America is in a Constitutional Crisis, Trump Money Laundering, Russian Mafia, End Times Madness
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America is in a Constitutional Crisis, Trump Money Laundering, Russian Mafia, End Times Madness

October 18, 2019

Hello you’re listening to the Watchman’s
Cry News from the Wall and the Issues of Life. The program that visits world
events and the issues that affect God’s people in these end times. Hello my friends. You’re listening to the
Watchman’s Cry News from the Wall and the issues of life. My name is Nathan
Leal and the website is and I want to welcome you to our
program today, and it’s gonna be a very special program we’re gonna talk about
some very interesting things in fact I believe that we’re gonna talk about
something that not many others out there have addressed. Now today’s topic has to
do with the corruption in the White House and the mob connections the Mafia
connections of Donald Trump. I’ll just say it right out of the gate folks. There
are mob connections to Donald Trump. I’ve been investigating this for the last
several months and it goes deep it goes back several decades.
I just wrote an article about it on my website. You can go there and take a look
at it. I’m gonna be compiling several in the coming days and weeks, but this is
something that cannot be overlooked in the evangelical community. This is not
something that we could just say, “well everyone has a past. Let’s not worry
about it. Donald Trump has a past Nathan. America
is going in the right direction.” Well here’s the problem folks. If the mobster
mafia connections are influencing Donald Trump’s decisions while he’s the
president, then we do have a problem and that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s come
out through several sources that Donald Trump is compromised, and the reason he’s compromised is because he has a history of illegal felonies. He has participated in
racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy. Those crimes have been committed by
Donald Trump. They are in his past history as well as his present history. It’s going on even right now. I know that’s shocking for a lot of people, but
if you want to know the truth we’re gonna go into it. Donna is joining
me. Donna say, “hi,” to the audience. Donna: hello everyone it’s great to be back. Nathan: I want to challenge all of you. If you are not familiar with this, you can go to my
website, I have the article there. It’s called, “Married to
the Mob – America we have a problem.” I’m gonna be putting out several others
because we’re gonna go into this folks. This has to be on the table for
Christians evangelicals who voted for from and held their nose and said, “he’s
better than Hillary. I didn’t have a choice. What else could we have done?” and there’s a lot of reasons that people felt the need to do that, and if you’re
one of them, I want to say this, the election is
behind us. It’s over. It was almost two years ago, but Donald Trump was an
employee that you voted for. That you had a say. You cast your vote to hire him to
help America. When an employer hires an employee sometimes the employees don’t
work out when they are evaluated every six months, and they come into the office
of the employer. The employer is honest with them, because the employer wants to
see the best outcome for his business. That’s why he hired them. he wants them
to represent his business in the best way possible. That’s what a lot of people
were thinking Donna so they had good intent. Unfortunately, there’s a weird
thing that has taken place over the country where people take it personal if
Trump is criticized, for a weird reason. And we’re gonna go into that. We’re gonna
talk about it, but there seems to be there’s a deceptive cloak over Donald
Trump right now. He’s been deified. He has been deified, and when people hear others
criticize them for some reason, not all of them, Donna we asked some listeners to
this program that voted for him but they admitted that they’re not happy with how
he’s behaving to admit it and if that may be you my friend the things that I
am sharing here should be of interest to you to help you continue in the fact
gathering about Donald Trump. But I just want to ask this. If you’re a Christian
and you believe the Bible. If Jesus lives in your heart we must navigate our lives according to what the Bible says, and part of that
navigation includes truth, how we approach truth and admit truth. But for some reason that formula is not allowed to be applied to Donald Trump and that’s just
weird. It’s bizarre. It goes against Scripture
and because of that. Because there’s a disconnect in the way that evangelicals…
and I single them out when I write my articles and when I have these programs,
when I go on other programs, I am singling out the evangelicals
because they know better. Well they should. If they claim to be evangelicals,
that means they’re claiming to own a Bible with their name inside of it. They’re claiming that they know Jesus. They got saved. They’re a Christian. They
made a decision. They did all of this stuff to be a Christian. If they call
themselves evangelicals, if they didn’t do that then they’re fakes and we’re gonna go into that also. Because some of them are fakes.
They’re not real. So today on this program, we’re gonna look into the
history of Donald J Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, as I dug into his history, I
found myself amazed and shocked. There’s so much there. There is so much. Anyone that
wants to excavate the history of Donald Trump is gonna find themselves needing a
bunch of dump trucks. It’s never-ending. Not even a dump truck, you’ll need a freighter to put all the stuff in. There is so much. The guy has been sued almost four
thousand times in his life. Wow! Who gets sued four thousand times? First of all, if
someone gets sued five times or ten times, they would get a little upset. And
if they had friends that we’re honest with them, they would say, “you know what? I think there’s a pattern going on here. Why do you keep getting sued? You get to
twenty times, Donna, for sure there’s a pattern. Fifty? A hundred? We have a pattern. Yes. Yeah and he has a pattern. And there’s categories to his patterns. So what a thousand times? Two thousand? Three thousand? We’re at 4,000 times Donald Trump’s been sued. So
we have a pattern of bad. That’s not normal, so that’s one of the things the
evangelicals are dismissing, because they are choosing, they’re placing a price on
the benefits that Donald Trump is bringing to America. In their minds, they
have an argument ready to go that he has done this, this, and this. Therefore
because he’s done this, this, and this, the freight train, the freighter, the cargo
ship doesn’t matter in their eyes. Full of trespasses against humanity.
Against the things of God. Against God’s laws. Against being a good human being with business practices. Business practices a good civil member of society. All of
those things, he trespasses the line of good in so many categories. So in this
program, if you want to know about Donald Trump’s mafia connections, get a notepad
and take notes folks. And also I want to ask that you share this program with
everyone that you know. In addition to that, if you see the value of what we’re
doing? The only way we continue doing this is with your support and with your
help, our address is: Watchman’s Cry, P. O. Box 157, Priest River, Idaho 83856. Now let’s begin. Are you ready for this Donna? Are you ready to go into the ether? Into the sewer? We gotta put our
boots on, because we’re gonna go into the ether. Donna: I got my coveralls on to. Nathan: Because it is so unbelievable. The things that I’m gonna
share here folks. Most evangelicals, if they heard it, would
respond one of two ways: 1. Unbelief – no way or 2. Anger. But for the
ones that hear it and say. “whoa this deserves my attention. I need to evaluate
this and base my future opinion on Donald Trump with this information. I
need to include this in my evaluation.” People need to do that. So Donna, right
out of the gate, I want to address the objections from some people right out of
the gate. Let’s cover it. Donna: and this has become the mantra of the Trump
supporters, two lines – 1. He’s better than Hillary. 2. Obama is the Antichrist. Those
are the two things that people keep throwing at us in order to get us to try
and shut up about what is going on with Donald Trump and who Donald Trump really is. Hillary is not the President of the United States and Obama is not the
President of the United States. We have to put that in our mind so that we can
then focus on the person who is the president in the United States Donald
Trump. (Nathan:) now there’s an argument that Hillary would be worse and Donna we’ve
got the emails. People say, “don’t you know Hillary would have taken our guns
away by now?” That’s an absolute statement – “don’t you know.” First of all, if we don’t
even know that would happen, how can you say it as a statement of absolute fact
in truth when she’s not even the president? And if Hillary was the
president, here’s the other thing that we must include, ladies and gentlemen, if
Hillary was the president, she would have had to work with a Republican majority
House and a Republican majority Senate. So if she tried any sort of Constitution
killing measures, or executive orders, or legislation, it would have sat on the
hill. It would have been stale. There would have been committees on it. Nothing
would have passed. Obama found that out. Donna: Which is the same reason it didn’t pass when Donald Trump told Feinstein to “throw that in there to take away our guns, so Trump tried to do it with Feinstein helping him, but our Congress is conservative
right now and they will not allow it. So if Hillary was the president, ladies
and gentlemen, she would not have had the ability to get anything passed with the
house or the Senate. We have checks and balances in America, and if for some
reason she tried any sort of legislative bullying or an executive order that
decided to try to step over Congress what would the outcome be Donna?Because we saw 60 million people vote for Donald Trump. Those people have gone to these
MAGA rallies where some of them look like they’re rabid wolves. I mean they
act rabid, and folks if you’re mad at me about saying this, I’m not the one acting
rabid. Go to Youtube and look at the crazy people. Donna: They stand behind the CNN reporter who is just one of many reporters there, and they’re recording
what is going on, and they scream and curse them. (Nathan:) the statement that says, “don’t you know Hillary would have taken away our guns, or don’t you know Hillary would
have been worse?” Uh, no I don’t know that, neither does
anybody, because it hasn’t happened. It didn’t happen she’s not the president, so
to imply things like that with absolute statements, that goes against
intellectual honesty, it goes against scholarly approach, it goes against
rationale, it goes against using the facts, it goes against using witnesses, it
goes against truth, against common sense. common sense. No she would not have done that by now. She wouldn’t have and if for some reason Congress or the Senate went
along with her, there’s enough crazy people in America, they would have put a
stop to it also. Donna: but if Congress had gone along with her, it would not be her
doing, it would be our Congress doing it, Nathan – and therefore ought to be Republican senators and congressmen, so this statement that, “Hillary would have been
worse what does that mean?” Now if some people are comparing, “Hillary’s measures
to turn the economy around would not have been as successful as Mr.
Trump’s to this point in time,” we do have 16 months now to look at, of Trump’s
presidency, where some things have occurred, the economy is doing well in
some aspects, in some aspects. Before Trump came to office, the economy was
doing well in some aspects. Yes, it’s true the stock market has shot up. That is
true. That’s what happened in 1929 also and that’s what’s being created right
now folks. We are watching a bubble. A stock market of 25,000 is in a bubble. The foundation under the American economy cannot continue to support the
outcome of what the stock market is doing right now. The reason the stock
market is doing what it’s doing is because of temporary measures that began in 2008 when we had the TARP Bailout. Interest rates were brought down very
low. Corporations started borrowing money for almost zero percent interest and
then they purchased their own stocks back – Stock buybacks. Also, the profits
that were kept offshore for a few years Donna: they took the tax burden away. Nathan: his recent tax plan allowed repatriated money to come back to the United States. Now that
money was brought back here by corporations, and they went and bought
their own stocks. Donna: they didn’t hire people. They didn’t create new jobs. They just…
unless I guess your job is in the stock market. Maybe in that way. Nathan: the high stock market of twenty-five something thousand is because corporations are doing stock buybacks. If
you look at who’s buying all the stocks it’s not the retirement funds of workers. The stock market, yes, that’s true. It has gone up, but there’s reasons for it. Donna: and just like in 2007, it’s a bubble. It’s gonna pop. Nathan: well the corporate debt, junk bonds, there are several corporations that are looking at having to pay for
upcoming debt payments and they don’t have the money to do it. There are several corporations that have junk bond bills coming due. We’re
going to start hearing more about this, defaults on junk bonds defaults on
corporate debt, and it’s gonna have a spiraling effect. Also, Deutsche Bank is
in trouble. That’s something to keep our eye on. Also, interest rates have been pre
planned to increase. The Bank of International Settlements
has decided that central banks from all around the world are going to raise
their interest rates. Ladies and gentlemen, the election is over Hilary’s
not the president. Neither is Obama. Now Donna, Obama has been doing speeches for Democratic candidates and some people are seeing that and they’re becoming
alarmed, because they say, “Obama’s back. See? He’s the Antichrist.” Donna: that’s how it works the other team brings out their star
player to rev up their team. And that’s all they’re doing. Their star player is
Obama. He’s here to rev up the team. Nathan: Ex-presidents have always campaigned for candidates. Yes. That doesn’t mean, he’s the Antichrist. When people write us and
they say you’re wasting time on Trump. You think he’s a little horn.” By the way,
real quick Donna, I’m not saying he is for sure I’m saying he’s on the table. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always had suspicions at
any given time whoever the president is, I place him on the table. When they leave, I take them off the table. Right now, Donald Trump is on the table.
Why? Why is Donald Trump on the table Donna? Donna: it’s because he’s the President of
the United States, and he, more than any person we’ve seen as president, embodies
the spirit of the Antichrist, in how he acts, and how he portrays himself. Nathan: Now that’s a whole other program Donna, and we’re gonna do that in the days ahead.
Folks, I’m watching and I think that every one of you are watching as well.
That’s why you’re listening to this program. And in spite of the influence
that all of us have experienced with Bible prophecy studies. Because Donna if
we’re Christians, we want to understand the end times our hope, our Blessed hope
is Jesus coming back in the clouds. We know this. Revelation 19 says, Jesus is
coming back on a horse, out of the clouds, with the Saints, His armies. If we go
backwards from that future event, we have hell on earth for three and a half
years. The Great Tribulation. Right? Donna: yes we do. Nathan: and then if we go back from that, we have the
infrastructure that the world develops into, to allow that horrible period of
time – the Great Tribulation. So when the Bible says in Revelation 13, “the beast
rises from the sea.” That’s at the very end, but if we go to the day before – the
beast rose from the sea – what was going on in the world? Who was the president? If we go a week before, or a month before, the Beast rises from the sea, who’s the President of the United States then? And what role
did he play in that beast coming out of the sea? Because if we are in the end
times, and some people are believing that the rapture is gonna happen at any
moment, Okay they’re pre-trib. They believe the rapture is gonna happen. That’s fair according to their beliefs. If that’s true, then that means, if the
rapture happened tomorrow, then the next day the Antichrist is gonna be in
control. Donna: Yeah, and the beast government will have risen up and completely ready
to take over. Nathan: So if evangelical Christians are saying the rapture could happen next week or next month, then that means, the day after
the rapture, the Antichrist has taken over. So logic and common sense tells us that if the rapture is gonna happen next week and the Antichrist is gonna take over,
most likely, it’s gonna be someone already in power right? Donald
Trump’s the president right now, so if the rapture is gonna happen next week, are
they gonna knock on his door and say, “excuse me Mr. President, all those people disappeared. I guess you heard? Yeah? So uh, what do we do? Oh you’re gonna give a speech Mr. President? And tell people… what’s that? Your Space Force saw them leaving a spaceship Mr. President? Is that what you’re gonna say? Okay, I guess that’s… what? … is Sarah Huckabee? Is she still around? Hey what do you know? She’s
still around! Is her dad here too? Well why is her dad still here? … Well, uh. … Mr.
