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American Registered Foreign Parties control Australia

October 15, 2019

this video is to Rob sooty and the pseudo legal paralyzed people in his nice little group paralyzed legal not very bright people tend to lie heaps but you’ve got a problem the big problem is you quoted that n to me said that Magna Carta is it has no value anymore other people who said that has no value they legislated to take it out what you can’t figure you peer a bunch of brain-dead little gentlemen is it’s all nonsense you can’t touch Magna Carta it was cemented in place we’ll let us patent by James the first in 1297 check up all the law you’ll find out that I’m correct you’re wrong as usual now let’s get one thing straight section 42 of our Constitution requires that every member of the Senate and House of Representatives before they take their seat must swear the oath contained in our Constitution that 8th is the oath to uphold the coronation oath of the crown of the monarch being at current the Queen now doesn’t matter what you say because that ice holds to it Magna Carta 1688 Bill of Rights yekta settlement habeas corpus and all the employer law all the laws pertaining to the coronation oath of the Queen our law in this country must be abided by absolutely and to me said what you said she’s a liar I don’t think so I don’t think she’s that stupid if she has so bit I didn’t say it you say she did problem for her now couple years ago I was told that so oh it ain’t got someone to access me Magna Carta from England you can lie you can cheat but this is Magna Carta in its entirety translated enough so you can understand it does the Old English language is a bit odd but in here contains all the sections I talked about and they are law in this country and must be upheld under the coronation oath of the Queen so if you say anything else tsu’tey you’re a liar so are any your lawyer mates they’re all liars anyway they paid the lie lie for the better good there’s no such thing try lying for the truth then they go together so you just have to tell the tree right now common law then we didn’t talk about witches in the earth is this King James Bible authorized version I have it the state constitution letters Payton can’t be changed or touched in any way regardless of the constitutional right to alter because it’s the letters Payton you can’t touch it sorry you lost again now this is our Constitution as I explained quite clearly in my last video it contains the Commonwealth Constitution Act and the nine clause and then it goes back and contains our Constitution so you can’t touch that either now I also brought up the eighteen companies registered in America and here’s where you got a problem for an agents Registration Act an American Act first thing the term foreign principle used in this act refers to the government of a foreign country and a foreign political party all our political parties are registered companies in America and they’re subject to they say what is this X a oh you’ve got to be registered with the United States Justice Department every time you want to exercise any authority in this country you must get permission off then this act states it drill off the intimated foreign agents Registration Act American Act you have to comply every time you don’t there’s a penalty and it’s clear cumulative but then you go down to this section here the same eight it says foreign principle required to register under this act the term government of a foreign country includes any person or groups of person exercising sovereign de facto or dujour political jurisdiction over any country other than the United States or over a pile of such country and includes any subdivision of any such group and any group or Asian agency to which such number the fact though or did you Authority or functions are directly or indirectly delegated so what that means is our governments in breach of American law because it’s not really our government they’re all registered companies the Australian Government is a registered company I showed you that yesterday on the US Securities Exchange Commission all our assets have been stolen and put into these foreign countries companies 18 you go on my facebook page you’ll see there’s access now to those alien companies we put it there this morning so now you can access them and have a look for yourself and what they earn in this country but the problem is this little document Pisces that all under Corsica he won a Magna Carta and file the documents on scope I just go mode the trader I did that I’ve sent it to him on the 7th of January I sent it to his house email he received it sent it to his office email the office received it sent it by Express post he received it or his office did doesn’t matter it was served I seized every single thing including the assets of this country every single rule regulation acts statute law whatever you want to call them made by proposed by were made by political parties I seized the book of mucus this the green mucus situation coffee rides to the political parties now I hold them and all your laws rules regulations in the state of fraud until such time you prove their authenticity but you can’t do that you donkeys think you’ve got it all over the Australian people you think we can’t wake up we can’t understand what you’ve done oh yeah we can and we have everybody said why did your season because you weren’t using it you dumb clucks you aren’t using the lawful government this country and you do you fit into this act oh yeah you are foreign registered companies exercising authority here federal police state police all the governments and everything else now you did only one thing rice at the last election you swore in the new governor-general and you swore the lawful length now he’s got a huge problem because he’s in direct contravention of that oath I’m not worried about all the politicians you never swore lawful life you’re not sitting there lawful you’re all a bunch of traitors