Alarming: Meacham Says Trump Ukraine Scandal Ranks ‘Above Watergate’ | MSNBC
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Alarming: Meacham Says Trump Ukraine Scandal Ranks ‘Above Watergate’ | MSNBC

October 20, 2019

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  1. What’s the use? The US Attorney will NOT enforce anything for this congress! Corruption is all around this administration. King Stupid wants to be a dictator with his “great and unmatched wisdom”. And wasn’t it the leader of Turkey that told King Stupid to withdraw troops from Syria and abandon our ally the Kurds?

  2. Nikki Haley acting underneath the wide girth of the dictatorial president was withholding aid to member nations in the United nations for not voting with her. In fact she held a million dollar taxpayer paid party shunning every diplomat not voting with her by not inviting them. How does this not meet the same standard when its China or the Ukraine by the president and vice president extorting other nations to produce false evidence against democrats to support Trumps run for a second term ? Nikki Halely also belongs in jail.

  3. Biden is the most corrupt vice president I ever saw. Obama administration is the most corrupt since Nixon. these bonehead democrats will pay for their crimes to the people.   Trump 2020 Q3

  4. OF COURSE…..MSNBC's token racist blacks think this ranks above Watergate. That's what their Massa's tell them to say. It's truly pathetic seeing dumbed down blacks still shackled as slaves….to their own stupidity no less, parroting what the Master tells them. Actually, they deserve slavery just for being so freaking ignorant.

  5. If Obama said, “hey China, investigate Trump!” The GOP would lose their mind…even if he “joked” about it. Saying it was unpresidential. Hypocrisy…no integrity…shameful.

  6. Make this sham into a formal investigation and give the Republicans subpoena power…  After three years it's time to put up or shut up, Dems!

  7. When is MSNBC going to be honest and unfurl the hammer and sickle flag behind their speakers? Asking for a friend….

  8. First he says something about old kanye and new one comparing him to Rudy.
    Now they are freestyling top of the dome? 😂😂 his writers and hip hop fan for sure and time to time they drop a gem in his script

  9. Penny P – I agree that Trump should have been indicted.  The point I was making to Elephant March was that people in rural areas are to stupid to understand the Mueller report.

  10. There is Nothing wrong with making your drugged out lazy unemployed son a a billionaire with our tax money when you are the vice president. Biden was just being a good dad. You would do the same thing. So let's forget about it.

  11. As much as I enjoy the show, the panelists, the discussion and the style, is it wrong that when Ari said "if you are looking for a deep legal and factual reckoning" I couldn't help but think: I would take a "deep legal and factual reckoning" from you every day, Ari . … and twice on Sunday (or Sabbath)? 😉 Shalom!

    (I am an appropriately aged female, FYI… and I KNOW it is a touch inappropriate to say and I don't mean to be insulting but amusing instead. Well… I thought it funny too so thought I'd share… )

    PS. Going from Ari to Rudy Giuliani on screen was SUCH a douchekill… eurgh!

  12. "Melissa, please don't go anywhere because I want to get in deeper with you."

    Ummm…Ari, do you want to rephrase that?

  13. So then the reporter should ask Rubio…"Are YOU being serious right now, or are YOU joking about Trump joking, and do YOU think that JOKING about committing a serious crime is something a politician should be doing?Mr Rubio, do you know that people across the country are being arrested just for saying they're going to shoot up a school or a mall.  A serious crime is nothing to joke about.  Surely a seasoned, experienced politician would know that.

  14. Such risky behavior and you have to wonder why? Rolling the dice for prison from Trump and congressmen/women supporting a traitor?

  15. when will MSNBC talk about term limits, Epsteins" accomplices and customers, government corruption local to federal, wages, inflation, national debt interest, who owns the federal reserve, endless war, the Roman Church pedophelia cult, secret societies, etc.?

  16. Meachan knows He is too ugly for TV, how tough is that news?, then we 3 other no-name screwballs trying to be something, such as the black ugly fat chick with funny glasses. A stylist thought up that look on purpose.

  17. You poor blind people . The people who are trying to impeach Trump are telling lies in the main stream media is supporting the lies.You will be accountable for the lies God will hold you accountable just wait and see

  18. Meacham NAILED IT when He made his statement of the 'Founding Fathers Purpose in writing the Impeachment Article'!

  19. So then Trump thinks it's cool to joke around with the reputation of The United States as it applies to foreign countries whether allies or adversaries. That sounds more like mental illness. And not to mention throwing on an investigation of a political opponent to give it what?.. a punchline. What happens when you get a DRAFT DODGING, PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST at the wheel of the free world?.. 3 years of a National Nightmare… No Joke.

  20. Trump gives Nancy the finger. Trump dares the wrinkled hag to impeach him. Crickets.

    $40,000,000 tax dollars wasted

    19 Trump-hating lawyers

    40 FBI agents

    2 1/2 years of worldwide data digging

    Investigation of Trump's kids

    Over 500 Subpoenas

    And you are still living in that alternate reality where you get to overturn the 2016 election?