President, do you have any advisers that can help? What’s that? Your evangelical
team is here to advise you on what just happened? A lot of people disappeared but the … Paula White is gonna be, is meeting with
you later this afternoon? Oh I see. So, Donna, you get my point right? Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is the president, and whether
you’re pre-trib, or mid trib, or post-trib, pre-wrath, or whatever you are, as far as
the rapture, we’re in the end times and Donald Trump is gonna … if all these
events are happening now, he’s at the helm for the most powerful nation in the
whole world. That’s why I have him on the table, and if any of us are stubborn
enough to bypass that and then look elsewhere or look backwards and say, “Obama is gonna come back. He’s going to be the one who’s going to cause all the problems… how? First of all, to remove Donald Trump with 60 million very
zealous followers, by the way, his base is the number one demographic for gun
ownership. Them grannies that are waving the MAGA flags and the hats,
they have AR-15s in their closet Donna. All them grannies do. The aunts and
the uncles, and all the Bubba’s and all those people. They have the guns. So in
order for Obama to be the Antichrist and take over, that means those 60 million
evangelicals, who defend him from your words. If you criticize Trump or point
something out. If you point one of his crimes out,… Donna: they defend him. They say, “quit throwing stones. Quit. You’re judging. You’re not supposed to judge. Aren’t you
a Christian? Don’t you fear God? Nathan: Okay, so if Obama somehow said, “I’m gonna kick out Donald Trump and those 60 million people are just gonna sit on their hands and do
nothing, and I’m gonna take over, and then I’m gonna start fulfilling the Bible.”
Ladies and gentlemen, the outdated rebuttal of – Well, Hillary would have been
worse does nothing to face the elephant in the room and that’s Donald J Trump. Donna: The orange elephant! Nathan: Yeah the Republican Party’s no longer red. It’s now an – orange wave – you know he said, red wave? No, it’s not. It’s an Orange wave. The elections over and Trump’s in power. He’s at the helm. And evangelicals need
to hold him responsible. One of the most important qualities, disciplines and
requirements to survive the end times is capitulation to the Antichrist? Donna?
Going along with it? Sitting on our hands? Waving a flag of surrender? Or waving the
flag of whatever his color is? What is the most important thing to help people
not fall for the end time deception? Because, by the way, that’s one of the
biggest challenges that Revelation stresses – deception. The second beast. He
will deceive the church and call down fire, and then cause them to worship. So
what is the biggest challenge that we have? Donna: It’s truth. It’s staying grounded in truth and what is true and what is right. Nathan: How do we find truth? I don’t understand why there are so many Christians out there, and God bless … you know we have a lot of friends on Facebook Donna, but for some reason, the truth is a lost art. It’s
a lost discipline, because I see it. Even in our our Facebook family, where people
will forward things to us. They will forward links to us, and I’m
not gonna say any names or what they are, but every day every day, I get private
messages. Donna gets private messages or we’re forwarded youtubes, or articles on
things that it just takes me one second to open up Google and fact check it. And
it comes up that it’s a lie, but the question that I have is why don’t people
fact check for themselves?Donna why don’t they? If you were to rate, Donna
give a report card of how the church is right now, what would you say? Donna: I would have to say that the church is confused, it’s divided, it’s somewhat invalid even,
there’s just so many false clerics in the pulpits out there giving us false
words, and not only just false words they’ve turned the gospel into politics
that they have aligned themselves with Trump but they are pushing him on their
people and they are setting aside the the Word so they can teach people to
worship Trump. To even idolize him. There was even a pastor last week who took his
Nikes onstage and destroyed them and then filmed himself doing it, and put it
out there for everybody to see. Well how does that further the Gospel? How does
that wake people up? The church is having a fit over the flag, but they’re not
having a fit when the Ten Commandments are removed. They’re not having a fit
when the Cross is desecrated, or when Jesus is spit on, or made out of poo in
art things. They don’t show up and you know protest that, but they’re
protesting the Nike thing, and they protest anything that has to do with Trump.
That is not what we are about as Christians. Nathan: It’s also nationalism turning to a religion and patriotism turn into a religion. Donna: which history proves time and again, how evil that is. Nathan: So when we watch point after point, and proof after
prove, event after event, account after account Donna, of things that are going on
in churches or things that pastors say, or the way
that Christians behave, the church is morphed, you mentioned that it’s invalid?
The church” Donna: It has become invalid Nathan: Is it the place to go get healed now? Is it the
place where the world looks forward to, you know, they’re down in the dumps. They
need to be rescued. Do they think of the church now? Donna: I don’t know anyone who thinks of the church that way anymore. Nathan: Why? Donna: Because the church has become a country club for upscale snooty people who voted for Donald Trump, where there’s
no love anymore. There’s no love for the poor. There’s no
love for the brethren of different colors – the Puerto Ricans, even the
illegal immigrants, there’s no love for them. There’s no love for the bum on the
street. There was an entire thread the other day on Facebook where people were
just, oh, the reason why people are still living on the street – that’s their choice. It’s not the economy. It’s not. The economy’s awesome, they’re just lazy. it’s
like, you don’t know – why these people are there. There’s no love for these people –
these poor – and Jesus said, “the poor you will have with you always.” He didn’t say, “well if you make enough money in your nation, there will never be
poor people.” So you don’t have to love them. Nathan: One of the things that is so
amazing is, here’s the other thing, I said a moment ago, I want to cut off at the
pass, I want to address some of the objections that we get often, over and
over, like a broken record, Hillary would have been better Obama wants to take
over. Don’t you know, Obama’s the Antichrist
and then here’s the other one, and this comes from the church, “Quit talking about
Trump. Quit criticizing him. Don’t you know you shouldn’t be judging him?” And
they’ll throw in a little bone to try to sidestep it, maybe he’s not perfect, but
who else was perfect when they’re a baby Christian. Trump’s just a baby Christian,
so you need to pray for him. Paula White said, “he got saved.” (Donna:) Paula White said it huh? (Nathan:) and then they said, I got another one told me, “James Dobson said
he’s a Christian so who do you think you are? (Donna: )Well my problem with it is that I can’t find anywhere in the Bible where somebody else testifies to a person’s
salvation. Your words, your own words are supposed to testify to your love of
Jesus, to your submission to Jesus, to your repentance of your sins. Not other
people aren’t supposed to do that for you. He has made it very clear that he
does not apologize, and has no need to repent because he just tries not to
bring God into it and you know you really hasn’t anything he needs to
repent for. You cannot be a Christian if you don’t walk in humility and meekness
If you are not willing to apologize and be repentant apologize to your fellow
man and apologize to God. We cannot be Christians without that fruit. (Nathan:)
remember the movie? That Jack Nicholson was in? “A Few Good Men?” (Donna:) Yes. I do. (Nathan:) What were those famous words he said? (Donna:) His famous words were, ‘you can’t handle the
truth,’ (Nathan:) And, oh boy… those are the words heard around the
world. They became a staple right? They are famous, and the amazing things about
those words is when people hear them, it’s the ‘other people’ that can’t handle the
truth, but Jack Nicholson can, of course cuz he said the words, but so can I cuz I
get it, so a lot of people take those words and apply it to themselves, that
they CAN handle the truth. They can. But we are watching, 60 million Americans
voted for Donald Trump and a large portion of them, when we look at the
polls, we see that the the approval ratings for Trump, and the disapproval
rating for Trump, keep hitting a ceiling of they don’t go above 40% – not really. a
few times they went up temporary, but then they came back down and the
disapproval doesn’t really go below 40. recently it got to 38 or 39 % but it stays
right there 38 to 40 hovers and the reason for that is, because Donald
Trump’s voting base, does not want to handle the truth. They don’t want to face
the truth. They don’t want to look at the truth, so ladies and gentlemen, if you
might be an individual who falls into one of those categories, I’m not saying
that to be mean, or to be rude. I’m saying it from personal observation. We have
witnessed ourselves from hundreds of people. Donna reads the emails. I get private messages, and so does she. We’ve seen what people
say on other websites, and forums, on shows, when they talk about Donna, or me,
and they say that we hate Trump. Why do we have so much hatred?” And that’s the
word that is used – hatred – well in the old days Donna, it was called evaluation, or
critique, or making a judgment call, trying to be
vigilant, watching righteous decisions. You see. There are disciplinary tactics
that as Christians, we must use in our daily walk. (Donna:) I think it’s projecting (Nathan:) What are they projecting? (Donna:) They’re projecting their own hate for everything Democrat onto us, but reversing it to Republican, to Trump,
(Nathan:) and I have heard that one too, “you’re a liberal. If you’re against Trump, you’re
liberal.” Well no, I’m not, we are as conservative as you can be, we’re
independent. We’re… I don’t consider myself a Republican, or Democrat, we’re
independent, because the Republicans have proven themselves to be the worst
hypocrites and fiscally irresponsible politicians that I can remember. We
watched this pattern over and over, and over. When Reagan was the president
everyone was happy. ” Yeah, we have a spiritual father.” He was likened to
George Washington, and all those guys and he was highly respected. I liked him too.
I was in Bible College at the time, but during Reagan, the deficit exploded. The debt exploded. So the fiscal discipline of Republicans was thrown out
the window during Reagan. Same thing happened with Bush. The deficit exploded.
Yes, it happens with Democrats, but the new budget that was just passed, the
Omnibus had a deficit of eight hundred billion dollars. That means almost a
trillion dollars was included in the budget, but that money’s not going to be
there to pay for it, so that just gets added on to our kids and our grandkids
future. So how is that being fiscally responsible? When Trump was running, he
said, “The debt was too high.” He didn’t like it. ‘all these fake politicians and
hypocrites are spending money, I’m gonna get in there, and we’re gonna cut costs
and we’re gonna fix it.’ He said that, but he passed the omnibus
bill there was almost a trillion dollars added to the deficit we’re at 21
trillion, so when people get mad at me or you for pointing things out it’s because
they don’t want to face the truth and that’s what we’re talking about right
now. So ladies and gentlemen, in this program we’re gonna look at the truth.
We’re gonna look at facts. We’re gonna look at things that it can be cited. There are records. There are reports. So Donna, when Jack Nicholson said those words, ‘you can’t handle the truth.’ I would say that there’s a lot of Evangelicals that
cannot handle the truth. There are a lot of Trump supporters who cannot handle the
truth about him, because he is, uh he’s a mess. And over the last few days, it’s
gotten worse. In that statement he made about the dead people in Puerto Rico. It
is beyond the pale. It is so low. It is insulting. Puerto Rico’s
governor asked for this study. They did their homework. This was a scientific
study, and the study concluded that almost 3,000 Puerto Ricans died. Now
Harvard did their own study previously, and their number came up between 4,000
and 8,000 deaths. Its even higher. Harvard University researchers say last
year’s death toll from Hurricane Maria is dramatically larger than reported the
study published in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates more than
4,600 people died in Puerto Rico the official government death toll is just
64 David beg no has reported extensively more from Puerto Rico on the hurricane
he’s back in San Juan this morning David good morning John good morning we’re in
one of the body azar districts here in San Juan where researchers randomly went
door to door knocked and asked if anyone died here there were more questions than
that but that’s how it got started with a 50,000 dollar grant from Harvard six
weeks worth of work and a headline on a death toll that is stunned people Puerto
Rico’s governor Ricardo Roe say yohoo himself as a scientist seemed blindsided
by the Harvard study the protocol is that doctors tell the government if a
death was caused by Hurricane Maria families have to petition the government
to investigate if they disagree with the doctors opinion those brown dots show
where the Harvard study researchers surveyed more than three thousand homes
around the island and found the mortality rate rose 62 percent in the
three months after Hurricane Maria compared to that period the year before
researchers concluded the final death count could be as high as 8,500 Domingo
Marquez was a lead author on the study what was the majority reason people
after the storm and related to the storm one-third of our deaths were reported
because of lack of medical treatment we saved a lot of lives during his visit to
Puerto Rico last October president Trump hailed the low death toll which at the
time was 16 you can be very proud of all of your people all of our people working
in light of the Harvard report a White House spokesperson said the people of
Puerto Rico deserve nothing less than transparency and accountability the
negligence that allowed those lives to be lost needs to be accounted for San
Juan mayor Carmen you lien Cruz has blasted mr. Trump for being tone-deaf
and slow to respond when asked to evaluate her own response she said I
know I didn’t get to everyone we did the best we could but that wasn’t good
enough here’s why this story is about more than just a shocking number every
time a government official certifies that a death has been directly related
to Hurricane Maria the family of the person who died is then eligible for the
federal government to help pay for funeral expenses Gale that’s why these
numbers are so important and you said it best are also very shocking and painful
to hear thank you very much David beg no reporting from Puerto Rico once again
meanwhile right after the hurricane occurred officially they said 16 people
died and then they raised it to 64 and when Trump visited when he threw the the
paper towels he said you guys aren’t as bad as Katrina he said that to them when
he was there now I hate to tell you Porto Rico but you’ve thrown our budget
a little out of whack because we’ve spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico and
that’s fine we’ve saved a lot of lives if you look at the every death is a
horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina and you look at
the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you
look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering
nobody’s ever seen anything like this now what is your what is your death
count as of this 16 people certified 16 people versus in
the thousands you can be very proud of all of your people all of our people
working together 16 versus literally thousands of people
you guys didn’t hurt as bad as Katrina they had a lot of dead people in a
Katrina was 1,500 or something like that but poor Yuriko has three to eight
thousand dead which is way more so this report came out in September 13th Donald
Trump had the gall to tweet that that number is not real its fake and it’s
just the Democrats that are lying about him now ladies and gentlemen what sort
of heartless cold soul could do something like that a sociopath somebody
who has no empathy or feelings for anyone but himself
I have heard several narratives on different news channels to just try to
make sense of it so we have a crazy man in the White House let’s stop pretending
Donald Trump is not normal ladies and gentlemen if you are a trump supporter
if you’re an evangelical and you don’t like hearing criticism of Trump what
we’re talking about right now should bother you that Trump did that it should
be embarrassing that your president behaves this way it should be
embarrassing that the representative of America the whole world is laughing at a
fret now that what in the world happened to Americans to vote for this crazy man
this maniac what is going on in folks this is what I’m getting at if Trump is
behaving this way which are 16 months we have another two years plus potentially
four more after this of this craziness and if he is unhinged to this level now
Donna how bad is he gonna get and on the day where florence is about to arrive
and cause death and mayhem a destruction and billions of dollars of damage Trump
