Alexander Vindman: In The Country That I Served, Right Matters | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Alexander Vindman: In The Country That I Served, Right Matters | The Last Word | MSNBC

November 22, 2019

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  1. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Sir, I admire you and if in a foxhole, you would be my partner, your honesty is so GREAT, Thank you SIR.

  2. He pushes the border wall, yet as far as I'm aware he's never honored America's sacred wall.
    The Viet Nam Memorial.
    He's slime plain and simple.

  3. I would imagine a lot of veterans and active duty guys are interested in this. And if they've been reading the paper, they may have caught this: The Trump Foundation… by Trump, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Alan Weisselberg, was found guilty in a civil court in New York in 2018 of using it's charity monies raised for itself. In one case, 2.8 million from a Veterans charity was skimmed out of 5.6 million. The Foundation was also found guilty of using it's raised monies for the presidential campaign, self dealing, and Trump himself was found guilty of lying when he said certain monies that went to veterans came from his charity, when in reality it came from other charities. The action follows a court decision allowing Underwood’s lawsuit against the Trump Foundation. In a statement, Underwood said: “Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more. This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Trump's business and political interests. ”The attorney general had claimed the charity was used as a “piggy bank” to boost Don's 2016 presidential campaign, violating laws that bar not-for-profit groups from engaging in certain types of political activity. The Foundation has been ordered to be dissolved, and fined 2 million. All public record.

  4. I'd pay big money to be a fly on the wall, if somehow Gym Jordan or Traitor Nunes (who couldn't even stand up for his own DAD) could be locked in a room with Lt. Col. Vindman.😀👍🇱🇷

  5. Lt. Col. Vindman has been such a highlight. He is a rock solid patriot who’s loyalty to the constitution is truly unshakable. He makes me proud to be an American.

  6. Fewer and fewer adults in the room every day.
    Not only has there been a large turn over of corrupt trump appointees, it has had a culling affect on the honourable in the government. This is worrisome.

  7. Doing the right thing used to matter in the USA but since Trump has been around the USA has lost all credibility and integrity because of the corrupt and disgraceful behaviour of our so called Present. Trump has used the presidency as his own legal service , his own bank and to abuse his power to enrich himself and his friends. He is ruling as if he in a CEO of his own personal company. We deserve better.

    Not only is Lt. Colonel #AlexanderVindman a proven American hero, he is an exemplary #FactWitness for the #ImpeachmentInquiry process.

  9. have you ever notice how people and their children from other countries have more love and respect for what we've had all our lives and don't understand any more what we really have?

  10. I find interesting that through this scheme that they demanded Zelensky make this announcement on CNN, which Trump decries as fake news constantly

  11. Because here "Right" matters! That was moving. That is a patriot and a true American. Jordan, Scalise, and the rest of phony Republicans could learn something here, don’t hold your breath.

  12. For "Rupublicans" less than perfect conduct is unacceptable but makes that "flawed" individual ripe for abuse and useful in gaining political advantage.

    For DjT's more than corrupt, out in the open for all to see, possibly treasonous, conduct is not worth a mention by his "Rupublicans" even if well documented by DjT himself, his public confession and those of Giuliani and Mulvaney, and with eyewitness, under oath, testimony before Congress.

    Furthermore, Rupublican rejection of evidence contained in the Mueller Report and conclusions of American intelligence community shows that they have ignored the high probability that DjT is a Russian asset.

  13. Trumpers are obviously pretty fn gullible… But if that statement by Vindman doesn't get the orchestra playing in a Hollywood scene in the bit before Drumpf flees to Moscow in Air Force One and gets taken down by Harrison Ford/Christian Bale/Scarlet Johannsen just in time to stop the nuclear missiles he launched out of spite at Eric's New York Trump Tower apartment, I'm a Thanksgiving turkey.

  14. Theodore Roosevelt said that speaking out against criticism of the President "is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

  15. On YouTube there are videos from Nazi hearings during the 30'ies. The similarity with Shouting Fascist Jim Heydrick Jordan is jawdropping.

  16. And yet Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has received death threats against himself and his family. Hopefully these traitors are found and punished to the fullest. And Jim Jordan shame on you. Your downfall is near. I mean the sexual abuse case..

  17. Even Republicans put before the committee admit that Trump did wrong. With the evidence that we have, they couldn't do otherwise without incriminating themselves.
    Trump is going down. It's a slow motion train wreck, but he's going down. Anyone that wants to continue to defend him (looking at you Moscow Mitch) is going to go down with him, as they should.

  18. If there was no pressure on Zelensky, why did he cancel his interview with Fareed Zakaria of CNN as soon as the money was released???

