AMA Public Affairs: Air Passenger Bill of Rights
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AMA Public Affairs: Air Passenger Bill of Rights

October 15, 2019

Air travel can take a lot of planning. Packing. Pet care. Parking. The last thing you should worry about are your rights as an air passenger. Which is why AMA and CAA are strong advocates for a Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights. The fact is this: You deserve to be protected when things go wrong. This could be when you’re denied boarding or your flight is overbooked. Your flight is delayed or cancelled for a reason that’s within an airline’s control. You’re sitting on the tarmac for more than 90 minutes. Your baggage is lost or damaged. Or, having to pay extra to sit next to your child. Right now, if you experience these things, it’s almost impossible to right the wrong. We clearly know that we can do better, and nearly 90% of Canadians agree, this is all about fairness for everyone who flies. The good news is that we’re making progress. The Canadian Transportation Agency is consulting on these issues to determine appropriate standards. And AMA will be there, advocating on your behalf. We hope there’s a fair Passenger Code by the end of 2018 And we won’t let up until there is. Because – We’re all in this together.

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