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“american” Bill of Rights Project

October 10, 2019

I’ve been reading Bill of Rights man I feel like an American First Amendment gives me the right to say what I want Assembly, Press, Petition, man I got my religion Got the militia now my AKs go gra-taa Third amendment tells military to get out my house No warrant, no search, and no illegal seizures Eminent domain on my land, man I got that compensation Can’t be tried twice yeah that’s the due process of law Amendment on the table yeah protect every man, fair and speedy trial just to get some less jail I’m just trying to get bailed Exceeding twenty dollars gotta thank Madison, common law has got me praising seven Now I’m getting that win I’ve been on the beat learning ’bout my rights feel like an American (On the beat) x3 8th Amendment protecting me from the cruel and unusual 9th Amendment protect my certain rights yeah now I’m screaming I got freedom They like Raul we got Nine Amendments now just give us the tenth one States be giving me an education They be getting electoral representation Marijuana got its own legalization Police and Fire dept. got their own stations This is the Bill of Rights Learned them all at midnight Could not say good night ‘Till I got em all right Learned them at the speed of light Now don’t need them in sight This is the Bill of Rights (x2)

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