said it on the eve of Florence’s landfall he bragged about how he handled
Maria Puerto Rico is still a mess what is he bragging about and somebody
on a staff had to explain to him earlier in the day how they came about this
number he couldn’t grasp it so he just said it
was fake he couldn’t grasp the process Harvard took to figure out how many
people I what is that I think if he doesn’t want
to understand it he just chooses to not care I think it goes back to the
narcissism if it’s something that doesn’t benefit him to understand he
refuses to think on it and that’s who we have in the White House the nuclear
codes are being held by a mad man ladies and gentlemen so if he would dismiss
3,000 dead that’s who we have right now and we are watching one of several
outcomes but none of them are good the least damaging outcome is the worst
thing that we could imagine now the worst outcome is that he’s the
Antichrist he’s the little horn and that’s how far along we are if that’s
the case though I want to keep watching him and by the way please don’t send me
emails because I got him last time ladies and gentlemen
if this is what I choose to do if I choose to put Donald Trump on the table
that’s my choice not on neighthan the Antichrist is the Pope the Beast is the
Vatican the Beast is Prince Charles the beast is don’t you know it’s Obama I am
placing Donald Trump on the table because he’s the one that can explode
the world right now he’s the one that has the church wrapped around his finger
we could look at every element of how the Antichrist would behave Donald Trump
is it Nathan there’s no way that he’s the Antichrist because don’t you know it
says he would not regard the desire of women therefore that must mean he’s
gonna be a homosexual and not like women so therefore you’re wrong because the
Antichrist is going to be gay but here’s the deal
how do we know that’s the right interpretation of that verse yes exactly
what if it means something else okay now that’s found in Daniel 11 37 neither
shall he regard the god of his father’s comma nor the desire of women comma nor
regard any God for he shall magnify himself above all now that verse is
talking about God he doesn’t regard God worship of God so the first sentence
says neither shall he regard the god of his father that covers God right yes the
end of the verse says nor any God that covers got an false gods so it’s saying
right here he doesn’t follow false gods either so he doesn’t regard the real God
or any God false cuts now in the middle it says nor the desire of women so are
we to think that God was telling us right here
he will not regard true God and he won’t regard false God Yahweh in the first
part Donna and then the bottom bale but in the middle by the way he’s gonna be
gay that doesn’t make any sense context folks if you look at the
original root word for desire of women the word the original Hebrew word we
have to break it down and look at the originals look up the original word for
a desire what does it mean there’s several meanings one of them means
pleasant one of them does mean desire one of them means acknowledgement of the
God that the women worshiped in the Old Testament of BHEL BHEL that women
gravitated toward now for some reason and I know the men are guilty also I
know they are but in the Old Testament we hear account after account where the
women would lead the men astray because they followed bale Solomon took on a
bunch of wives foreign wives that brought in bear worship to him and they
corrupted other false gods yeah and they corrupted him so these women
there’s a passage about the women weeping for Tammuz the son of bale yeah
what is that they’re weeping for their false god so the women had their false
gods back then neither will he regard the god of his father’s nor the desire
of women the word desire the desire for bail the desire for false gods that
women gravitate toward so neither were the Antichrist regard Yahweh nor Tammuz
the desire of those women Tammuz or any God right for he shall magnify himself
above all so what this is saying it’s not talking about being gay self-love
it’s about self-love self glory and yeah now we could also go a little bit
further the word women can also translate woman singular and it can also
translate wife it’s the same word neither will he regard the desire of his
wife we know that’s true now someone wants to argue say Nathan the desire of
women’s not talking about bail and false gods okay if we looked at it it’s not
bail it’s just the desire the Christian desire of his woman his wife
could mean that too or if the woman his mother the god of his father’s his
ancestors if you look at his ancestry Christ is it’s a family name on the
mother’s side what I’m trying to say ladies and gentlemen is I am excavating
the versus Donna and I do this this is one of our things
we’ll take one verse one by one and we dissect it and look at the original we
open up computer programs blue letter Bible we open up the first we look at
the original Hebrew or the Aramaic or the Greek and we see how many times it’s
been used we look at context of the same word usage in other passages in the
Bible and then we look at the sum because psalm says the sum of thy Word
is truth we have to look at the sum total of the
same use of that word throughout the scriptures to try to form a picture to
try to find the wisdom of God to understand that’s what Bereans do they
break down the word they examine the word carefully to see if these things
are true so taking one verse let you know the
Antichrist is gonna be gay therefore it’s not Trump and to place an entire
theology because of that one verse what if that interpretation is wrong and
obviously it is done it obviously and this has happened over and over with a
lot of verses so ladies and gentlemen I do get the privilege just like you do to
place your choices on the on the table I have mine on the table and the one that
I have on the table at the moment is the most colorful closest rendition that I
have ever seen in my life of the little horn I’m not saying he is again if he
cannot weather the crisis that’s going on right now in the White House the
constitutional crisis if he gets kicked out if he’s impeached if he resigns or
if he just leaves or if he’s voted out and he goes off into the sunset then
praise God it wasn’t him and we have more time
praise God I’m not saying he is and it’s like you know some people hold on to
their bullet points of Bible prophecy that they feel strongly about and if you
say or mention something different they take it personal you know when Jesus
came the first time you’ve always said this even the scribes had it wrong
that’s exactly right and I have shared that many times and I absolutely believe
that ladies and gentlemen if you don’t know what she’s talking about
it has to do with the first advent and the huge huge curveball that got through
on prophecy at that time because when we look back I don’t have the tickets to
the rabbi’s seminar and Conference of how Messiah was gonna come I don’t have
the ticket stub Donner because I wasn’t around then but we can look and see in
history and the conversations that took place with Jesus they can’t bring it up
are you gonna overthrow him are you gonna set up your kingdom now where did
they get all that they got it from the conference they thought they knew how it
was gonna play out so they were thrown off because it was a Mischa the gospel
even at that time was a mystery Paul tells us it was a mystery the only ones
who knew Jesus had been born were Israelites right now children of Israel nobody any of those John Hagee
rabbi John Hagee they know no who knew the wise men from the east
now folks think about that not one child of Israel not one of them knew that
Messiah had arrived not one it had to be non Israelites that were wise yes and
they had something they were following they had some insight that they God let
them somehow somehow so I maintain ladies and
gentlemen that if they got it wrong and they couldn’t interpret the Scriptures
and of course hindsight’s 20/20 we know now we we see the Messiah versus about
first Advent and we get it but if we were around then would we have seen him
in the same night probably not because it’s hard we don’t have the right
vantage point and on top of the curveball that God through Daniel was
told to seal the book this was not to be exposed until the end of days how the
end of days is gonna play out right so if it’s sealed up that’s the other thing
I have maintained if God told Daniel to seal it up until the time of the end but
when we can look at church father writings going back 1500 years almost
2,000 years writing about the end times explaining it and when we have those
writings like Ignatius wrote about it Poli
and all these other church fathers wrote about it but if God said it’s gonna be
sealed and you have these people 1,500 years ago during the season of it being
sealed off telling us how it’s gonna happen and then that that tradition
comes into our time they’re giving us something that they thought where their
eyes were closed when they were blind because it was sealed so ladies and
gentlemen think about that a lot of that information has been handed down for
hundreds of years while it was sealed so does it make any spiritual sense that
God is gonna allow those writers god bless him the church fathers to peek at
something that’s sealed and then give it to us when God already said it’s sealed
until the time of the end how can the early church fathers know Sir Isaac
Newton studied the end times and in wrote several books about it and God
bless Sir Isaac Newton he was doing it when it’s sealed so that’s like a blind
man trying to paint a picture mm-hmm you can’t so as Christians we need to take
that checklist those bullet points that cast a character’s and we need to go
back to the word and to the Bible and do word studies and try to understand from
where we are today don’t you know how many conferences I’ve been to and I’ve
invested my favorite Bible teacher has taught me so much and I have his little
books and you’re telling me it’s all worthless
I want to put this in the right perspective folks so we’re not saying
it’s all worthless I just want to establish an acknowledgment that there
could be error in some of the bullet points there could and some of the ways
that we’re expecting things to happen but we’ve been told they’re not gonna
happen that way they’re just not if history repeats itself Ecclesiastes says
what has been will be again we missed it in the first Advent Donna only the wise
knew so in the end times that’s why we have to be wise and the only way to be
wise is to handle the truth so step one and handling the truth is to place on
the table that the possibility that we’re not right that there’s error in
our thinking and we need to even if it’s painful we have to make adjustments and
admit it folks that’s the only way we’re gonna survive because based on the other
way of just believe me because I said God told me trust me or trust me oh man
that’s one of my pet peeves O’Donnell when people say trust me they say
something and then trust me that makes me ask so does that mean everything
before trust me was not the truth what does that mean I taught all of our
children to never trust somebody who says trust me folks if you are in the
habit of saying trust me when you’re talking to people it kind of makes it
seem like it raises questions and besides if people say trust me but
they’re wrong then what because I’ve seen people do that – trust me it’s this
and then they’re wrong so as Christians we have to know the truth we have to
seek the truth and we have to be willing to face the truth no matter where it
takes us because the truth is what’s gonna set us
free and the truth is what lights our path the truth will keep us out of
trouble the truth will prevent us and save us from ending up in the jaws of
Hell it helps us to not be carried away by deception so when we bring up these
points it’s not because there’s hatred it’s because I mean come on how much
more crazy insanity do we have to observe or witness before people finally
say oh you know what I never noticed the swastika and the
oval office when did that end up in the carpet are we gonna keep denying up
until that day that it shows up Donna it’s easy to see the rise of a dictator
you know people wonder how did Hitler get to where he was we’re watching it
right now we are watching the chain of events and the biggest one is to deny
the truth why is Hitler spending so much money on his military why is he training
all those soldiers why he is he coming up with a new program to brainwash the
youth you see those are questions that people should have been asking and and
every one of the things that he did was so that he could win all of the things
that a dictator uses is the same script that has been used since the beginning
of time you know why because Devils fallen angels principalities possess
these leaders and they do it because it works just like it is now Hitler turned
children against their parents brother against brother husband against wife
same thing that’s going on today it’s a political tool that the enemy Satan uses
to cause confusion and anger and it does bring hate because that’s the point so
let’s move forward Donna I’m gonna have this expose on Donald Trump being a part
of the mob and just real quick folks if you have access to the website go to my
website watchman’s cry calm there’s an article there married to the mob ladies
and gentlemen we have a problem our country is in trouble because the expose
on these things that I want to talk about today are known by Robert Mueller
they’re known by the Department of Justice are known by the FBI and I don’t
see how based on what I was able to uncover and I don’t have access to all
the papers that he does I don’t have the million emails from Michael Cohen they
have the paperwork of the arrangements that were made with a mafioso bosses and
the money-laundering individuals we are talking the highest levels of organized
corruption the highest that you can get folks it involves murder bloodshed
thievery theft of billions of dollars from several countries this is not just
one country it’s all over the world Trump has rubbed shoulders with mobsters
cartel leaders he has been with these guys for years you know people say
Hillary’s evil and Bill Clinton’s evil because he raped little girls Jeffrey
Epstein’s little Lolita Express plane in black book did have Bill Clinton in it
but guess who else was in it Donald Trump he had Donald Trump’s phone number
he’s getting sued by a Jane Doe for raping her when she was 13 years old at
one of Jeffery Epstein’s party she tried to sue him and then she went away Donna
when I was doing this research it just never ended you know people say it was
his past just forgive him for it I don’t understand how he was able to do some of
these things in the past and he’s not in prison now I don’t understand that when
a few things is going on he’s very slick he’s just a lucky guy or
he’s covered by Naugles mantle Satan protects his own an Ergo by the way
ladies and gentlemen is a principality who’s been around for thousands of years
he was worshipped in old Babylon when we look at Revelation it says in Revelation
18 verse 2 that Babylon has become a prison and a cage for every unclean and
hateful bird and demons so a migration of demons has been occurring a
here to America and those demon creatures have come to America and they
have infested the church not the world they’ve infested the church this started
in oh wait we had the Lakeland revival or actually
2008 during the Lakeland revival that summer when todd Bentley showed up in
Florida and all those Christians went to Florida to sit there and get slimed by
him they took that slime to got in their vans went back home to their church and
slam their church and for 10 years that theology has been spreading like a
plague where now we have a lot of Christians who believe militantly in
this dominionist 7 mountain lie this nar new apostolic reformation lie where
there needs to be a political representative who will sit in the Oval
Office and work with the Christians to bring God’s rescue and isn’t it funny
how history repeats itself where you had the disciples wanting Jesus to step up
and take over the government the government of the earth and Judas wanted
him to do that and here we are today waiting for the glorious return of Jesus
and we have a group of Christians who think that they are gonna somehow take
over this worldly disgusting foul government and turn it into something
that Jesus can use Jesus doesn’t need this
he doesn’t need America he doesn’t need our country when he comes back he needs
Paul the white diamond and that’s why she’s the cleric when I was
investigating Trump you know I was wondering how far back does his money
laundering go you know some people would think what’s wrong with money laundering
it’s just the government whining over not getting tax revenue so if they want
to hide it that’s their business but here’s where the problem is the money
that is being hidden is blood money that’s the problem it’s money that’s
been stolen from the people of Russia Kazakhstan or it’s the remnants of blood
money from selling drugs heroin addicted people or crackheads you know the narco
druggies down in mineral America make all that money and they need to park it
somewhere so they’ll use a money launderer to try to make it legitimate
money and that’s where Donald Trump came in because they would come to him with a
suitcase full of money and buy his condo and he’s been doing this since the 80s
Don I found a report in his home that my article where he sold a condo to the
Haitian murderer baby doc the Haitian murdered the son of Papa Doc Duvalier in
