Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dissects America’s ‘fundamentally broken’ campaign finance laws
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dissects America’s ‘fundamentally broken’ campaign finance laws

October 23, 2019

Let’s play a game. Let’s play a lightning round game. I’m going to be the bad guy,
which I’m sure half the room would agree with anyway
and I want to get away with as much bad things as possible,
ideally to enrich myself and advance my interests,
even if that means putting my interests ahead
of the American people. So, if I want to run a campaign
that is entirely funded by corporate political
action committees, is there anything that legally
prevents me from doing that? – No. So, let’s say I’m a really, really
bad guy and let’s say I have some skeletons
in my closet that I need to cover up so that
I can get elected. Mr Smith, is it true that
you wrote this article – this opinion piece for the
Washington Post entitled: “These payments to women
were unseemly, that doesn’t mean they were illegal”? –– Well, I can’t see the piece
but I wrote a piece under –– that headline in the Post,
so I assume that’s right. OK, great. So, green light for
hush money. I can do all sorts
of terrible things. It’s totally legal right now
for me to pay people off. So, I use my special interest,
dark money-funded campaign to pay off folks that I need
to pay off and get elected. So, now I’m elected,
now I’m in, I’ve got the power to draft,
lobby and shape the laws that govern the
United States of America. Are there any limits on the laws
that I can write or influence? – There’s no limit. So there’s none.
So I can be totally funded by oil and gas, I can be
totally funded by big pharma, come in, write big pharma
laws and there’s no limits to that whatsoever? – That’s right. The last thing I want to do is get
rich with as little work [as] possible. That’s really what I’m trying to do
as the bad guy, right? So, is there anything preventing me
from holding stocks, say, in an oil or gas company and
then writing laws to deregulate that industry and cause, you know,
that could potentially cause the stock value to soar and
accrue a lot of money in that time? –– You could do that. So I could do that.
I could do that now with the way our current
laws are set up? ––– Yes. Yes. Ok, great. Is it possible that any elements
of this story apply to our current government and our
current public servants right now? ––– Yes.
– Yes. So, we have a system that
is fundamentally broken. We have these influences
existing in this body, which means that these influences
are here, in this committee, shaping the questions that are
being asked of you all right now. Would you say that
that’s correct? Mr Mehrbani or Mr Shaub? ––– Yes.
–––– In terms of laws –––– that apply to the president.
Yeah, there’s almost no laws –––– at all that apply to
the president. So I’m being held – and every person
in this body is being held to a higher ethical standard than
the president of the United States? –––– That’s right because there
are some committee, –––– ethics committee rules
that apply to you. And it’s already super-legal,
as we’ve seen, for me to be a pretty bad guy.
So it’s even easier for the president of the United States
to be one, I would assume. –––– That’s right. Thank you very much.

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  2. Lol now we know her Chief of Staff (possibly at the behest of her) is guilty of doing what she condemns here.

  3. Currently under investigation for campaign finance violations… Guess we didn't have to assume she was a "really bad guy"

  4. She has just been caught hiding a million dollar slush fund of her own campaign financing. This lady is a total hypocrite

  5. What's comical in this is she was trying to target the president while her line of questioning was actually in line with members of congress where she just exposed how easy it is for members of congress to be corrupt and sell political favors to their special interests. Obamacare is a perfect example of this. Obamacare was actually written by the big insurance companies who greatly benefited from that law. All of their stocks have great increased in value since Obamacare became law. GE is another company that benefited from this law. How much stock does these democrat congress members own in GE and the big insurance companies that benefited from this? This is what we need investigations on. We need investigations into every member of congress that managed to acquire a great deal of worth while serving in congress while making less than a $175k per year. What stocks do they own? When did they buy the stock. What legislation did they bring forth, cosponsor, or vote in favor of? How did that legislation benefit any companies they own stock in? These watch dogs claim there is nothing that prevents them from doing this that is illegal. That is false. Its pay for play and selling political favor to special interests for their own personal enrichment. A clear abuse of power. All which is illegal.


