All You Need To Know About Hero Picks | Overwatch Team Composition Guide (UPDATED for 2017)
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All You Need To Know About Hero Picks | Overwatch Team Composition Guide (UPDATED for 2017)

August 23, 2019

Hello everyone I hope you’re doing fine. My name is Skyline! I already made a video about team composition
a while back but that is ancient history now. I made it in the long ago time of far far
away that way Overwatch 6 months ago, so this is my update 2017 team composition guide in
light of all the new changes to how the game is played at a fundamental level. My first video revolved a lot around ultimates
because of how important they used to be. They used to come up almost every fight so
a big part of your team composition was basically just picking an ultimate lineup. That is no longer the case. Relevant? Yes. But something to really build around? No. So let’s get right into it, to begin making
a team we start with the tanks. The tanks are the cornerstone of a team and
determine how everything else is going to work. We are going to designate two sorts of tanks:
initiators and peelers. Initiators are the ones who go right up to
your opponent’s face and give them a hard time, distracting them from whatever the rest
of your team is doing. The easiest example is Winston. He jumps in and puts a shield down, locking
down whoever he landed on. He doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it’s very
annoying and forces movement from the opponent because it WILL kill them if they don’t move. Peelers are the opposite. They stick with your backline and keep initiators
and flankers away. They “peel” opposing heroes away from your
DPS and supports so they can do their job properly. The most obvious example of a peeler would
be Roadhog, who can hook people away from his allies and lock that hero down so everyone
else can kill it. Now let’s divide the rest of the tanks into
those two categories. I put Reinhardt and D.VA into the initiator
categories even though they do have abilities that you can defend with. In reality, every hero in the game can “peel”
to a certain extent. Even a Mercy can shoot people with her gun,
and the damage from that could cause them to retreat. A Reinhardt can swing his hammer around if
he gets dove, which is okay, but it isn’t as great as when he is standing further out
blocking ranged damage and pushing forward. D.VA can use a point-blank defense matrix
over her supports but she is still better when projecting it out, getting that big cone,
and pushing forward. So anyway, you can pick up to 3 tanks. It depends on what you are going for, a lot
of teams pick one peeler and one initiator. Reinhardt Roadhog, Winston Zarya, these are
popular because they are pretty versatile. They can do whatever you want them to do usually. When you want to be a bit more focused, however,
you pick multiples like 2 initiators or 2 peelers. The triple tank meta became popular because
you would run 2 peelers and a Reinhardt (who can still peel pretty decently when his ult
is up,) and a massive backline (remember Ana used to have 80 damage too) and nothing could
ever break you. It took buffs to initiators like Winston and
nerfs to backline damage with Ana to put that composition in line. So let’s move onto the DPS now. The DPS you choose basically corresponds to
the tanks. I’m going to divide these up into 2 categories
as well: mobile and immobile. Heroes are balanced around mobility in this
game, so if you have a lot of peel, you should use that chance to take powerful backline
DPS heroes who can take advantage of the safety. If you don’t have a lot of peel, your backline
won’t be safe, so you should take more mobile DPS heroes. Even though they generally deal less damage
or have special restrictions, the fact that they don’t have to be babysat will mean your
lack of peel won’t be a problem. Let’s divide everyone up now. You should run between 1 and 3 DPS depending
on how many tanks you picked. Unless you are going for a special strategy
or cheese your total number of DPS and Tank players should total 4. If you have only one tank, though, you won’t
have very much peel even if that one tank is a peeler, so when running 3 DPS it’s most
common to see it run as a bunch of mobile DPS heroes with an inititator. Widowmaker is put into the mobile category
despite that being a bit unintuitive because she can easily reposition herself anywhere
she wants and project her full amount of damage anywhere on the map very easily. Not only is she pretty mobile with her grapple
but her damage itself can’t be projected very far. Also note that McCree is special because he
has his own form of self-peel, making him good in greedier backline compositions. Finally we have supports. I have a dedicated support picking guide that
you can check out in the description, but I’ll go over them here too. There are 3 types of supports: mobile, immobile,
and super immobile AKA builders. These follow along the same vein as the DPS
heroes. Mobile supports pay for that mobility in power
so when you have a lot of peel you should take advantage of immobile but very powerful
supports like Ana and Zenyatta. When you don’t have any peel you should use
mobile supports who can run away by themselves. Builders are good for locking down specific
areas of the map while simultaneously buffing your team despite not being able to heal. Overall you should have 2 supports, including
builders, unless you are going for a special or gimmick strategy. This team composition philosophy works exactly
the same for both attack and defense, except attack will lean more toward initiation tanks
and defense will lean more toward peeling tanks by nature of their goals. This is why builders are generally not considered
awesome on attack, for example. This is where ultimate ability composition
and map selection comes into play. If you think you want a mobile DPS, often
you have multiple options. Look at the ults your team already has available
and pick one that is needed. Then there is the fact that some maps have
a lot of verticle platforms and levels that would be suitable for a hero like Genji but
not necessarily for Tracer. I have a video on ultimates in Overwatch. It’s kind of old but I don’t think its too
outdated, so until I put out an update on that one I think it is still a pretty good
resource to get an idea of what types of ultimates you need on a team. The last thing to consider is that you have
enough healing for your team’s HP pool. Mercy and Ana heal for a lot, Zenyatta and
Lucio heal for a little. Pairing up Zenyatta with a Lucio on a team
with a bunch of tanks probably won’t give you enough healing to cover everyone. You would want to swap in either an Ana or
Mercy to fix it. I have a second channel now and I stream and
I cast tournaments and all sorts of stuff now so the best way to keep up with everything
is to follow me on Twitter! Never forget to stay positive and have a great
day. See you soon!