Haiti who were responsible for the murder of a lot of patients and he hid
it in a lot of places but one of the places was Trump Tower the same Tower
you know the famous towers exist today he bought a unit for 1.65 million
dollars from Donald Trump Donald Trump went to the closing in escrow office and
was there and signed the document and I placed it on my website ladies and
gentlemen you can go there and see it I also have a download of the deed for
Duvalier x’ exchange of real estate in a PDF you can download it and look at it
it’s interesting Trump’s signature changed over the years
but he sold a unit to a dictator now the dictator used a lawyer a representative
so Trump could probably claim I don’t know who they are and I found that over
and over when he was being asked do you know this guy you know this Russian do
you know this ex mobster do you know this cartel member nope don’t know him
never heard of him and then it turns out that they have a office right next door
Felix Sater is a mobster he was a money launderer and he was operating his
company bay rock to launder money for the Russian mob bay rock had their
offices on the floor right under Donald Trump’s apartment Trump was asked in a
deposition do you know who Felix Sater is and Trump said nope are you sure if
he was in the room I wouldn’t recognize him and then it turns out that Felix
aider had a business card that said Trump properties on it so Trump used him
to go to Russia to sell condos you know I am the law and order president he said
it at the RNC Donna I am the law and order president but the laws apply to
you and me not to him exactly it doesn’t apply to Donald Trump and I don’t
understand how the evangelicals can you know I can point this out they don’t
know that over the years Donald Trump has gone on TV and said some very weird
things about his daughter I don’t know if they don’t know it or if they just
excuse it if they say it’s okay it was then not now he went on the viewed and
said if she wasn’t his daughter he would date her
no father who loves his child like a father supposed to love them wouldn’t
talk about their sexuality or their sexiness you know your daughter grows
out to be a beautiful woman you don’t admire her body what kind of man does
that and you have a picture on your article that as a mother and as a woman
who survived being molested not by my father but by other men it’s a picture
of him sitting on some kind of weird statue and his daughter’s on his lap and
he likes to put his hand on her hip in a very weird spot and she’s looking at him
like he’s God’s gift to her and the fact that he actually took the picture one
and then said yeah that’s a great picture published that one Donna she’s
wearing a miniskirt a little thin tank top she has his chin in her hand like
she’s gonna kiss him or something it’s just it’s weird I could see this as an
engagement photo that setup that they have there that could be somebody’s
engagement photo that’s how intimate it is it’s in a product li intimate it does
look intimate like a dating couple or marriage or something right yes
even if it was the photographer who said do this do that wouldn’t he say hello
this is my daughter let’s do something a little more wholesome it went to print
was in a magazine he is perverse so he doesn’t regard the
pure desire that women have either for wanting a husband and a father is that
what it means it could mean a variety of things that’s what we’re doing here
folks we are examining the truth we’re breaking it open we’re not afraid to
look at it because as Christians we need to face it so that we know which
direction to go and by the way let me say this Donna there’s well-meaning
people out there who love God they can hear from the Holy Spirit but we are in
a human body and when God talks to us it does have to filter through our human
our flesh and sometimes the flesh is not a very good filter when God’s trying to
talk to us because our flesh gets in the way our pride gets in the way or the
devil will throw things in there and throw us off and they’re so our memories
our experiences those can get in the way too some people say and I’ve heard this
several times God revealed to me that Hillary is this or that God revealed to
me that Obama is the Antichrist God revealed to me Obama’s coming back God
revealed to me Obama’s gonna take over God revealed to me that Trump is God’s
man God revealed to me that Trump is here to do a good thing so they’re using
that God told me that God revealed and they’re basing direction that they’re
going through on that by itself and Jesus did not say that that’s what we’re
supposed to go on you never did folks there is no verse that says just go back
what God told me it says that we must find a witness we need to confirm we
need to test the spirits test that means that we get a witness we find facts we
able to back it up we’re able to prove it when we look at the law in the Old
Testament there was a requirement of two or three witnesses before you condemn
someone it goes the same way with the direction of our life if we’re gonna say
well I’m gonna follow this King Herod because the Lord shared and revealed to
me that’s not enough folks we have to look at the fruit Jesus said examine the
fruit a good tree cannot give you rotten fruit it’s impossible it’s impossible so
when we look at Trump you’re supposed to be looking at his fruit my friend if he
were any kind of Christian if he were a baby Christian there would still be
fruit there there is not fruit a baby Christian does not walk into a church
and wave at everybody like he the whole reason that people are there that’s not
what any kind of Christian would do they would come in humbly because they are
there to receive something from Jesus not to be praised for having shown up in
the sanctuary was that disrespectful it’s disrespectful to God it’s putting
yourself Oh Here I am look at me I’m gonna stay here in this front pew every
let me wave at everybody behind me cuz I’m here aren’t you happy let no one
deceive you by any means for that day will not come unless the falling away
comes first and the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition who
opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped
so that he sits as God in the temple of God did
the temple of God didn’t attempt to live a god ladies and gentlemen if you are
gonna put the trust of your life on a politician wouldn’t it serve as a good
discipline to actually know what you’re committing to you Donna wouldn’t it be
important to kind of know isn’t that important to know the background his
history Christians and evangelicals they’ll just sidestep and say it doesn’t
matter what the history is I don’t care so they don’t even want to look so
they’re blinding themselves but without looking we’re not going to see it and
the people that are awake are the ones that we’re willing to look at it so when
I was trying to figure this about Trump step one is to look at the history and
present behavior as well we can add that look at what they’re doing not what they
say look at what they’re doing ladies and gentlemen that’s 101 because Donald
Trump says a lot of stuff if we’re gonna get to the truth we have to examine
Trump’s history and then we need to find documentation and this is the part that
a lot of people lacking I don’t know why folks we need to try a little bit harder
to do our own research look things up when you hear about a report when Trump
tweets something Google it to see if it’s true fact check it don’t go to Fox
News Reuters Reuters is a place where people
put articles that they’ve who what where when why and how they’ve done the
research so we have to do the research and find the documentation and then we
have to disregard the lyin voices that are out there and then we have to
compare what we found with what’s in the scripture doesn’t match up see
evangelicals need to be able to look at that and say well those Bibles does
forbid what Trump’s doing right now I’m disappointed and I have to call it out
there’s nothing wrong with calling it out Dada but some people are so afraid
because they think that it makes them look bad or something I don’t understand
but we’re gonna call it out and that’s what we do here we’re excavating Trump’s
history we’re shining the light and we’re looking now Donna as I stated him
Holman ago there’s a freighter a cargo ship of so much information of things
that he has done with money laundering and mob activity and you know if you
were to ask where did he do it Nathan when he owned the casinos the Taj Mahal
the Atlantic City casino remember that and then he
quickly went bankrupt it didn’t take him long to the taj mahai he only had four
barely a year or two at the most how did that happen if he’s such a great
businessman and he went bankrupt you spend more than you have that’s that’s
how you go bankrupt the Taj Mahal for the Taj Mahal to be built he sold junk
bonds way more than the price of the actual casino to build so I asked the
question where’s all the extra money Donna he collected more money than the
casino cost and then he went bankrupt something’s messed up but at that time
he had the Trump shuttle so he is not as successful as he tried to proclaim but
when he lost the Taj Mahal the bankers I remember this way back when the bankers
had a choice and they said we could make his bankruptcy reflect total ruin where
he loses everything but then we could take it all the way or we could give him
one of those restructuring let’s give him a chance now the people that chose
to do this the bankers that sat in the meeting one of them was Wilbur Ross he’s
a Treasury secretary appointed Wilbur Ross and will pay back at that time
Wilbur Ross worked for the Rothschild bank and he decided to give Trump a
second chance so I wonder what strings did that deal come with because at
chemistry oh for sure it didn’t and after he went bankrupt for about a year
or two we didn’t hear about him much and then all of a sudden he’s back and over
the course of several years he built the Trump Soho he built one in
Florida Panama and now when we look at his
business model he built high-rises all over the world
and sometimes he’d licenses his name and he gets a cut out of every unit that
they sell that’s the arrangement they had in Panama every time he sold one he
got part of the cut but he wasn’t the principal owner it was a licensing deal
however Ivanka was responsible she took part from start to finish of the
building decorating it and then selling the units and here’s where it got
interesting the real estate agent who was in charge of sales knew a bunch of
mobsters and started selling a bunch of units and he told her you know these are
priced too low so they tripled the price to almost a half a million dollars a
unit at first we’re gonna be like 100 fifty thousand a unit but he pre-sold
get this pre-sold 666 units 666 yeah you pre-sold and the people that were buying
them were members of cartels from Middle America
drug cartels were buying up uh-huh they were cleaning their money they were
cleaning their money and then Russians started showing up with suitcases of
money and he sold them all and then she went home a happy person because the
Trump’s were made rich and there were a bunch of thugs and we know how the
cartel members in South America operate in Mineral America yeah they’re very
cruel is it just business nice businessmen trying to make a but no
they’re not nice businessmen and you’ll get a kitchen bag with someone’s head in
it if you cross them but Trump has done
business with them and ladies and gentlemen this is all documented and I’m
gonna go into it very very deep in my next article that’s gonna be coming out
the one in Panama the one in Panama that’s called the Trump Ocean Club that
was a licensing deal and he was able to sell a bunch of them and for him to
claim ignorance because that’s what’s gonna happen when he faces Mueller
Robert Mueller in the investigation for you ever goes to trial with this he’s
gonna claim that he didn’t know no can he get away with this I don’t know how
he can but money laundering is one of the
hardest crimes for investigators I think I saw some number that they’re only able
to convict five to ten percent of them out of all of them buying and selling
real estate is one of the best ways for money launderers Trump has mastered it
he bought a house for forty million dollars and then he resold it for a
hundred million dollars and some change it was some crazy number to a Russian
oligarch who never occupied it now they’re tearing it down
Trump is constantly attacking Mueller I think Mueller knows what he has and he’s
just knocking the dominoes down one at a time but Trump says there was no
collusion it’s a witch hunt and then the his tweet fanclub hears him
say that and I see the repeats on Facebook Donna they said Mueller has
nothing it’s a witch hunt they’re repeating what they hear Trump say so
how do you been doing any research they just decide it’s fake news
when the Soviet Union fell murmur when it fell tear down this wall Boris
Yeltsin was the president and the final straw was Russia couldn’t pay on one of
its debts and they went bankrupt and then that began the chain reaction they
knew that was coming Boris Yeltsin knew that they weren’t
gonna be able to manage the debt so a last-ditch effort to raise money was
done by the Soviet government where they took factories and they auctioned off
factories but here’s what ended up happening and this all happened around
the same time of the fall of the Soviet Union where the auctions were done by
banks but the auctions were not open to foreign investors they were only open to
ex-ministers in the Soviet government it was a theft
it was a huge theft so the banks were in on it and they got kickbacks from the
oligarchs and they got money together crooked money they took money that
wasn’t theirs and then they bought factories from the bank in these rigged
auctions so then 100 people approximately oligarchs this is from
some reports I’ve read one hundred people ended up with all the factories
of Russia hundred people and the guy at the very top guess who it is done Putin
Putin Putin rated the till himself and he didn’t have money he was a KGB guy he
didn’t come from money he didn’t come from money he robbed it
himself he’s the mob boss there are estimates that his wealth is somewhere
over 200 billion dollars it’s some crazy number that would make him the richest
man in the world so the oligarchs didn’t even have the
money to buy the factories so they stole the money from the Russian people and
then they used the stolen money to buy the factories that were stolen from the
Russian people yes so these oligarchs have all these
crooked money and they here’s the other thing they didn’t want to keep the
factory money that they make in the bank because some other oligarch would income
and that’s also going on they fight each other but they don’t want to keep their
money in the banks that are corrupt so they take the money out of the Russian
banks and put him in the United States real estate in real estate tangible
assets inter Donald Trump before the Soviet Union fell one of the ambassadors
from the Soviet Union contacted him and his first wife at the time of Ivana
and invited him to the Soviet Union so he went to the Soviet Union this is in
the 80s and they said we want to make deal with you to build hotel here relax
that our hotel so they talked to him in 80s to build a luxury hotel and he got
all excited whoa I’m in trouble right now just lost the Taj Mahal this is
great and that deal fell apart however Donald Trump comes back to the
United States and then he’s contacted by russki and bastide’s
we have there for you in your new tower so Trump is building his Tower and an
individual shows up with a suitcase full of money he bought six of the units
that’s what got this started in Trump Tower and then before he knows it more
show up and he’s selling them to these Russians these are those Russians the
oligarchs that need to hide their money so Trump starts thinking to himself oh
hey I have inventory units they’ll buy him I know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna
build more units and that’s what he did and ladies and gentlemen make note from
that point on he started building there all over the world and he was flushed
with cash the people who bought from him always bought with cash Eric Trump let
it leak a few times of sort of Don junior on two different occasions
because someone asked him where do you get your money to build your condos
because the economy’s terrible right now and they said we don’t use banks
we don’t need banks we have access to Russian money
Eric Trump said that and so did jr. they said it mm-hmm
I bet they wish they wouldn’t have said that the Scotland golf course yes he’s
poured several hundred million to that thing yes he bought it with cash and
improved it with cash and which is amazing for a man who when he had the
Taj Mahal had to borrow so much money to make it work
right but now he’s the cash man he’s to say I’m a king of debt I know I
understood good and no one knows it more than me yet but now he likes cash Donna
where’s that cash coming from he’s laundering money the Scottish golf
course in Scotland is to launder money in folks I’m gonna have another article
part two I’m gonna lay it out I’m gonna show you this is the biggest research
paper I’ve ever done in my life because I start down a rabbit trail and
following bread crumbs the names the Russian names that
the Russian names are super long already right 20 syllables
I have read some Russian novels and it is so hard to follow them because of the
names when you look at Trump’s history with these oligarchs the list is so long
ladies and gentlemen of all of these criminals and the number one FBI wanted