doesn’t matter if it hurts your feeling but who get over yourself there is only one option is to go to the House of Lords and prove your authenticity you can’t you alternative is for the governor-general to probe both houses of parliament dissolve them and you can do that under Section 5 of our Constitution it allows that and in fact it demands it when all of you are sitting in treason and you are so Lengai in Western Australia and all the land offices throughout Australia you have stolen everybody’s titles you tell everybody they are not allowed to have their title what one of my four videos I did in the group shows we have it in fee simple alienated from the crowd your letter to one of my friends saying and we have all ownership except except the crown still how can the crowd still earn something that’s our native from it I you devoid of all understanding or you just lie haha you’re worried because you understand and our lovely little friend that gets called quite these on the outside of Parliament yep yep Miguel he’s always yapping and nothing of any consequence comes out of his mouth nothing that that’s the human story of knowledge I one hand he’s donating 17 million to start a fish farm in Geraldton when we need 27 million to fix all the roads down the South what’s wrong with you you birdbrain what you fix the roads the fish will still be there what is wrong with you people do they try all the traffic infringement no value defines no value magistrates judges no value or your rules regulations and so-called laws absolutely no value I see them I’m holding them for and on behalf of the people under the crown you understand what that means if you touch any of the people knowing what I’m just putting to you you are not only committing treason you could you’re supporting or instigating a war against the Commonwealth because the people are the Commonwealth you filthy thieving traitors have just been exposed this says you must register there is a forum you’ve got to fill out a nesic in conjunction with this but unfortunately assic is a registered company as well so you can’t fill that form out so even if you wanted to comply you can’t what that means sooty and all you nut cases and all you idiot sitting in our courts and idiot sitting in our Parliament this means you’ve got to stand trial in America yeah and the penalties every time you have breached this act which is thousands of times especially the police the courts and judges the magistrates and the politicians that’s all cumulative on your ticket for you and suti here just a dumb little gentleman who cannot see your problem is you think you know everything I don’t Christmas a bitch tried to mock me in court and say I tell everybody I know all the law no no I tell everybody will know everything about the Constitution no I don’t I say if you find something in the Constitution or any law where I’m wrong you tell me I’ll correct it I’ll come back on here and admit it you know why because I’m here to impart justice justice is the application of truth when the truth is wrong it has to be corrected you are wrong this Act says so that Constitution says so state constitution says so and our Bible says so and above everything not above the Bible but above everything else this Magna Carta it stands and to me if she said it doesn’t she’s she’s wrong and as a professor she has to know the law so she’s lying until she corrects her problems she’s lying and until you people admit your problems tsu’tey you’re a liar you’re a disgusting little degenerate what did you come or set up a public debate with me on TV I would debate you any day because guess what I’ll debate you on our constitution the state constitution and this application today and Magna Carta and habeas corpus because to take up any position of authority in this country you must swear the oath the oath locks you into all of these acts there’s no other way to do it page 795 their constitution the fourth paragraph says so you have to show in the Constitution where your authority comes from section five of the actual amendment repeals court and legal practice eight doesn’t make you an office of the court you can say you can be one but to be one you must swear the oath contained in here not the oath to the British accreditation registry of Western Australia which has talked to the city of Hilla London and don’t say it’s not because it is because your oath is not the one contained in here because that would tie you to all these laws and you know it’s not you lying lawyers lying magistrates and lying judges although and so do you politicians if you don’t the politicians go and learn it because you have to know to do what you’re doing and don’t think you can make me look stupid because every time you have a shot at me I’m coming back at you and I’ll come back with you with what our law our Constitution now common law which is British common law not the bulldust that years are trying to put over and guess what this isn’t of the Supreme Court don’t form part of the common law and that is a decision of the High Court that actually came out of Western Australia that’s lip aha Henry little heart from witness Freya he got a ruling if you appeal from the magistrate’s court in district court to the Supreme Court that ruling is binding on those inferior courts I get that and that’s what it explains but any decision to the Supreme Court doesn’t fall apart the common law sure you can reference it everyone knows that and look at what they’ve said and use that if they’re correct is that fine but it doesn’t form part of the common law you’re not bound by that nor of the magistrates or anything else only when you appeal from those courts but the decision of the High Court is borning what I put to you on those four videos and I put them the Supreme Court with decisions of the High Court they ignored it the Constitution they ignored it why for the political parties who never got permission to lawfully act now you’ve got a problem so you have a lovely day thank you you

