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America is a Constitutional Monarchy!

August 25, 2019

streams uh… juggling jobs here is a
went out so what was your sense some indeed you did
you did do or any other questions from a traditional liberals on the court briar sotomayor orchid uh… ginsburg in their questions indicate that they
may be thinking about blowing up though the voting rights act not all now or the opposite that there
that they’re going to both strong leaders to sustain a they’re gonna
vostro hoping this disaggregation but i will say it’s gonna be a classic
five-four kennedy being the swing vote uh… to county sangeeta he did he ask a lot about equal footing
he also asked often about this two sections uh…
where you can challenge new voting laws was five which
means that is section five we did a head of time section to his after the the
law’s going into a fact you can sue he asked can we get rid of five ought to be good
enough for you to scan an injunction overs the court will stop the
enforcement of new voting one till this is litigated your complaint uh… sold candy ite to me i think seems leaning towards
saying whiskey ratified you have enough uh…
redress under section two so that would be my prediction this plan really gave some great arguments
essentially saying you know this institutional racism is
kinda like a disease in while we fix remedies for this disease in a kind of
goes into remission it also morphs unit adapts he’d finally dissect ella bama still has
this disease right it he said point blank right so i would say he’s a novel
desoto minority in said i think summer was once said alabama is the epidemic of why this actors is required acadian was talking about uh… how cases like this or four more
took four times more likely in the states covered by section five so
that’s evidence worried there the congress’ formula for establishing section five works uh… self what what all of us is stem in straight in his in my mind is that we no longer have p bowie constitution limited represented
them democratic republic here in the united states we have a constitutional monarchy constitutional monarchy you have a
monarch who can blow up the laws passed by congress by parliament by whatever it
may be and even make new laws if they like
uh… belt basically ah… arguably can throw people out we call for elections i
don’t i don’t see that the supreme court has has done that but uh… although you
cannot argue that dred scott certainly blue things up in a
leader of the civil war but there was no direct now serve more like was in effect that what we have here is a constitutional monarchy
with the marks of the nine people on the supreme court i mean why aren’t these nine people even debating that whether this law is needed how is that not job of congress ait agree with you and and in if the
populace doesn’t like this law you vote in people who will repeal the law that’s
the process uh… that it should go through it uh…
the i’m right out into a john mccain in voted against that martin luther king
holiday i mean it’s not like you know you get your voting against things that
after americans like it’s gonna guarantee that you’re not going to get
reelected to the senate if the if the voting rights act is a bad piece of
legislation you know scalia thinks it’s a favorite
piece of afro-americans doesn’t mean that that uh… it come on this that that
that is about the the weakest lamerced we’re two seconds argument i think i’ve
ever heard but he did remember it internet and all
you do remember this com of though the g_o_p_ their party platform
for many elections has had amongst his planks to overturn the voting rights act this
is the conservative republican uh… this is one of their goals and that’s why they’re
pursuing this and i i’d i’m ill disc li claims the score some political but with
not this court is purely a political it’s five to four political interests of
the controller public ans it’s it’s been dancing to republican to her gender for
the better part of inept at com point that he is now a you
know largely ever since our earl warren dr and uh… who’d who intervene between
was there’s somebody between earl warren rehnquist well thanks article our rhetoric western
was during the nixon administration and uh… that whatever was in any case it’s just
a you know we’ve got this right when court this is just totally bizarre so and and the if effectiveness is going to be that we’re going to go back to nineteen
sixty four ems you know if you know what remember
nineteen sixty four and cannot be not backing confess i was
only thirteen at the time there were still place as in america where there were whites
always signs in nineteen sixty four in fact there were a lot of their arm and c_i_a_ it but we had to manish first and why davis why the voting rights act has not
been extended all fifty states and and you know i think if we had a decent
supreme court well again i don’t think the supreme
court should be making law if we had to use this in congress that that uh… do
you know that it would be expanded but uh… and and i don’t know why the
voting rights act hasn’t been used what is arguably has been used to stop these american legislative
exchange council bills these alec bills is worse personal i_d_ laws it’s it’s like you know there’s no photo
of fraud cannot more people die from televisions falling on their head then our prosecutor for voting fraud
every year in the united states it is it is a a complete a complete canard george w_ bush spent
seven out of his eight years over seventy million dollars in ninety
three federal prosecutors looking for people who are committing boeing fraud to set up azinger this ape-like co brothers funded that would ellison’s a quarter of the
african americans in assist don’t have i_d_ that would allow them to vote and eighteen percent of college students
don’t have i_d_ that would allow them to vote under these voting laws that that piano would basically kick
those people out of the out of contention almost twenty percent a
latina moms same thing if you’re poor you darker are when your driver’s license for appreciates our stuff and and its says better strategy the republican
party since the nineteen eighties they’ve theories carefully spent the
last twenty years or so trying to convince americans that lowered our ad was a different you’re listening to
become hartman program colleagues time will tell promise of man’s best

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  1. Can you IMAGINE the response from the right wing fascists if the progressives copied their tactics and tried to stop the rich from voting?

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