  19. If Congress can send a bunch of people to jail for lying to them, seems to me they have more than enough evidence to consider all the lies that Trump has told and ordering people to do illegal things is enough to outline several items that meet impeachment criteria. And moreover, Congress actually has the ability to Define what the high crimes and misdemeanors really mean since the Constitution does not define these elements.

  20. It is a bit embarrassing when a meek and rather effeminate army officer needs the support of his daddy before giving 'evidence' at a congressional hearing. Doesn't do much for recruiting purposes that's for sure.

  21. Everytime I listen to Lt. Col. Vindman, I find my eyes tearing up. I'm so proud there are fellow American sisters and brothers who will do what it takes to keep our Nation safe and kept on the right road. Thank you Lt. Col. Vindman, Ms. Williams and all the other witnesses.

  22. "REVEALED: During Ranger School Lt. Col. Vindman’s Peers Said He Was “Lazy and a Chow Thief” – They Wanted Him Out"
    by Jim Hoft November 19, 2019
    On Tuesday 19 Nov 2019
    NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testified in front of the Adam Schiff Show Trial.

    They made it through their basement star chamber auditions and were ready to go live in front of the American public on Tuesday morning.

    During his testimony Lt. Col. Vindman testified that he did not know the leaker but refused to answer questions on the leaker after saying he did not know who the leaker was. Vindman said he went around his chain of command and did not go through his boss Tim Morrisson. Vindman insisted he was in charge of Ukraine policy but then said he wasn’t.

    It was not a good day for anti-Trumper Lt. Col. Vindman.

    His boss Tim Morrison earlier testified that he did not trust Vindman and that he suspected Vindman was a leaker. (He was!)

    On Tuesday Mike Cernovich posted a tweet from Vindman’s classmates at Ranger School.
    According to Cernovich, his source who went through Ranger School with Alexander Vindmann, said he was lazy and a chow thief. His Ranger School classmate said his peers wanted him out.

    This is not a surprise.

  23. The father of a high ranking serving officer, is worried for his son's life because of a criminal Republican "president" and his "administration". What has America come to?

  24. Compare Lt. Col. Vindman's: "This is America. Right matters." to the Republican House Intelligence Committee member' 'continuing and blatant lies repeated throughout these hearings. Which of these understands duty and honor?

  25. Right matters? Except when he went outside of the chain of command and would not answer when asked to whom he spoke to in the Intel Community. OOOOOps

  26. Where was Vindman on 9/11/2001? Where's the plane?!

  27. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time".

    Abraham Lincoln

  28. If I was in the military I would be asking myself if I would want to lay my life on the line for the behaviors, policies and values of this Republican president and his backers.

  29. Gymmy Jordan thinks he's all that. I don't think he would talk like that right in front of Alexander Vindman. It would be a huge mistake on his part.

  30. The longer Trump is in power, the fewer and fewer people of honesty integrity like Vindman will be around to defend the Constitution.

  31. Over and above anything, doing the 'right' thing, having integrity in your dealings is at the heart of what's wrong in America today, and globally. If a public servant elected to serve with integrity, does not. Then from the president down they should be removed and barred from holding positions of trust. At the very least.

  32. actual statement of Theodore Roosevelt …" To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but it is morally treasonable to the American public."
    Fact checked at

  33. ****Retired Army Officer Remembers Lt. Col. Vindman as Partisan Democrat Who Ridiculed America*****

  34. Not many things bring tears to my eyes, but this man's heart and loyalty is striking. Until he passed I was married to a Chief Warrant Officer who served twenty years in the Army. His feelings about America were very much like Lt. Col. Vindman's. I am proud of both of them!

  35. Why is no one speaking to "Motive" if we were to focus and stop allowing liars and traitors to distract it's easy to see when one looks at motives one can both prove why Russia would have every motive to tamper with our elections and why the Ukrainians would have 0.00000000000% Motive to interfere in our elections. Look at motives then you can see clearly who is lying and more importantly ACT ON IT… Rather than ACTING like you're going to ACT on something…

  36. A well Harvard educated officer in the Army. So proud as an enlisted soldier to know there’s still great in the world to stand up to the most powerful man in the world.

  37. When cadet bonespurs and his children serves the country of the united states then he can look the Lt Col in his face. As for that paedophile enabler enough said.

  38. Rep. Maloney: Thank you for eliciting that comment from Lt. Col. Vindman. Lt. Col Vindman is a true PATRIOT and all Americans, regardless of party, should respect him for his service and dedication to our/his country!

  39. GOP take careful & studious note of Lt. Col. Vindman (although you probably won't) – this is what "Do the Right Thing" looks like.