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  1. Canadian🤥liars (pronounced JUdges/lawyers) REFUSE to recognize Magna Carta, refuse to recognize the Constitution because “Law Society members” of the commonwealth are a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PEDO/CHILD TRAFFICKING demonic☠️CULT that don’t even adhere to their own “rules”…”rules” denote JUST-US is a game to these lying PUKES wearing satanic robes running satanic ceremonies under the colour of “court” …couldn’t make this stuff up if ya tried! PIGS=Persons In Govt are “above the law” and they know it!

  2. Wayne you are 1000% right….but all this is just too much for the disillusioned Australian idiots ….They dont care…..they are too busy (((( calculated and planned }}} to even take this on board..Sadly your support is minimal because this is just too much for them to get their head around it and they are basically sheep…This masquerading government will do as it has done for years …..just ignore it…

  3. Well Wayne at least I may say something of value!!
    I AM certain that the People are waking up.
    I AM certain that the message I speak IS getting out there !!
    Regardless of my current circumstances.
    Good Only Done (GOD) WILL Triumph over Evil.
    Of that I AM certain Wayne😉🙂👍👍

  4. The NWO won’t be stopped unless the peasants rise up and overthrow this government… they are talking about stripping Harry and Megan of their Sussex titles because they are demonstration of the elites rule over the poor

  5. why doesn't anyone ever mention section 44 & all the dual-israelis in politics (& high positions for that matter) israel has kill-switched the whole western worlds major infrastructure, primary resources & technology, but nobody says a f'kn word….why?

  6. I now know I have never seen such rubbish and BS in my life. The guys that come back from War actually tell everyone what is going on. They fight and die for ????????

  7. U.S. Department of Justice
    Washington, DC 20530
    Short Form Registration Statement
    Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended
    INSTRUCTIONS. Each partner, officer, director, associate, employee, and agent of a registrant is required to file a short form registration statement unless he engages in no activities in furtherance of the interests of the registrant's foreign principal or unless the services he renders to the registrant are in a secretarial, clerical, or in a related or similar capacity. Compliance is accomplished by filing an electronic short form registration statement at
    Privacy Act Statement. The filing of this document is required for the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended, 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq., for the purposes of registration under the Act and public disclosure. Provision of the information requested is mandatory, and failure to provide the information is subject to the penalty and enforcement provisions established in Section 8 of the Act. Every registration statement, short form registration statement, supplemental statement, exhibit, amendment, copy of informational materials or other document or information filed with the Attorney General under this Act is a public record open to public examination, inspection and copying during the posted business hours of the Registration Unit in Washington, DC. Statements are also available online at the Registration Unit’s webpage: One copy of every such document, other than informational materials, is automatically provided to the Secretary of State pursuant to Section 6(b) of the Act, and copies of any and all documents are routinely made available to other agencies, departments and Congress pursuant to Section 6(c) of the Act. The Attorney General also transmits a semi-annual report to Congress on the administration of the Act which lists the names of all agents registered under the Act and the foreign principals they represent. This report is available to the public and online at:

  8. Forget which of the framers said it but he called the intended Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, a type of great charter.
    It was granted by the people of the colonies to themselves.

    Btw, the Magna Charter and Seal of the King was shown on tv last night – as kept at the archivist at Canterbury.

    Wayne has my utmost admiration and respect.

  9. Dissolving both houses of parliament under section 5 . Governor General are you paying attention? Perhaps we need to encourage him into action with a prod from a bayonet . Top vid Wayne..good work.

  10. All these , including in America , are registered to the Crown corporation , and all of these are under the:
    United Nations Corporation, DUN's # 824777304
    US government DUN's # 052794196
    Australia's parent company is US government DUN's # as above .