by the FBI criminal in the whole world the number one guy worked with with
Seder you know I said the guy the bay Rock he had the office under Trump and
Trump Tower yes Seder worked with the number one wanted criminal of the
Russian mob say to worked with him and these are the people who Trump knows
Trump knows the number one mob guy in the whole world has done business with
him it’s to build towers to sell units and to cut deals so when that dossier
came out during the election you know they said Hillary and McCain funded it
from GPS investigations and it’s a witch-hunt it’s a fake dossier you know
that dossier does Christopher steel the British mi6 agent went to Russia and got
this dossier he talked to Russian agents he was mi6 he knows KGB people so he
wrote the dossier of all the things that was going on and in one of those things
it says a sexual thing occurred with Trump and two prostitutes when he was in
Moscow and a lot of people are speculating on that saying whoa so Trump
had a tryst with two prostitutes and everyone’s gonna have an opinion on that
if that’s the one that’s true for most evangelicals they’re not gonna care
because people have affairs right and God forgives don’t care about storming
daniels they don’t care about care rights so that one’s not dirty enough
for them to bother them and i don’t think that’s what the problem is what
they have on trump the dirty money loans the agreements the handshakes and the
filmed videotape of the deals happening and the emails of trumps money
laundering and involvement with the mob stuff so putin they call it you know the
honeypot when they will get a prostitute and film them and then you have them you
can threaten them hey i’ll show your wife the video of you with prostitute
you’ll do what i want so you do what i say you become president you get rid of
sanctions over russia no more sex and that’s
one of the things that Trump has been pushing to get rid of sanctions why
because he’s been told to he’s been told and encouraged by Putin the mob guy not
Putin the President Putin the mob guy is the puppet master over Trump so the big
question Donna is how far is Muller gonna take his investigation Trump is
arguing and so is Giuliani you know the girl man yes he likes to dress up and
drag why I don’t understand ladies and gentlemen did you see the
pictures I have him I mean that article he likes to put on makeup lipstick he
likes to wear lipstick done and put on a bra what it’s just gross
Giuliani his lawyer yes he’s a girly man you know where does it stop
we’re gonna defend you know you got Jerry Falwell Jr we’re gonna defend this
guy cuz he’s God’s man and his lawyer wears girl clothes yeah Roy Cohn Trump’s
mentor was a homosexual well he didn’t consider himself a homosexual because he
wasn’t like Richard Simmons yes he didn’t have a limp wrist he only had sex
with manly men so therefore he’s not really a homosexual exactly and that’s
what Roger stone said just because you have sex with men doesn’t make you a
homosexual it’s effeminate men that are homosexual
yeah so I guess Rudy Giuliani’s not a homosexual
he’s just him whatever that means okay but Giuliani has been arguing and he’s
telling Trump this Giuliani is painting a narrative and he’s putting a picture
in the mind of his followers in a support base to appear that Trump has
the handshake and say okay we’re gonna take the election and steal it
Hillary’s not gonna win do you have the key to the black box and we’re gonna
flick the switch and hack into the voting machines that’s what he’s
painting a picture of accusation when that’s not what Mueller’s doing that’s
not what Mueller’s doing because the head of the FBI Rosenstein gave the
instructions to Mueller and said to study collusion with Russia but whatever
else rises up out of that we also want you to investigate that that was
included in the directive directive and that right there gives Rosenstein and
Mueller the license to while they’re looking for
and then they see looks like money laundering for mobsters now he can start
going in that direction but it’s still collusion with Russia right and see
that’s the other thing evangelicals are thinking collusion with
Russia they’re thinking flicking the switch on the ballot box and that Putin
and the Kremlin are behind it and the Kremlin might have been maybe maybe they
were but it’s the mobsters that are behind it
well I think that people don’t separate them the Kremlin is their operating
government these are people that are appointed and elected and they have
elections in Russia granted a lot of them are fixed and then there’s the
oligarchs the oligarchs secretly run the country exactly because Putin is the
president and Putin runs a kleptocracy and he’s the guy the topping klepto
maniac do yes they all stole what they have it’s that so in a sense there’s
like two putin’s there’s putin there’s president of russia and then there is
putin that is a head of the oligarchs exactly
so when Mueller’s doing this investigation he has the license to look
into whatever else may arrive that’s the directive and that’s very interesting
Donna because Mueller has brought on to his team the number one prosecutor I
mean these are like the all-stars of the Department of Justice these guys are
good and they’re not talking they’re not talking but he brought in prosecutors
and he took him off cases that are big-time cases and he brought him over
and the people that he brought over done and guess what they’re good at studying
and looking into money laundering and mob stuff yes hiding accounts bank
records shell companies that’s who Mueller has
working for right now and no they’re not talking now ladies and gentlemen this is
all documented if you just go to Fox News for your source you’re not gonna
get this no you no no because they’re gonna deny that any of this exists or
they’re gonna you know make an excuse for it you know if you see somebody
throughout their whole lives and they’re hanging around with gangsters and evil
people and you keep seeing it over and over again and then you’re like oh but
now they’re good that’s not really how it works unless he did have a
come-to-jesus moment which there is no evidence at all that he had to come to
Jesus moment even when he had that meeting he said yo
our religion your God he separated himself this past that we’re talking
about affects exactly who he is today it’s how he got to be who he is today
this is what’s so incredible and I’m disappointed on it cuz we know that
that’s out there we know you can go down to Florida and it’s called little Moscow
the other Trump Tower that he sold in Florida outside of Miami was bought up
by okay it is just crazy Donna the guy that bought it that helped him push it
to sell the real estate is an ex-member of the KGB and he served in the
government of the KGB and he went to Florida and he worked at Donald Trump to
sell the units in another Tower and while he was there he started up a
motorcycle gang called the Spetsnaz this person as is the Special Forces from the
Russian military they’re equal to the Navy SEALs maybe you’re their means yeah
but those bestnice guys no longer are in the Army in the military and they don’t
work for the Soviet they’re retired guess where all those Spetsnaz guys are
now guess where they found new employment better with all the oligarchs
exactly they are the collectors they are the henchmen for these mobs you see this
is what makes the Russian mob the most powerful mafia in the world folks please
understand this these are war trained people that they fought in the Ukraine
Donna they found in the Civil War and they they know how to kill people
yes creatively they fought in Georgia they fought in Chechnya they fought in
their war trains and of course we have our guys but these are Spetsnaz and they
are mean they needed employment so they got hired by these mob leaders these mob
leaders came to America and they’re selling units in Trump’s buildings so
you have these KGB people with bodyguards who are from Spetsnaz and now
they have a motorcycle gang down in Florida you know a few years ago we
would talk about the Russian invasion that’s coming and I remember a lot of
our colleagues talk about how evil they were and we have to be ready for them
and Spetsnaz is bad bad bad they’re gonna come they’re gonna invade us be
ready right now ladies and gentlemen think about this
they’re here they’re here and his comrades yes mm-hmm
and here’s another thing the Russian mob is big into sex trade stealing women for
the sex trade it’s huge they do it in their country all the time
they they get young girls you’re gonna get a job in America you can get a job
they’re doing it here too ladies and gentleman there’s so much
illegal activity going on this mobster activity is going on and you know when I
wrote my article I said Tamar I mentioned that Donna the more I’d
uncovered the more I found it was just like seriously it’s dirty when I first
started my investigation I thought Trump’s worst sin was to prostitutes and
in a Moscow I mean that already is bad and supposedly it was the same room that
Obama used so he wanted to defile it in the dossier said that Trump asked the
prostitutes to defile it with urine on the mattress the two prostitutes because
he wanted to pay back Obama which I don’t even that doesn’t even compute
that is not even a drop in the bucket of the dirt that is out there on Donald
Trump folks this stuff is coming to the light and I don’t know how much Muller
is gonna deal with you know I’m actually fearful for his life Muller in the team
so I want to ask that listeners out there say a prayer for Muller he’s
working for the people of the United States he’s working for the sanctity of
the United States and the Constitution and the continuation of this government
with checks and balances you know people say they want to make America great if
America is great that includes the checks and balances and the branches
that’s what makes America great if they want to say that they’re looking at
things because if we don’t have those branches then we’re a banana republic
folks we’re a plantation Hitler Mussolini we are under a dictatorship
and for people to just sidestep this activity Dada that goes against the
Constitution and they say Mueller’s bad in the media is bad and all these things
that make us have our freedom are bad because Trump said so they are writing
their own death warrant they’re signing the death warrant to America is what
they’re doing they’re crocheting their own news folks that’s what’s going on
Trump is a dictator in the making and this cannot continue it cannot continue
who would you rather have pants or Hillary I would take pants but I want to
preserve our form of government our form of government is
a constitutional republic with branches separated branches that have equal power
we need to preserve that you can’t have one branch attacking another branch and
and trying to denigrate them so that they can rise in power and folks we’re
not talking about a leaning toward independent or libertarian or
constitutional party or republican we’re not talking about parties here we’re
talking about the the basic formation the structure of America checks and
balances keep everybody in line the president is not above the law
and yes Mueller at first was examining the collusion and some people think he’s
just looking at an ethical violation it’s just an ethic thing it’s no big
deal so what so Manafort didn’t register as
an agent a foreign agent or a spy so what also he had some money he didn’t
declare so what that’s peanuts all of that is true Donna but what Trump is
done not only with the mobster activity but the way he behaves trying to
sidestep and misdirect and throw red herrings out and deceive and lie
he needs to be accountable for his crimes
if all those people were hollering lock her up lock up Hillary locked up Hillary
then he is not above the law it applies to him as well and if you
consider yourself a patriot you cannot have your allegiance to one man
your allegiance cannot be to Donald Trump your allegiance has to be to how
the American government was set up for the people by the people of the people
that’s why we have presidents that come and go so we don’t have allegiance to a
man we have allegiance to an idea but that’s what’s going on it’s to trump the
allegiance is to trump and you know Donna it’s amazing with Trump Trump
doesn’t garner normalcy it’s insanity and even evangelicals Donna they have
right and wrong don’t they they have black and white they should at least
most normal people have a standard of black or white even liberals have a
standard of what they consider black and white but with Trump there’s no black
and white and there’s no gray there’s just Trump
Trump’s moral color is Trump it’s not black or white it’s Trump because he’s
the most important he has to win he has to be the last man standing he has to be
the one that’s right he has to be the one that everyone’s clapping for he has
to be at the top of everyone’s attention at the the headline it has to be Trump
Trump is the color of morality amongst the evangelicals and that is that’s an
anthem and that is heresy it is blasphemy it is everything that I never
thought I would witness here in America I’m watching right now and then we have
to take it right back to if we’re watching this insanity take place before
our eyes that is the number one reason the Trump’s on the table as possibly the
little horn right because of the allegiance that people have to this man
this self-centered narcissistic sociopath
that happens to be in the White House right now has garnered so much
allegiance from evangelicals and others it defies biblical knowledge it defies
common sense and yet that’s what’s going on that’s why he’s on the table what
does that mean see a lot of people get mad because I say so would you rather
have Hillary when I bring this information that doesn’t mean we’re
yearning for Hillary there’s more choices than that but it also means this
it means that this is what time it is it’s a marker on the the map of time
we’re watching the United States past marker after marker that America as we
know it it’s gonna crumble we are watching the beginnings of a
dictatorship of an authoritarian how can he do it Nathan he has 60 million who
would defend them if they try to depose him he has a lot of faithful ones in the
military and if America can survive Donald Trump and a national emergency
what’s gonna come out on the other side you know I keep saying this prophecy is
gonna happen but it might not happen in the way we’re expecting when it says in
Revelation 13 the Beast rose from the sea and one of the heads was wounded
from a wound of a sword yes traditionally they said that’s the
Antichrist he gets shot in the head he’s gonna die and come back to life that’s
tradition by the way ladies and gentlemen the Beast of Revelation 13 is
not a human the Beast of Revelation 13 is the endtime Empire and this is
confirmed at Daniel 7 where it says the final beast the fourth beast is a
kingdom it says that in Daniel 7 thus he said the fourth beast shall be a fourth
Kingdom on earth which shall be different from all other kingdoms and
shall devour the whole earth trample it and break it in pieces Daniel 7:23 when
the Beast rises it’s a keen dumb if one of the seven heads is wounded
that’s not a literal human head that means one of the areas the regions of
this Empire is wounded for more so whatever one of the heads is the United
States North America and we’re gonna have a civil war it can play out several
ways but it could be with civil war that scorches a portion of the country we
could see this Donna Marshall law or it could get ugly or we could be facing a
war with Russia against China or a proxy war in Syria or against Iran there’s a
lot of areas that this is gonna happen Trump had talked about invading
Venezuela still has invade Venezuela killing Assad assassinated him so while
this emergency and I do call it this people say we could be headed for a
constitutional crisis know we’re there yeah we are facing a constitutional
crisis right now so what is the outcome gonna be to just sit on our hands and
say that it’s deep state trying to depose Trump is listening to the lies
also that more lies on cue and on is a liar there is no deep state q and on is
a Russian agent he’s Russian shill he’s some Russian guy who knows English who’s
typing from Moscow or some building in the Kremlin q and is not real but that’s
what the evangelicals are following Donna they’re following this lie this is
part of the constitutional crisis that we’re talking about you have all these
evangelicals and people who are supposedly Patriots following this q and
on who said that McCain was taken before a secret military tribunal found guilty
and executed and they’re cheering it and they say that Hillary the same thing
happened to her and they’ve now replaced her with a clone or a look-alike say
that again they’re saying that who’s they this Q and on and all the followers
of Q and on are saying that Hillary was taken before
a military tribunal tried found guilty and executed summarily and this is all
done in secret and they are cheering this and these people call themselves
patron he is out and about she has a clone or a look so this is a clone that
we see you now on TV that’s what you and on is telling people and they’re
believing it people are believing it they’ve said it on threads I’ve seen it
said but okay even worse than saying it is they’re cheering it they’re going
yeah they’re dead I hated them and I’m so glad they’re dead okay two points one
are you an American or not cuz that goes against our Constitution in our form of
government and are you a Christian or not because we don’t rejoice if somebody