  7. You help pass a bill to allow full term abortions I cannot put my name with you when it comes to standing in front of God shame on you

  8. While I do agree that Lobbying in politics is wrong and should be illegal but it’s incredibly rich of AOC to be criticizing people for campaign finance laws with what’s recently come to light. I sincerely hope she gets found guilty and goes to prison along with her staffer, whatever his name is and she’s properly exposed for the phony fraud that she really is. She’s just as incompetent and corrupt as the people she’s trying to go after.

  9. And just like that it turns out that Subcomandante Occasional Cortex was skimming a million dollars with Chakrabarti whilst locating their shell company in a district where they wouldn’t pay tax. Orange is the new Green 😆

  10. The gift that keeps on giving thanks AOC TRUMP 2020. Maybe NY doesn't enjoy having job opportunities but the rest of us do.

  11. From a psychological point of view it's a cry for help. She's doing in real life the game she's portraying in Congress.She is not long for this job.

  12. lets play a game trump will win again and you idiots will loose he is sitting back counting his money and getting ready for another 4 years if this is all you got stay home

  13. Those people that elevated Alexandria Cortez are to be blamed for the mess this monster will get the world and the USA into!

  14. She is the bad guy and she is trying to dismantle the nation she pretends to protect. She has one agenda and that’s to maintain her allegiance to the goal of spreading communism worldwide.

  15. LOL – this wasn't a game, she enriched herself and advanced her interests!!! The only exception is that she duped regular folks vs. corporations.

  16. She speaks like a condescending child "for everyone else's sake", but she does it for herself. She cant handle anything but the most broad and basic concepts, theories, and damaging idealogies. And in terms of being some fat cat striking oil like a beverly hillbilly and then investing in mad securities and other products to turn some profit, that in many ways is already rediculously illegal. Like super duper turbo with a cherry on top illegal. Well… thats only if you are like AOC and you describe things and use poorly done hypotheticals like a child because you are a child. It is and always has been very situational, but INSIDER INFORMATION can be real dangerous on an interpersonal level and COLLUSION can be dangerous at a larger entity level. And aparently AOC thinks trying to make money using brains not brawn makes you the "bad guy". But she is consistent, at least she hates everything capitalist.

  17. Let’s play a game. How long before AOC is jailed for her campaign finance violations and $1 million of dark money transactions?

    Disgraceful fraud.

  18. Who knew that she had hidden 1million dollars from PAC money 😂😂😂 Can’t make this stuff up!! Lol!!

  19. I can't wait until she makes this country like Venezuela. I can't wait for my first street riot or to watch American children eat out of dumpsters. Our new country is going to be great !

  20. LOL This little girl really thinks she has the right to take peoples money…
    I see why liberals are hated so much more than Trump is…

  21. Every new member to Congress on both sides goes through this speech, either on the floor, or during their campaign. Yet none of them do a damn thing to stop corrupt corporate lobbying of our officials. We knew when officials left Clintons administration to work for Monsato, people left the Bush regime to work at or for the Carlyle Group (main beneficiary of the war in Iraq), when people left the Obama adm to work for Wall Street. Time will tell if she tries to change or eventually sells us out and toes the line like everyone else.

  22. King swamp drainer the DON, Alexandria would make a good apprentice swamp drainer and end up being one of the best.

  23. This woman does not think clearly. One could replace the "badguys" with "a special interest minority group with their own hidden agenda" in her scenario & come out with the same outcome.

  24. Lets play a game – How about we move two political action committees founded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide and funnel over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies?

  25. haha Donald Trump said the same thing 2 years ago. He claimed that he used to be the opposite side, which is lobbying a lot of politician including Hillary Clinton. He claimed that no big corporate can influence him because he didn't need those lobbying money. After two years, I believe that Donald Trump is real to his words and his promises.

  26. Let me tell you how all this works: you see, Team America is funded by the corporations, so they fight for the corporations… while they sit in their corporation buildings… and they're all corporation-y… and they make lots of money!

