see a lot of reviews tho, with people saying their pair of Libertys gives a constant static noise, and I think it's a shame you don't address this. Makes it easy to believe that your review is biased..
    You shouldn't be scared away from making sponsored videos like these, but either it should be clear that you are biased, or you should clearly express that their sponsorship does not effect your judgement of the product, which it kind of seems to have done in this review. The constant static noise seems to be a common issue, so I would have loved that you addressed it. Either by saying "Some have issues with static noise, which is not an issue for me, but is something to consider" or " I reached out to liberty who said the issue has been fixed" or something like that.

    But keep up the good work! You gotta make a living, and you clearly state that the video is sponsored, so no hard feelings! Just might be a few learnings from this video.

    Stay awesome (y)

  14. My brother has the AirPods pro and I can 100 percent say it is not a disappointing product. A lot of people say Samsung quality is way better but that doesn’t mean Apple pros quality is bad. They’re both good the only difference between Samsung and the AirPods pro as well as with these is that you have that transparency feature that works really fluidly. If you’re going to buy earphones where you have to stick them inside your ear and blocks your hearing I really recommend the AirPod pros they’re so fluid and smart. I’d buy AirPods any day over any other “in ear” earphones

  15. Don’t waste your time watching this video. It’s not honest. He never mentioned the cons to the Liberty 2 Pros. Wished this video wasn’t biased. It’s just an ad.

  16. To all the folks claiming that the information in this video is 'unreliable' due to the sponsorship – it should be pointed out that the two things aren't mutually exclusive. There are plenty of sponsored reviews out there that are pretty unbiased. Perhaps the ones commenting have their own biases and don't understand that?

  17. Damn this guy really be out here cutting open AirPods like it's nothing and I'm here wishing I had some but can't because I have a minimum wage job and can barely make ends meet. That's life right there. (don't take this as an insult, I still love your videos ❤)

  18. I gotta say, I don't know how the Airpods Pro sound (I use mainly Android phones), but I have the Liberty 2 Pros, and the sound is amazing on these.

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