died we don’t rejoice do not rejoice when your enemy Falls that’s the Bible
man looking at you and you mentioned one thing and then you kept on going but I
want to back up just for a second you said they cloned Hillary people believe
this Hillary’s a clone yes okay let me just say this officially the position of
watchman’s cry you ready Don it okay I’m ready that’s just dumb incredibly dumb
who believes that why would you believe McCain was killed now I believe Mark
Taylor had another false prophecy and he said military tribunals are coming
they’re gonna arrest Obama and some of the other X’s right they’re gonna arrest
them and execute them so is this an effort to try to legitimize that false
prophecy and apply something that didn’t happen to it and then they’re gonna
package it and market it that way is that what yes I think that this Qun on
whoever it is Russia or Roger stone or you know whoever else does this kind of
creepy stuff latched on to this false prophecy by Mark Taylor and it is a
false prophecy and they have incorporated that into the lies that
they’re doling out to people but what if that clone misbehaves what happens then
I guess that clone would have to go before a military tribunal be found
guilty then be executed and then they’ll have to find a new clone dynamesh is
dumb that’s just I mean it’s not even a good movie plot – okay
now folks we’re supposed to be the light of the world meaning you know we provide
the answers that are true is that what we’re turned into the people who are the
light of the world evangelicals quote/unquote believe
things that are so I mean they can’t even get creative with something better
than that that’s what’s being offered and then
people are swallowing that yes yes they are
how do you prove cue nuns bad though or wrong someone might be saying well how
do I know okay cue non has given false predictions they have said two years ago
that in March I think that there’s gonna be massive arrests in Washington DC for
child trafficking of high-profile people well it never happened and he this thing
has made several predictions like that they have not come to pass that’s kind
of a clue but if they say well you know you didn’t see it come to pass because
it happened secretly and the way is everybody in DC clone now you have to
throw away all common sense all biblical understanding in order to follow after
this cue thing folks if you’re following cue I can’t force you to stop it but if
you were my son or my daughter and I was asked about your participation with cue
I would tell you stop it because it’s a lie and it’s making Christians look
silly it makes Christians look like we’re
uneducated Donna that’s the other thing when people swallow up all this it’s
like a middle-aged Dark Age nonsense where they just believe the magician of
the sorcerer oh they made the Sun go away wow they’re magic that how smart
they are Christians look stupid right now we look dumb I mean we really do to
believe this yes folks we can’t we can’t do this we can’t behave this way
well Nathan what’s the better way the better way is to know the truth and
here’s the deal there’s no choice it’s not about if you acknowledge that Trump
is this evil guy that I’m sharing that that’s gonna solve everything and then
there’s a remedy there is no remedy for this this is where we are we are in a
mess right now we are at the next phase of a new judge
God’s been just in America for several years now but the sword judgment is
coming war is coming and by the way as I speak the East Coast is getting hammered
by flooding and destruction we don’t even know how bad that one’s gonna be
but judgments coming with war and when I say make note the Donald Trump is
deceiving everyone would would you rather have Hillary see a question like
that means that I’m offering a solution to an uncomfortable season there’s no
solution there’s no remedy there’s no reprieve from an
uncomfortable season where in the end times and in the intent it’s gonna be
uncomfortable because the devil is gonna make war with the Saints and we’ve
talked about that Donna right now those spirits are bringing oppression to the
Brethren there’s others that are responsible for deception and they are
putting blinders over people’s eyes if it just defies logic I don’t know how
people could fall for it makes no sense I don’t get it but this is where we are
so where are we headed let’s talk about this because we’re running out of time
folks this is where we’re headed the United States is under siege and it’s
not let me stress it is not deep State the United States is under siege by
deceiving spirits and a principality who is in possession of Donald Trump’s body
Donald Trump is possessed by a very very powerful principality I’m not talking
about a little MP demon I mean a principality principalities a fallen
angel they can possess people so can demons but a fallen angel can’t
possess someone and we know this because Jesus said what you do do quickly to
Judas and from that moment the Bible says Satan entered him
Satan’s an angel so principalities or angels fallen angels Trump is possessed
by a very powerful principality whose resume is very skilled for interception
and taking a country into authoritarian dictatorship massacre that’s what
they’re good at and you cannot be indwelt by a principality without
cooperating with them so he’s not innocent in this he knows what’s going
on just like you see all the videos of rock-and-roll stars you sold their soul
to the devil it’s like that power is not just in rock and roll
it’s Impala x2 it’s in business so this principality
is operating inside Donald Trump Donald Trump is a madman
he’s crazy he’s lost his marbles and that principality is gonna do some crazy
things if Donald Trump is not the Antichrist if he’s not I would rather
have him impeached tomorrow and Mike Pence take over until we get an election
and then we can get someone level-headed you know let’s uh rewind let’s try to
fix this thing this mess if we’re not in the end times Donna then we need to fix
this mess the number one thing that needs to happen first is Donald Trump
needs to be impeached or he has to be resigning because he is not fit for
office I’m done with speculation that maybe give him a chance he’s crazy to do
what he did about the Puerto Rican thing the 3,000 is a lie he’s crazy
ladies and gentlemen Donald Trump is crazy and he will shoot you he was shoot
your family if you’re in the way of his motives he doesn’t care he’ll drop a
bomb in your house over your town he doesn’t care the moment you quit
praising him you are his enemy all he wants is loyalty he’s a mob boss in the
mob if you’re not loyal you end up in the trunk of a car at the wrecking yard
and the loyalty doesn’t go both ways No so this is what’s dangerous this is
what’s very concerning Trump needs a distraction right now not tomorrow not
next month not in around Christmastime or next year he needs it today right now
because he’s in trouble he’s backed up against the wall he doesn’t trust anyone
now that that Bob Woodward book came out fear that went around interviewing
different members of the staff he has all the recordings to prove what he says
and the outcome of the book basically summarizes with this no one likes Trump
in the White House none of them they don’t trust him they think he’s crazy
and they after they leave the room they talk amongst themselves on how whacked
he is Nathan come on that’s just Woodworks book there’s no proof to that
yeah there is how many staff members have come and gone already
how many secretaries of state leaders of different areas have come and gone
because they said I can’t work with him how many it’s shattering the numbers are
breaking records and these are men and women who have survived the political
climate through many presidents there are military generals
that are resigning because they don’t want to work for Trump military people
there are ex CEOs that work for them they said I can’t no I can’t do this
someone just resigned yesterday another one what’s going on right now in the
United States is under siege Trump is taking the country into uncharted
territory where the Constitution is now in jeopardy so what do we do number one
we have to acknowledge it we have to admit it to ourselves and say we’re in
trouble this is not right he’s not right and if we finally see and if we admit to
ourselves Donna that Donald Trump is not right I think the scales will come off
some people if they’re willing to admit that the process of waking up about
Donald Trump is to admit that he is not right and he is dangerous for the
country he’s not gonna rescue as this $25,000
stock market it’s a bubble it’s not gonna last
again the Bank of International Settlements is gonna crash the economy
they know it’s coming Trump was put in there to crash the dollar but they
needed someone with a strong arm they needed a Mussolini to be in there they
needed a destroyer so when these dark events come as I stated Trump needs a
distraction what’s it gonna be and what level of influence does he have to cause
a distraction if he has this many people who are his enemies does he have the
ability and the influence to call up some general who has not turned on him
to visit him in his bedroom and says okay go for it do operation whatever
it’s called Operation pterodactyl yeah my go-ahead are there people in the
Pentagon who would be willing to cooperate with this I don’t know but
it’s very concerning because as you said people in the lower levels the Marines
and the army they don’t know they just they love Trump they love him you think
he’s great he bought him new new toys we as Americans need to quit being led
around by our pocketbook your extra thousand dollars a year in your pocket
is not more important than preserving this nation so what’s the event gonna be
done is it gonna be a war false flag I don’t know I just feel in my heart that
something’s up the false flag in Syria Russia’s reporting they keep reporting
on their news channels their news media they went to the UN and said it they
said we have been observing members of NATO
in the white helmets who are bringing in all of the ingredients to stage another
false flag they’re bringing in TV crews actors cameras they’re gonna stage
another false flag meanwhile the Russian Defense Ministry has warned that
militants in Italy are preparing a provocation Moscow says it has
intelligence that jihadists are getting ready and intending to stage a chemical
attack and then to lay the blame on the Assad government more the missive warns
that it’s the white helmets a pro rebel group that’ll be there first with
cameras and tweets as they usually are whenever there are rumors of chemical
attacks and we reached out to them for comment and as is also usual the US and
its pals stand ready with guns drawn we now see plans for the Syrian regime to
resume offensive military activities in Italy province we are obviously
concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again if
the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly it’s
getting very hot in the area America has just pulled up another
guided missile cruiser packed with Tomahawk missiles the weapon of choice
when attacking Syria also US strategic bombers heavy duty staff have just
arrived in the neighborhood the Russians are also acting moving more and more
ships to the Mediterranean rumors say submarines – and it’s all
dreadfully reminiscent of what happened last time
mere weeks before the alleged chemical incident in Goethe the incident that
provoked a British French and US missile barrage well mere weeks before that the
russians warned that rebels were preparing to stage a chemical attack now
they’re warning it’ll happen again which begs the question why oh why would assad
who has almost won this war why would he launch
chemical attack and invite disaster now the end result will be to give NATO the
right to bomb Syria once again and if Russian collateral may be damaged over
that so be it whatever we don’t know the outcome of
that Russia is saying they’re not gonna put up with it so ladies and gentlemen
we are watching a nightmare unfold we’re not haven’t done if we have six
more years of this what is the attitude of the church gonna be in six years of
all those demons have ready done this much damage how more ruthless will the
evangelicals be how more zealous will they be how more angry whether it be in
in violence will they be will they be ready to activate the phineus ministry
Donna you know the dominionists believe that at some point in the future God’s
gonna activate some soldiers for God these man-child warriors Joel’s army to
go out and whack all the people who are not participating in the endtime plan
you know just kill them which makes us their fodder
because oh they’ll kill us too yeah what’s the end game of this if this is
not the end times then we’re watching something very devilish take place that
is beyond it’s the just thought of something just no no no it’s the 1930s
and World War two all over again and I’ve stated this before the depression
was a judgment of God because at the same time the stock market crash and
everyone was broke we had the Dust Bowl famine drought
disease death 1929 and then there was a slight recovery for three years and then
in 32 it fell again and the recovery continued until 1941 so that was almost
10 years and then the war started we had the crash in o8 we’ve had 10 years so
the oh wait crash puts us at 29 or 32 around there and then we got attacked in
41 10 years later so are we looking at a repeat and out of that war one of the
participants is a crazy man actually there was several Mussolini and Hitler
oh and then you have the Emperor right oh and then you have Stalin yeah it was
a mess there was a lot of crazy people so was that the warm up was that the
teaser the trailer of what’s coming I don’t know but when we look right now
ladies and gentlemen now is not the time to be thinking we’re near reprieve it is
not Hitler contributed several years he became Chancellor at the end of 32 he
was he had a ceremony in 33 just like we do the inauguration and 39 he invades
Poland so for six years she built up the military yeah
brought prosperity gained their trust changed the law so he could be dictator
got rid of his opponents got rid of the media started his own media company with
Joseph Goebbels Hitler did all those things he brought prosperity back they
were happy and then he said now we’re gonna extend our reach and bring the
greatness to us the aryan greatness Trump’s doing all of those things he’s
bringing prosperity back the recovery stock market he has passed the stimulus
bill which included the Pentagon was asking for seven hundred and something
billion dollars he gave them eight hundred in something billion he gave him
extra almost a trillion dollars to rebuild the military several warships
are in there there’s another aircraft carrier several thousand I believe it’s
the numbers almost four thousand you to take over the MRAP the joint light
military vehicle it’s a smaller version of the MRAP but is ordering four
thousand of them right now why are they ordering four thousand new vehicles down
it to transport soldiers they’re getting ready for war yes that’s the bottom line
that’s what I’m saying the f-35 the new jet they ordered a bunch of those so
that’s where we are ladies and gentlemen the eve of destructions where we are the
eve of war so the people who are out there praising Trump and saying he’s
making us great he’s returning us all they’re looking at is the prosperity now
I just painted a picture of Trump is not the little horn that’s one of the
potentials what I just described a repeat of what we saw in 30s and 40s
which is possible I mean he could just embody the Antichrist spirit okay so if
that’s the case that means we’re about to see America get put into a blender
and the American people are gonna be put into a blender now folks please think
about that now there’s another outcome possible if Trump is the little horn if
he’s the Antichrist according to Daniel it says he’s gonna bring a lot of
prosperity to his his country his land with crappiness he will prosper and he
will do destroy with prosperity he was destroyed
wonderfully and he will flatter the people you know the saints of God the
people who love God he will flatter then and then he will trample on the Saints
and he will wear down the Saints so that means he’s gonna turn on the Saints if
Trump is the Antichrist he’s gonna turn eventually on the evangelicals you watch
it happen folks you watch it if he turns on the evangelicals and things start
getting weird then you better start saying your prayers I want to advise
that for everyone so anyway I gotta wrap this up we’re out of time I know that
I’ve shared a lot please share this program with everyone that you know and
folks I know that it’s not easy I know it’s difficult some people get mad but
do it anyway cuz look what we’re facing ladies and gentlemen think about that
whether Trump is the little horn or not I see a very high chance we’re about to
be put through the lawn mowers coming right over us Donna all those things the
chainsaw whatever you want to word you want to use it’s coming because God’s
gonna judge this country because the evangelicals picked they chose their
king yeah so before King Jesus shows up he’s gonna deal with those who want a
king instead yes he is Amen so ladies and gentlemen
check out my website watch man’s cry com read that article be looking for the
future ones and again if you appreciate what we do here at watchman’s cry. We
appreciate your support. Our address is Watchman’s Cry, P. O. Box 157, Priest River, Idaho, 83856 or you can go to our website at and contact us there. And with that, thank you for listening, stay
safe, and we’ll see you next time bye-bye bye-bye