  21. The democratic wannabe party & major league fake news are all about…Pleasure, Power, & the Avoidance of Responsibility…What Pathetic life principles they bow & worship to.

  22. MSNBC and many of their guests — rising to the occasion in reporting and commentary — great job! Amazing period of history. Let’s hope we get out of this with some justice brought to bear!

  23. Jon Meacham is an excellent historian. Not the guy reading from someone else's old text but recognizing that history is a living thing and that it is essential that FACTS make lasting history not Fox News.

  24. How dare the president ask for assistance for an investigation of Crowdstrike. It wasn't as if there was a 1994 treaty between the Ukraine and the US requiring cooperation in corruption investigations.

  25. Who cares about rumor blower 1 and rumor blower 2? The transcript has been made public, so they are irrelevant. Would you like to hear the recording? Of course, as a matter of equity, all of Joe Biden's calls with Ukraine will also have to be released. Sure you want to go there?

  26. You got it right Doug I totally agree, and it's not so much that people don't understand what 45 is doing, it's that they agree with him, that's the sad part.😠😡😈😖👹💀👎🐍🐢🦇🕷🐊🖤

  27. I think it's incorrect to view impeachment as having similarity to a legal proceeding in civil or criminal court. Impeachment is about making a global judgement as to whether a President's actions make him unfit to remain in office. The president does not face legal charges, or legal punishment, only removal from office. It's a governmental, not a legal procedure.
    The president does have protections, which are not protections of due process in the legal sense, but protections related to the specific rules of impeachment. Majority votes are required at two stages to validate impeachment — a majority of the House and 2/3 of the Senate have to agree that the president is unfit to serve.
    It is probably pointless to argue about whether their is evidence that justifies impeachment (or not) in a legal sense, even if many of the participants go through the motions of doing so. The whole exercise, of determining a president's unfitness for continuing in office, is more like determining whether someone is guilty of producing 'obscene material' (pornography). A legal definition is very hard to arrive at, but as a judge once said "I know it when I see it'.

  28. And the whole GOP carrying the invisible cape of their orange king, trying to convince people that they can see it and it's real.

  29. We don't know what the next supposed whistle blower knows, but it spells the end of something…. Where did these four geniuses come from?

  30. Gloria Allred is out there enlisting more whistle blowers. She says she doesn't want any more to come from the Cavanaugh disaster.

  31. Definitely worse than Watergate. With so many high-level Democrats feeding at the trough, and helping to steal US taxpayer money

  32. Your "Playbook" is the Demoncrats Playbook. Are you too blind to see that? Hillary is the crooked one here. Then Obama. Muslim Ex-patriate

  33. Here is some real news for you. Not to be heard on this wing ot Americas Fifth Collunm"Quoted from USA Today"
    Here’s an even bolder play for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a man who has shown that he’s not afraid to take strong stands for what he thinks is right: Circulate a letter to your GOP Senate colleagues, declaring that the undersigned will vote to dismiss House articles of impeachment against President Trump on the Ukraine matter.
    Once there are at least 51 signatures on it, release the letter publicly and declare that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might as well fold the House’s impeachment circus tent now, because no matter what comes out of the House, it will go nowhere in the Senate.

  34. Here's the way it is: If the left had the case as tied to the post as they're playing it, they'd have presented legitimate EVIDENCE that Trump had quid quo pro'd Zelensky and it is case closed. So, they conjure another whistleblower who neither speaks nor presents EVIDENCE that Trump did wrong. From July to October and they have nothing nailed down.

  35. Worst scandal in American history. Nixon did not outsource his dirty tricks to hostile foreign powers. He kept his criminality in house.

  36. The first two guys in this soundbite look shady and Rubio is scared for his political career. Look at the statement The President made not a hint of comedy in it,on it,or around it. SMDH.

  37. Lets just Tell it like it is ? Trump is a Joke and the whole world knows it and they are laughing at us The United States

  38. I would agree with Meacham, but not for the reason he thinks. This is the beginning of the end for those in the Obama Administration who worked so hard to frame Trump.
    Starting with Mueller who lied to Congress. He was interviewing for the post of Director of FBI the day before he was appointed as special counsel. This should be GOOD.

  39. I can't stand jay – don trumps lawyer ! Annoying – anyway no matter what mood I'm in or what's happening – I just don't feel good without Selena ! Everything is just wrong ! I'm miserable and going to remain miserable without her !

  40. Ari, do you have to cheapen every conversation with sophomoric attempts at humor? I notice that these asides often stop the conversation dead in its tracks. Does your producer write these lyric references into the script for you? Does MSNBC want its hosts,like you and Morning Joke, to keep things light? Is this just your "schtick"? Or do you walk around all day with Miley Cyrus and Jay Z lyrics in your head.Please tell me which. I can't figure it out.