  27. She studied political science from the school house rocks cartoons future leader in the Democratic party!

  28. Why didn't she publicly ask these same questions publicly prior to her being elected?
    It'd be suicide.

  29. I like how she exposed the issues in our system, but I don’t like how she’s a democratic socialist

  30. all bartenders, you are qualified to apply for congress woman position.
    No brains necessary. If you know what a garbage disposal is, than you
    are over qualified.

  31. She would be a great Vice President running mate. I would love to see sander or warren top of ticket and her as Vice President

  32. There she goes again acting and sounding like some privileged ,precocious , preschooler!! It is so difficult to follow her train of thought with the way she presents herself!

  33. Congresswoman Cortez, you are like a child, who needs attention. President Trump is our ELECTED PRESIDENT by the people for the people. You get every chance you can to disrespect and attack our President. I served my my country honorably and did my tours of duty in a combat zone. Our men and woman of this great nation, whether we like or dislike the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, will follow his orders and respect him no matter what, for the simple fact he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Maybe you should show a little respect. And one more thing, grow up and stop acting like a child who lost a board game .

  34. Why be the bad guy and get only half the people the the room to agree? Be the dumb guy and get everyone in the room on board.

  35. A Congress person in California can be totally funded by Big Oil yet we don't see offshore drilling here in California. Maybe our democracy is better than AOC thinks it is. And maybe she should have the courage to insist on cutting the military by 50 percent? Just saying..

  36. Let's play a game. I'm going to put campaign finance dollars into my private bank account and grandstand about finance.

  37. All SENATORS have been taking DARK money… AOC
    AOC also wants a RAISE
    She also doesn’t mind lifetime salary for 1 term as SENATORS over 170k
    Wonder what she calls DONATIONS or PACK money

  38. Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez, could also be talking about her former Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton who almost got her way, was supported by a lot of lobbies with very dark interests, which moral authority has to talk about the current US president, if belongs to a party that has the same practices.

  39. New York fools elected aoc
    Sent to Congress out of her league
    Big mouth small brain liberal pawn
    One more year and she'll be gone
    Enjoy ur 5 minutes barmaid

  40. She's not trying to help the common people. She just hates the people who are wealthier than her. It sure is easy to point the finger. All lobbyist are evil. Everyone with more money than I must be corrupt and stolen their way ahead of me. When you try to take down the hierarchy, eventually YOU the reader will be next. It will continue until we're all killed or end up at the bottom scraping for scraps for the next meal.

    To put it more simply, you are better off than some of your neighbors. This makes you guilty. The penalty is death.

  41. What she sepaek about its what we living today by the inversed values whent he value of economy are more impoertant that the humans values, when our humanty is less worth then the values of economy … that economy must served the humanty and not the humanty served the gried of economy, because the sciencie of economy its a instrument to help the humanaty but when it used by the gried of fews the bases of our society and the respect hinself of our humanty are inversed that a human person lost importance to nubers static that are more important full the bank but outside on your world the human value ist less then can be also dispose it if necessery ….inversed of values thats the times we living today, the culture of death not the life hinself …..

  42. She slants everything towards the right..(oil and gas). What about the left….which is the health care scam, which also includes big-pharma? Lot of liberals have stock in oil and gas, like Al Gore. Not a conflict there…lol. as a matter of fact, both sides are screwing the public. ( that includes your side, little miss crazy eyes).

  43. This witch Cortez has the nerve to talk about dark money, check out her net worth, just after one year and a half, her net worth is already half a million dollars.

  44. her first bad thing is saying "let's play a game" in what world does she think that playing games in Congress is ok ….she has proved you can get rich with very little work….is she going back to bartending

  45. I never underestimate the stupidity of the American people this woman was serving drinks and Cocktails not long ago and you the American people voted her in great job !!!!

  46. How many commenters here see her calling out the corruption of DC, but still refuse to see how this applies directly to Biden's actions?
    I'll wait…

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