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  1. Nathan I thank God for someone who's in Christ who will stand up and tell the truth about "The Donald"….before he was ever elected, I looked at his trail, to include his relationship in the Scottish Rite…. Not to mention the way he treats his wife….

  2. Be blessed immensely by Jesus Christ.
    Let's expose the truth in love and without condemnation. God uses imperfect people.
    All eyes on Jesus Christ!

    The Bible has a beautiful definition of what love is in 1 Corinthians 13, beginning in verse 4:

    Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not want what belongs to others. It does not brag. It is not proud. It is not rude. It does not look out for its own interests. It does not easily become angry. It does not keep track of other people's wrongs.

    Father God, pour out Your Holy Spirit fire to ignite within the bride of Christ the fullness of the fruits of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

  3. It's sad that so many professing Christians don't see the painful truth as it really is. They have swallowed the huge lie that Donald Trump was specially anointed to save America from destruction. They fail to understand that Donald Trump is and always has been a con man who pretends to be something he's not.
    Christian supporters of Donald Trump misuse scripture to justify defending him. Do we want someone of horrible moral character to be the supreme leader of our country? We shouldn't. It's ironic that people who don't profess Christianity have no trouble seeing that Donald Trump has deplorable morals and is doing a great deal of damage because of this. Only professing Christians can't see this.

  4. I think the rapture will coincide with some huge disaster/false flag.  Most of the world will not even know that the rapture happened because there will be so many deaths at that time.  I do not trust Trump, bit I'm not ready to claim Trump is the antichrist.  I believe he is playing a role to get the 3rd temple built but Obama fits the roll of antichrist better in my opinion.  Maybe it's Jared Kushner.  Maybe it is someone from the middle east.  In my opinion, the antichrist has not been revealed yet.

  5. The spiritual blindness matches the intellectual blindness. To me, this is the first indicator that we are in the final days. It is painful to watch. Bless you Nathan and Donna, for speaking the truth. I have resigned myself to accept the reprobate status of our population in order to keep myself sane. Praise Yah for his word in the scriptures. If not for that, it would be so difficult to deal with this madness. Blessings on you, your family and your ministry.

  6. Check out this hubris and blasphemy of Trumpainity-
    He went from “anointed man of gawd”
    And a Cyrus BTW CYRUS in Greek is KUIROS meaning LORD.
    So this alone is calling T-rump lord.
    Anyway, here’s a page we’re these fake Christian heretics go even farther-

    Calling T-rump Jesus-
    This is a great blasphemy.

  7. Thank you Nathan and Donna for a discerning video of the current times . The deception over the Trump supporters is almost unbelievable . I am really looking forward to the upcoming video you mentioned about the anti Chris† . I also listen to brother James Key on YouTube who is convinced that Trump is the AC . He has many videos with biblical support to back up his claims . God bless you and peace be with you and yours .

  8. Liberty-and-Freedom is the Gawd desired by women.
    The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of this Roman/Greek gawd.

    Women want freedom and liberty

  9. The situation is similar to what happened after the civil war when the Clan killed the Republicans who favored equality and took over the party making people believe that they were protecting the church. Then, they committed many crimes and the church supported them not understanding what really was going on.

    A clan's church is a synagogue of Satan.

    We Christians who believe in the bible and the commandment of loving one another and set free the oppressed, should get in alert and fast and pray for this country and the church all over the world.

  10. I’ve always been Leary of trump. I remember him back in the 80s on different news shows acting arrogant. He was a loud mouth New Yorker. And still is. I don’t buy him being Christian. He’s all about money with no substance. I pray God will open peoples eyes

  11. Nathan, God-bless you and Donna 4 truthfully reporting what is actually going on and rightly dividing the word of God. You 2 are such blessings.

  12. Why do evangelicals dismiss Trump's history? Why can they not tolerate any criticism of him? Is it that they value America becoming great again through him most (America is their god)? Or is it that they know how wrong they've been & cannot face their own short comings? Or is it that they really do think Trump is 'chosen of god', a 'baby Christian', a 'new King Cyrus', or deified even (type of Golden Calf)? Or is it that an American cannot see past an American (no matter how much evidence there is against them)?

  13. Thank you so much brother Nathan and sister Donna for being true to the Holy Spirit ,the Spirit of all truth. I got to tell ya'll that if you point out the obvious truth of Trojan Trump the orange alien con man, expect to be attacked. And by church folk, he is the corporate churches new savior. You can vaccinate their children, teach their children sexual perversion, all kinds of satanic darkness, destroy their faith, family and freedoms , attack and invade country after country murdering it's people, all that is accepted , but if you reveal one thing about treasonous Trump they will unleash hate from hell and I'm talking about the church folks. I or others can not seem to wake anyone up,,,,,,,,,,then I realized since they received not the love of the truth God sent them strong delusion!!!!! And since God did it ,we can't undo it. I think we are truly the remnant . love in Christ Mike

  14. maybe I'm wrong on this but when Noah entered the ark only his family were saved with him, As in the days of Noah only Gods true family will be saved , we are there in time . Americans not only worship Trumpanzee but also worship bill,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dollar bill, thats the god of this counrtry , it says it on the back of the dollar in god we trust ,thats the god America trust. And when Americas god is taken away ( the dollar) what will they do,??? turn to the beast.

  15. Possibly the interpretation for ( no desire for women ) is (no respect for women ) . Makes more sense for Trump. I understand Trump doesn't drink, I'd hate to see him on a 5th of liquor.

  16. Daniel 4:17"This matter is by decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will and setteth up over it the basest of men ".

  17. My Local Churches are a disgrace. Their preachers are nothing but stand up comedians and it always infuriates me that I have to walk out.


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  20. Nathan, Donna, you know that I like and respect both of you. But, I don't understand the approach that you are taking. I get it that Donald Trump is no saint. He's CERTAINLY not a Christian. He's an arrogant buffoon. But, it's hard to get to your information, when you demonstrate an inability to be objective. I know that your feelings are engaged in this, but please set them aside so that we can get to the facts.

    I just can't share this with my readers, and I want to. So please, set your feelings aside and try again.