  40. This american "hero" committed purgery he is the whistle blowers source… therefore he lied when he said he did not know the blower… and his testimony is to essentially corroborate his own story. told via the wistleblower. circular nonsense. HE wanted the aid for Ukraine and Ukraine offered him ministry of defense job "for securing it" WOW

    prision for this dude

  41. I still do not believe Sondland told the whole truth. Kind of difficult for me to believe that he doesn't remember details about the phone call to Trump in the outdoor cafe.


  43. Why listen to Jordan, he did not listen to sexual abused by the doctor. And his the assistant coach , and his so rude questioning the witnesses.

  44. Why listen to Jordan, he did not listen to sexual abused by the doctor. And his the assistant coach , and his so rude questioning the witnesses.

  45. Deep state bureaucrats are upset, I get it. You spend your
    whole career carving out a little kingdom within a government agency, sometimes
    reaching the top. Then an election of a non-threatens to drain your little area
    of the swamp. That has to be scary. How dare the new guy on the block do
    anything without my advice.

  46. Deep state bureaucrats are upset, I get it. You spend your
    whole career carving out a little kingdom within a government agency, sometimes
    reaching the top. Then an election of a non-threatens to drain your little area
    of the swamp. That has to be scary. How dare the new guy on the block do
    anything without my advice.

  47. Deep state bureaucrats are upset, I get it. You spend your
    whole career carving out a little kingdom within a government agency, sometimes
    reaching the top. Then an election of a non-threatens to drain your little area
    of the swamp. That has to be scary. How dare the new guy on the block do
    anything without my advice.

  48. Senators, Journalists, Trump, (and little me) we are all talkers. Vindman is a doer. He was, in the words of the Commander Evans (Think USS Johnston) 'in harms way'. Jim Jordan I say this to you: I am not an American, in fact I have never voted but – sheeze louise – do not criticise your betters.

  49. I'm sure glad Vindman came to America and didn't stay in Russia. He's a real asset and loves his adopted country more than our current president.

  50. My stomach hurts. Can I sue Trump for a bleeding duodenal ulcer? Maybe I will mail my bills to the White House!!! Since I can't afford insurance…under his sweeping health care reform (that never happened)

  51. Fiona Hill’s statement was extraordinarily powerful. She made clear that the Republicans on the Committee are damaging our national security by perpetrating an anti-Ukraine myth concocted by Putin to divide and undermine America. Her explanation of Russia’s tactics was brilliant. – @TRIBELAW

  52. The one thing I would want to hear from this Impeaching proceedings is, what will Congress or the Senate, (both Republican and Democrat Senate) to PREVENT other Donald J. Trumps from ever getting elected to the highest post in the land of the Brave and Free, Wessels like Trump and his near-criminal family from ever running as candidates, also, how about changing the law regarding allowing Russia from interfering in our elections, another thing, how about forcing Moscu Mitch to reinforce strictest safety guards to protect the country from Russia's interference, and lastly, not to allow him to NOT PASS the BILLS Democrats with the help of good Republicans have sent him to his office to sign, refusing to sign any and all bills because he wants Russia to interfere again, after that, he can be shipped back to his real master, Putin, the source of all the financial worth of Donald J. Trump.

  53. Gods blessings to all the true Americans giving testimony this week!

    By the way why isn't all the GOP from Castor to Jim Jordan GOP Etc, kicked out of office for embarrassed lying in front of congress, the world media & the American public!

    These Traitorous lies & misdeeds need to be dealt with real actions in, real time, have the Sergeant at arms drag them out & into the arms of the law!

    GOP, do you understand, when you swear an oath of office, Treason needs to be answered swiftly with trials, hangings an or firing squads.

    Get in line GOP you are all going down with the sinking CommieTrumpship.

  54. “This is America and here right matters” – but not, apparently, if you’re a Republican Congress man or woman. It’s shameful that a serving officer and recipient of the Purple Heart has to be protected by the army he serves from the so called Commander in Chief because he told the truth.

    When Trump was attempting to intimidate Ambassador Yovanovich whilst she was testifying he claimed he did nothing wrong cos he has freedom of speech. But it seems that that freedom is now only granted to those whose speech centres around praising Trump. Anyone who dares to step out of line can expect to be bullied, insulted, maligned, discredited or, given some of Trump’s more deranged MAGA hat wearers, perhaps something much worse as they’re incited to violence by Trump’s rhetoric.

    Lt Col Vindman’s father is right to be concerned. He comes from a country where criticizing those in power can cause you to accidentally fall out of high windows and Trump is trying to model this county on those principles and he wants to be seen as one of the tough guy dictators. So, as moving and patriotic as Lt Col Vindman’s words were, that America sadly is long gone.

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