  11. Call your magistrates down under …demand Roberts Rules of corporation be applied in Banking court …
    Take your land back …it is not UN or America …it is Australian .
    I am half Australian and half American …dual citizen …my father who passed away 3 years ago is an original Gibson from Victoria …he came to USA in 6 years old
    Our land was taken from us over 60 years starting with turf wars in 1885.
    Buchanons and Gibson clan from England and Scotland thru Australia are very close to this day . We suffered in 3 countries because of our religious and political conservative beliefs .
    Only in America did we stop getting attacked .
    Agents of the Crown followed us from England (Westmoreland ) to Scotland ( Edinborough) to Australia ( Brisbane , Victoria , Perth).
    Actually tracked down a guy originally from Leeds I worked with doing security work in Malay who called me out by my name …..who he and his father and grandfather knew my family because they were paid to follow and harrass us when my family moved from Edinborough to Brisbane in 1885. Wow.
    Cannot make that up even if I was writing a crappy book.
    The plan to take your land is very old !
    After a vicious turf war pre and post ww2 where a lot of families died….my grandpa had enough .
    He got a visa for special work in New Jersey USA… . Rest is history.
    No one in USA knows of the wars fought over land in Australia …more vicious than the wild American West 1880-1940's .
    Kept secret outside of Down Under quite well .
    We planted on the land and were savaged by traitors who worked for the Crown corp…merry ol' England . For half a century.
    We were "rebellious" i.e. not iintimidated easily .
    Gibson/ Buchanon clan forever❤✔
    I used to say to my pop when i was young and cocky …"England owns you….Australia"
    He always answered with a smile " No, John…England, they owns the USA…USA owns Australia"
    Father knows best ❤
    Not much has changed down under since 1970's when I first visited Brisbane and Victoria as a youth …except more poverty and crime made people more wide awake by now.
    A lot of expatriate Australians live happily here in Miami Florida, USA….but hurt over what has gone on with the crime wave there..Florida is a fit-in ….climate, temperature, and the beautiful Savannah land in our Everglades is quite similar to the tropical points of the Outback..we are not city folks but very country and rural outside city limits .
    ….. Crocs and all in rural Florida.
    A lot of Aussie's happier here than former home since Howard and co.
    ..none I know like what is going on at home .

  12. While there are many who know the corruption and treason they commit everyday upon all of the people

    NWO has already taken over Australia form high court down

    Simply the Australian people will never wake up and it,S more than likely too late by several years.The corruption is far too deep

    The people now will not be able to remove the corruption .
    Wayne you are amongst the highest constitutional minds in this country – yet it has been a never ending struggle , courts / all corrupted

    Reality is most Australians think its far too late and nothing can be done . its just a merry go round .
    In any other country the people would be in uproar by the 1000.s Australians no there too stupid / me me me attitude – that will never cease .
    Not one of the corrupt politicians / police etc etc will ever stand up for what is fair and right .Time to get out of this slavery country .

  13. Mr Glew Sir! Patriot and true believer indeed! Just posted this on ScoMo's twitter lol. Love your work, prayers and blessing to you and yours!

  14. You’re mistaken if you think you can expect to get any justice from the American court system. America doesn’t really even exist and neither does Australia. We already live under a one world government and the owners are the banker families, Vatican, royal families and secret societies. The masses can’t be told the truth, they have to see it themselves so unfortunately it’s not likely to happen, in my opinion. I still try to spread knowledge to people, even though they’ll argue despite going against their own well-being but sometimes I consider just sitting back and watching the shit show as the world is enslaved.

  15. Is that why they balls up their swearing in? So they are not bound by the Constitution? I know a spelling mistake gets me out of a speeding ticket…
    Theres not enough unity amongst the people for the government to fear any consequence of their actions. Even if denied the entitlements awarded to the people by a referendum result….
    Don’t get me wrong, Im not promoting violence against the government. Half the population is little better in my eyes.

    What I will fight for is my community, friends and family. Even if I’m without community at present and caught in the rat trap.

    There comes a point where a machine is damaged beyond repair…. We have reached that point. Pretty sure…

    We need education. Before there is any meaningful hope we need a Commonwealth worth fighting for and a Commonwealth that WILL fight for this country.
    Its only by being genuinely willing, and able, to fight will we not have too.

    I respect the efforts of those being voice a us all a great deal though. Shame we lost a lot of our good blood stock in wars

  16. What’s this about?
    -Is an article on the Australian Constitution. (Which is what I receive when searching for the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901.

  17. Dear LM, Magna Carta of 1297 was during the reign of Edward I.
    The City of London -> is found at section IX. The wording sets out its capacity as such.
    Now as the temple lawyers call the City their home then if the Magna Carta is invalid then it therefore follows that these lawyers must have struck themselves out entirely?

  18. Dear LM,
    Observance of due Process of Law 1368 chapter 3 (Regnal 42 Edward 3) –

  19. Go fund me to organise & kick the crims out of Canberra.

  20. I've worked it out and It's time to stand up against the fraud and slavery put onto us. the government consider us as administrator's of our deceased estate. this is fraud and identity theft, constituting slavery!!…. hey Youtube stop censoring my comments and changing them!!

  21. America or better put, the United States inc. is a foreign owned corporation to the Queen of England. England is your enemy, not Americans nor America. We are seized by the same cartel as other nations.

  22. You all see everything from the outside… get rid and change who runs us is the same way they did it, infiltrate under hidden identity in masses, THEN remove the bankers govt setup.

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