  21. I failed to hear you say how evil the Clintons are. I am no judge but I fail to see the presidential material in either of them. Murderers should not be allowed to associate with the highest office in the land. You failed to bring up the fact that Hillary IS A MURDERER! With that – your many inferences of the lack of goodness in Trump are very much on point. I voted for him but my history of living in NYC and seeing the many underhanded acts of Donald and his father Fred C. caused me to pull the lever through the stench of his history – especially his lack of attacking the FEDS IN THE BOMBING OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! After all, he was a construction expert – high rise construction his specialty.

  22. Our Savior said. “…Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known." Matthew 10:26
    He said this to believers, to His followers. Those who do not know Him can not see what is concealed, they do not want to see, they are comfortable in their blind darkness…. and the blind are easily deceived into following the blind. Thank you for your faithful discernment Nathan & Donna, and calling all who will come out of the darkness.

  23. You could spend a lot less time legitimizing why you are “putting him on the table” and present your facts that you have said you have.

  24. Thank you Nathan & Donna. You guys are about the only ones in the Watchman community not enamered with this guy. . It's sickening to see the mass Trump worship among evangelicals. They'll never let you on the Hagmann's with this kind of stuff thats for sure! And those cats are supposed to be truth seekers.

  25. Nathan, Isaiah 14:12-16. Ezekiel 13:18-23; make sure old KJV not corrupted. YHVH against those who teach my children TO "FLY" to save there souls. Remember the movie The Shining? Jack was in the head camera looking up at him. "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE". REPENT 666BEFORE777 MARK13RECORDS.COM SHEPHERDSCHAPEL.COM

  26. Great program as always. Yes the mafia connections are real and Mueller is a much larger threat to Trump than Fox news will let on. Additionally, those elite soldiers who protect the oligarchs and gangsters, they all hate evangelicals and blame them for the war in the Ukraine, they are already fresh from the battle of killing Christians. They are mobilizing their activities all over the world, watch Trump also attack Montenegro where Russia is battling for criminal and political control. The race is between the Mueller investigation and Trump starting a war with Iran. Even if Mueller succeeds, then the civil unrest in America that will result will leave the US vulnerable for outside attacks.

  27. Leave Trump alone. Get off your pitty potty. He can't stop the rapture. God will be in control of that. All the evil ones will be going first.

  28. Donald is flesh and blood. He could be the anti~christ. So, he is in line with many other evils out there. YOU ARE SO RIGHT..WRONG IS RIGHT, RIGHT IS WRONG. THE WHOLE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  29. Barry obama was and is a liar on day one. Barry allowed drugs to come into america on his own plane. So who isn't evil as hell. The evils are everywhere

  30. I am not religious, I will probably never be religious… but anyone with a scrap of common sense can see that Donald Trump is a turd of a human being with no sense of decency and no thought of anyone else but himself. His malignant narcissism will be the ruin of this nation as he starts random bullshit for the sake of his own ego. He's also shown that he's an unrepentant traitor with that blowjob he gave Putin in Helsinki.

  31. What I have learned is that the PHARAOHS of old never just went away. This EVIL is a collective like the BORG, they are all over the world in all key positions. They are the TEMPLARS/FREEMASON Luciferian evil, I learned so much from DR. SEAN HROSS who speaks 4 – 5 languages, he travels throughout europe documenting the ASTROCRATIC bloodline, connecting them to ALL THE WORLD LEADERS WHICH THEY ARE A PART OF, as well as the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who is DESTROYING our world.
    60 Million followers of Trump while there are 265 MILLION plus who did not vote for Trump, regrets voting for Trump or those that did not vote at all. I live in the country where there are many Trump supporters the good news is many ARE DRUNKS. There are 325 Million TOTAL in the United States…we will not allow this evil to prevail. PERIOD.
    I have identified my neighbors that I don't trust, I am well aware of their insanity. Knowing that the MASONIC'S are Luciferians is the key. The signage and the cemeteries TELLS ALL, that is where Dr. Hross comes in.
    Who is Wilbur Ross? He is in Trump's cabinet. Why is this significant? HE IS A ROTHSCHILD, PROOF THEY OWN TRUMP'S SOUL.
    VERY HAPPY I FOUND SOME SANITY, I will support you, this I promise. GOD BLESS.

  32. Yes, Nathan I believe many people, Christians too and many of them, who have been duped by Donald Trump. To think that there is a way to make America great again, a person must be blind to the lies that come from his mouth. It's very disheartening to see that so called Christians, like Jim Baker and his flock of Mark Taylor followers can actually think this country can be great again. I don't see any of that. I see 3000 abortions a day, mob mentality, more shootings and gang related crimes than ever before and a deep decline in family life, and an educational system that is wicked in what kind of agenda they are using in the schools. I had to repent from my voting for Trump, but sadly I voted for Trump so Hillary would not get in. Nevertheless, I prayed much and see what is really going on in this country. I still cannot tolerate Hillary or Obama, because they are Satanists. The people that run this country are even above these people and I have no faith in the government, at all. My faith is in Jesus Christ. We are living in a delusion if you think this country can ever be great again. The darkness has already begun and we can read about it in the Bible. I believe in prayer and the blood of the Lamb and binding spirits that try to effect us in our moods, our thoughts, and our overall disposition. I am anxious to hear the coming video about the antichrist. We are definitely in the end times. God bless you both and your children. Stay well and know that out God is coming soon. ❤️🙏🙏❤️

  33. Ive determined for the 100th time that mo good political candidate ever comes from our political (cess) pool.America is too corrupt. Americans worship success

  34. I really do not believe half of what you say, now can you handle the truth NATHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I don't get how people can't see he's a beast! Its unbelievable! Trump is a serpent. Even the lukewarm Christians are all Trump drunk. Don't get me wrong. I am no fan of the left either. As far as, I'm concerned…They are all birds of the same flock. Their father is Satan. The king of lies, and destruction. I agree with you guys totally. He doesn't have me fooled. I see right through his garbage. "My vote is for Jesus the Christ for king of the earth."

  36. Ok all you Cristin liberals then hoo the hell do we vote for you had eight yers to do something Didn’t do anything.

  37. Mr. Orange Face
    Habakkuk 2:6 King James Version (KJV)
    6 Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!

  38. Obama and Trump are the same ACTOR so they are right and so are you… Obama is white, it's latex and makeup, plenty of makeup malfunctions to prove it. There will never be a black man in the WHITE SUPREMICIST HOUSE

  39. This is an Associated Press article showing that Trump and Putin are the same man, SAME HANDS, SAME MAN, Trump is a Traitor to the American people and to the Russians… hats off to Matt Rourke and those protesters who were brave enough to leak the truth… maybe someday it will be common knowledge and we can get this TRAITOR out of office

  40. A man's action defines his character and his spirit. So to be a Christian is to act like a Christian and follow Christ by obeying the Creator's ten commandments. The mouth is a serpent, but a man's actions don't lie. Trump can say he's a Christian all he wants, but if his actions are un Christian then he is no Christian.

  41. Desires of woman… Could that not also mean a good woman's desire for you? The first gift God gave man was woman. How a person treats another's gift says alot about how one feels about the giver of that gift. So when man respects his wife and follows her desires for him (if she is a Christian) then he is loving his Creator.

  42. Christian heresy. It’s hard to watch.
    I fear the time may come when trump worshipers will
    kill us, thinking they are doing God a service.

    Despite all warnings against believing false, end time prophets,
    the clear teachings of Jesus Christ are being rejected for Trump’s promises.
    They keep calling him a “good man”! Remember what Jesus said to the man who
    addressed him as “Good Master…”? Better look that up if you don’t remember.

    People I have known for 40 years (church going Christians) have changed into bitter racists.
    When confronted with scriptural proof of their error, they become hysterical.
    I have never seen anything like it. Truth is having no effect on them.

    Through the profiling of ones likes, dislikes and comments,
    Satan, now has access to our personal,innermost fears ,highest aspirations and weaknesses ,and is working on them through the greatest
    propaganda tool the world has ever seen. Social media. He never had such access to so many, simultaneously, before.
    Be aware. All our “buttons” are discovered, and the legal rights to push them, are for sale to the highest bidder, …Satan!

    Trump may be the “little horn”. I’m watching too. This could be it. Watch.
    “Fourth Kingdom…”!!!?! Ever hear of “The Fourth Political Theory “ of Putin’s favorite ,Alexander Dugan?
    This is being done in plain sight!

  43. God made a covenant with Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3). That covenant has not been fulfilled yet. (John 1:11) There's only two groups of people God deals with: the Jews and the gentiles. There's two dispensational periods: the old testament and new. There's the Jews, but after their rejection of the true Messiah, God grafted us gentiles into His inheritance too. God is not finished with the Jewish people!!
    The Bible tells us that anyone that is against Christ is an antichrist!!

  44. Trump is Insulter devil Attila, he was a better choice than Lucifer worshipper Hillary, but the real guy that you poor Americans should get is Ben Carson, the real God's man.

  45. Trump is not a member of any gang he rescued people. He's a wonderful human. Mob is on DC and government. Trump wants them dead as do I and the rest of the world. God bless

  46. "I see that the black, idolatrous, stupid nations are the descendants of Ham. Their color is due, not to the rays of the sun, but to the dark source whence those degraded races sprang."

  47. You are liberal Luciferians, spewing your divisionist agenda of chaos and destruction under the guise of Christianity. I listened to this entire broadcast very carefully, and you did not offer up one single bit of evidence to back up your claims, you just made your claims and told us to research them. Just another attempt to cause confusion and dissent among Trump supporters and undermine the Trump presidency, from a different angle, an insidious angle, posing as Christians. No low is too low for Luciferians. We do not "worship" Donald Trump. That is blasphemy. No one has ever seen one single Christian on their knees praying to Donald Trump. No one has ever heard one single Christian Trump supporter proclaim that Donald Trump is anything more than a man, a flawed human, who was elected President of the United States by us, whom we enthusiastically support and praise because he is dedicated to keeping his promises to us and is doing everything we elected him to do. I'm not telling you anything that you do not already know. At one point, you try to create the illusory insinuation of "money laundering" being the sole motivation behind Donald Trump's real estate ventures, you actually say that "Donald Trump is married to the mob," and your basis for making this definitive statement is: Donald Trump built a bunch of condos, Ivanka sold them for three times their value to some Russian buyers who never lived in them, then sold them for a big profit. That's it. There is nothing illegal about any of that, but it Might be indicative of possible illegal activities anyway, just because you say so, without offering up one shred of evidence to prove it. Ironically, you then launch into a paintbrush lambaste of foolisk, weak, intellectually inferior Christian Trump supporters who automatically believe something is true just because Trump says it is…not too obvious, oh, no, no. You actually claim that all of these (appearance of) money laundering activities, past and present, were known by Robert Mueller, the Justice Dept. and the FBI for YEARS before and during the investigation…so, why were there no indicments? PAST OR PRESENT?? Considering how much liberal Democrats have been foaming at the mouth to take down Trump, what are they waiting for, a gold-engraved invitation??? Where is all this evidence that you all claim exists??? It's a year later, the investigation is over, and Robert Mueller's conclusions were that there was NO collusion with Russia, NO evidence of wrongdoing, and if he and the alphabet agencies knew about all of this blatant, egregious "money laundering" going on for years (the only things redacted in the report the Democrats obtained were the identities of people who, by law, were protected by anonymity), well, why didn't they set up a series of sting operations to gather up enough hardcore evidence to take Trump down YEARS AGO??? Oh, yeah, they did, I forgot; Obama had his administration spy on President Trump during his campaign. Yeah, I remember now, they knowingly presented a deliberately and maliciously fabricated dossier to the FISO court that was ordered and paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign, NOT CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL AT ALL, HUH, NATHAN AND DONNA, you heinous hypocrites!! I didn't hear you say one single word about ANY of that, the single greatest illegal political scandal in American history!!! Your absurd claim that demons are here attaching themselves "only to the church, not the world," just underscores my suspicion that you are Luciferians. You are using the oldest Luciferian tactic in the book, accusing people of doing the evil, dirty things that you yourselves are doing, and have been doing, for years. We know that you are satanic pedovores. You have infiltrated liberal leftist bastions of the entertainment world and the Democrat Party. Not too difficult with that agenda. You have infiltrated the Catholic Church to take down the Rite of Exorcism, because it works. We know what you are doing to children and babies. Your gig is up, your time has come. Taking to this public forum and posing as Christians to try to sway Christian Trump supporters simply underscores the fact that you are pulling out the stops to defeat him, you are desperate, you are terrified, because you are finally being held accountable for your transgressions, and THEY ARE SERIOUS, DEADLY SERIOUS. Military tribunals are underway at Guantanamo right now. You will win some to your cause, but not as many as you expected. You are quite in denial about how informed, knowledgeable and researched we are. We know the ring of truth when we hear it. We are impervious to your insults and fake outrage and blatant lies. We know the Hand of God is at work here, and we know for a fact that it ain't lifting up any of you. We don't hate you. We don't hate anyone. Don't you think it's wrong that the USA is the only country in the world being called racist for enforcing border laws that have been on the books for over 40 years?We love you, we are praying for God to reveal Himself to you in a way you can't deny so that you come back to Him before it's too late.

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