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  1. Why is Mei a tank? She only has 250 health, and if you classify that as tank you can say that bastion and reaper are tanks, which certainly isn't the case.

  2. Wtf why is mei a tank and torb a support at this point reaper and bastion are tanks and soldier76 is a suport

  3. Just want to point out that junkrat puts out insane amounts of damage and is also super mobile because of his mines >_>

  4. Guys in this video being mobile means that the character needs to constantly reposition and being immobile means that the character can just stay around one spot and be effective from there. That's why Widow is mobile. Because she dies if she stays around one place for too long.

  5. Torbjorn is a peeling "tonk", reaper is an immobile support and Lucio is the best, yet least mobile, dps. smh talk to me when you get your facts straight

  6. How is Zen fucking slow he might not be a god damn usion bolt he he ain't no fucking roadhog don't diss him he's just a young peaceful boi

  7. Soldier is very mobile. He’s the only character who can run. And junkrat is also mobile. 2 mines that can get him far from a battle

  8. Here are my estimates on the new heroes

    Doomfist: immobile
    Moira: also immobile (Lots of healing)
    Briggite: mobile (little healing)
    Wrecking Ball: initiator

    Feel free to argue my point or give other thoughts.

  9. Reaper is not mobile. His teleport won't get you out of a fight; sure he is a bit faster when is in his invincible form, but that won't do much good either. He is also extremely slow

  10. The description of peeling was very incorrect. And tanks are main tanks and off tanks not initiators and peelers. Also supports are classified as main healer and off healer. Torb and sym should be in the DPS category because they can’t do the role of a support. You should not substitute a tank for a mei , she should be in the DPS category. The “mobile supports” do not do less. Mercy does much more heals than zen. I’m pretty sure when this video was made Ana was better than mercy though. You shouldn’t substitute torb or sym for a healer, they are dps (even when sym had the 25 shield). DPS are not classified as immobile or mobile. What I hear the most is projectile, hitscan, and flankers. Hitscan heroes are heroes who’s bullets have no travel time. Projectile Dps are heroes who’s bullets or whatever they shoot, have travel time, a lot of dps players either play hitscan or projectile. Flankers is kind of like a sub category of dps because a hero in the flanker category can also be in the projectile or hitscan category. Flankers are heroes who’s job is to flank the enemy and usually take out the supports.

  11. Mei is 3star hero and if you play her right she can be tank, but if you don't play her as like offtank then you play her wrong.

  12. Nice guide. When I create my comps I generally split tanks into (Attk vs Def) with Hamm, Winston, Dva, and Hog in Attk, and Orisa, Rein, and Zarya in Def. My DPS is split into 3 groups (Projectile, Hitscan, Partial Scan) and I split them via there hit types. My support is different as its seperated into Primary vs Secondary.

    My favorite comp to run is Ana and Moira (2 Primary Healers) Soldier and Sombra (or any tankbusting duo) (to get rid of tanks easier) and then Rein and Orisa

  13. My main nitpick is that you classified the DPSs into mobile and immobile, I think that you should have put it as a spectrum, for example, tracer is clearly more mobile than widowmaker, so it would be more on the mobile side of the spectrum, while Soldier 76 is clearly more mobile than Bastion. Also, Rein is a peeler, Roadhog is an initiator and mei is an initiator.

  14. how sad Youtube put this in my recomendations after 2 years , this after 200 cat vidoes , 50 russian road rage videos – its not like Youtube dont know what i prefer but what they prefer

  15. The way overwatch is played has been so refined over the years. Going back and watching old videos/tournament vods (even older than this) really makes you think about how certain teams/players changed the understanding of the game.

  16. Overwatch should make you teammates automatically watch this video so I don’t get another FRICKING 5 DPS TEAM AGAIN ON COMP!

  17. Could we get an up to date version of this? Helped me avoid loads of trial/error when I started out. Since then, balance changes have relocated some of their slots. New heros should go without saying. Could even then do in depth guides on different comps: Dive, Deathball, 2/2/2, Goats, Pirate ship, Bunker… Maybe present new concepts like boop-focused or control.

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