  41. Trump is more than happy to rank above Nixon's Watergate. His wife told him to be best. They definitely will be the administration of shame.

  42. What's with Trump's lawyers? Does a paycheck over rule the truth and doing the right thing. Do you lie and invent your own facts because your client can afford it despite the truth. Why all of the obstruction if you client is innocent. Trump is the WORLDS BIGGEST LIAR, verified so! Trump is not innocent, even if guilty of only dozens of the plethera of crimes he's charged with ( or not charged because he's as sitting president). Trump is WHY impeachment was written in to the Constitution, he is the perfect example of abuse of power and corruption.

  43. Whether he meant it or not it was a miscalculation on his part I take that back in order to calculate you have to have some type of intelligence Trump is an idiotic buffoon at best a screen writer couldn't concoct a character dumber than him this country should really be embarrassed he has set the European race back light years

  44. Why is illegal to say something about killing a president even if you were joking but trump talks about treason while in front of the press and Republicans try to say he wasn't really serious. I call B. S.

  45. HEY MORONS !! The entire country can be a whistle blower now….the transcript is out there for all to read.

  46. Please State Gov. "Constitutional Conventions," to Write new 28th & 29th Amendments named "Anti Trump," So, WE NEVER ELECT ANOTHER PRESIDENT LIKE THE 45TH……. (WORST IN HISTORY, HEY GOP …. G.W. SO Happy….. History Books!)

  47. A PERFECT LIVE WORLD CIVICS LESSON SOAP OPERA! No matter where you fit into the picture. Supporting your favorite actor /politician/political party/news outlet… This is a body snatching/earth shaping/mind blowing educational adventure that has the whole world tuned in. CONSPIRACY THEORY 1> That some master mind script writer wrote this story and what we see daily are the live episodes brought to you by campaign donations…. FOLLOW THE MONEY!
    Or CONSPIRACY THEORY 2> That this is SIMPLY the KARMA of Slavery LIVE IN EFFECT… ADD IT UP And Shout Back!

  48. hy·per·bo·le


    Learn to pronounce


    noun: hyperbole; plural noun: hyperboles

    exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally

  49. F*cking liars – the entire lot of you communist fakestream propaganda peddlers. Goebbels would be proud. Do you f*ckers ever tell the truth? Remember this. One day soon, We, the People will be coming for you. You've been forewarned.

  50. Since Joe Bide made a confession on video to Bribery and Extortion admitting it, the trial should start immediately, or are we awaiting the investigation evidence that the White House initiated on Biden when he served under Obama?

  51. Is this imaginary scandal that's "worse than Watergate" worse than the last imaginary scandal that was "worse than Watergate"?

  52. What whistleblower dufuss? The invisible man? A second whistleblower. Of course a second one. Schiff had 3 weeks to make this one sound even better. I own some tool booths on a bridge in Brooklyn, you can make a fortune on tolls, 100,000 cash each.

  53. "This time, it's different…" ROFLMAO! You commies have been calling for God Emperor Trump's impeachment even when he was merely Candidate Trump.

  54. That's cause these clowns want to cover up for the clown, these are the guys that are hiding something, and it will come out, and they will be looking stupid for lying to the American people, just IDIOTS LIKE THERE DADDY TRUMP THAT THEY LOVE SO MUCH!!

  55. Someone once asked me circa 2006 why I hadn't become a citizen. I answered, "Because it doesn't make me a better person." That was a supercilious thing to say, but all these many years later I still stand behind it. As an immigrant of more than three decades, I am better behaved than most citizens, and I am certainly a better person than Donald Trump. We who are high-functioning or aspire to be, can be lulled by our morals and clear, rational thinking. We can sit here and laugh with these panels, but this is serious. I have a foreign passport, technical and life skills, and speak another language, there are many places to which I can escape. Good luck to you uncloupling your life from what the US will become. This ain't ending with Trump, he uttered the incantations that release all the worst elements of US politics and society. If you are young, start looking elsewhere for where to live a happier life. In twenty years' time, this place will be far along worse.

  56. The lesson isn't about a crazy pres it's about the single point failure of the system in the Senate leaders unmanaged discretion

  57. If trump tell some of his sopporters go shoot some of the protesting against him and they do it because he said it and it and he was joking around about something that is not a joking matter because peoples lives are dangerous situation with some of the unstable crazy dumb and stupid supporters of trump followers

  58. This has been one of the best panels I’ve watched, well done! There were incredible nuggets of history and knowledge, legal skills and perspective.

    Hilarious and dark equally.

    But more importantly a balanced conversation about the complexity of this impeachment decision.

  59. Bigger the scandal and more people seeing it, the more power Trump gain it, so he is obligated to make you to think on him and talk about him, that is why is powerful man to him is only play game,he is the 'MASTA'' player.

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