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October 17, 2019

try skate frame Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I am a wheel addict in this video. We’re going to be talking about different try skate Frame and what’s different about triskating frames? Well? There’s a few different triskating mounting systems for triskate frames. the most common one is this and this is a 165 let me see if you can see it here. This is a 165 mount which means that you have one screw in the front one screen the back usually the boot as a raised heel which means that the heel is a little bit higher than the front part and both screws are apart 165 millimeters, so it’s also known as Ssm Short skate mount probably I have no idea if you know let me know in the comments So this is the most common one this one is the mega Cruiser frame from Powerslide And this one allows you to go up to 125 millimetres of course there are also different types of frames length which means that some of the frames you can’t put the wheels as big as this one or even in a 125 frame some of them are longer but That’s when the second frame comes when you want like a really long frame like a speed skating frame Then you usually also need a different Mounting system, and what mounting system would you use well? That’s when this one comes, and this is a 195 mount it’s usually used for speed Skates All right, you can see but if the other one is ssm Is this a Lsm long skates? Mounting probably I have no idea anyway from here to here from diesel to diesel is 195 Millimeters and the reason Why these have longer distance in between? the bolts it’s because the frames are longer and you to be close to the edge of the frames so that When you push when I do that stride, it’s a little bit stronger So this is the second frame that you should know basically now. You know of the 165 which is the most common one and The 195 which is mostly used for speed skates. There’s also a third one which came out left here It’s a system. Which is pestered by power slides, and it’s called Trinity Mount basically you F12 Holes in the front and one in the back on Trinity skates There won’t be a short mounting system and the long mounting system, basically when it’s the trinity. It’s a trinity which is a good thing because if you have like a Trinity boot like the powers like Tao or the powers like Kasi Or the world cup or even like a race scene boot then you can put all frame this one is a 1/10 But there’s some shorter 100, and I think there’s also there’s even a 90 millimeter Frame like for 90 millimeter wheels which is Super Super short? But you would be able to put that on a speed skating boot it would be kind of weird But a pressure will be fun good thing about this Trinity system is as you have two holes in the front and one in the back these will make your stride Stiffer like stronger and because you have a triangle because you have a triangle here Solving all the shock you end up not getting as much vibration because the vibration gets spread it through your feet Which is the cool thing when it turn it? This is more responsive and as you can see here the wheels Come higher than the front part of the frame these means that the boot will be closer to the ground which obviously means More control, so the Trinity system There’s also another brand called a depth which I made a podcast with them, and I’m going to put a link right now at that they also have a different mounting system which they call the quattro and From what I know the car the quattro is like the front part is kind of like these But then in the back instead of one hole they also they have two holes Basically it’s one two three four oh Our own dos tres Cuatro, and that’s why it’s called Cuatro four in portuguese or Spanish easy right? I haven’t tried the cuatro I can’t really say that much about it, but it seems like a cool thing I do know that powerslide is trying to bring the trinity available for other brands Let’s see how this goes and then the last one which is one of those that has more people excited Especially the aggressive skaters. It’s this one and this one is called uff the ufs was the first universal frame system a lot of people still complain about the ufs because they say that the distance in between bolts ends up limiting more than facilitating for some Different setups especially now that people are trying to drive with big wheels EtC? but when you have three wheels the holes won’t really Make it that much harder to produce the frame why because the bolts Will go between the wheels so you can go big like on this one these ones F110 they fit on an aggressive skating boot Which is usually like I said before ufs Flat on top and I do not know the distance in between the bolts, but you’ll see when it’s a flat top Just like this it goes on a flat foot. The grass is getting good Why is this plastic from what I know it’s plastic, so that you can grind it’s not as easy to grind in-between wheels but you can always grind on the soles and all that if you just into free skating probably this is not the frame that you’re looking for you’re going to be looking at something more like these or even Like these obviously all these frames have Different ways of use I would say if you’re not into aggressive skating these might be one of the best options the trinity why? Because with the same mounting system you basically can have it All you can’t have an aggressive skate? But other than that you can have short frame small wheels big wheels always on three wheels and that’s it I hope this video was informative. I hope you learned something today, and if you did don’t forget to subscribe to the channel I’ll be doing more of these and hopefully you’ll be subscribing to my channel and enjoy them. Thanks for watching cheers guys we’ll be

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