AMORE, PIOMBO E FURORE | China 9, Liberty 37 | Fabio Testi | Full Spaghetti Western Movie | English
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AMORE, PIOMBO E FURORE | China 9, Liberty 37 | Fabio Testi | Full Spaghetti Western Movie | English

February 2, 2020

LIBERTY, 37 miles ->
– Let me try. Come on, let me try.
– No. You will soon cease to be a Japanese. Give me some water, Jack. What for? In less than an hour you’re
gonna be blowin’ in the breeze. Nothing gonna keep your mouth
from gettin dry. You getting excited, Jack? Not hardly. Besides, when you’ve seen one
you’ve seen ’em all. – Tomorrow it’s back to street duty.
– Well, I don’t believe you have left much in. – How about my drink now?
– You know what you’re gonna be tomorrow, greaseball? A big hunk of dead meat.
And a little headline. I’ll be better than being buried in shit
every day. – Anything else you want?
– They are ready. Back up. Come in, Mr. Drumm. – Who invited you to the party?
– The governor. He wanted me to give you
a little going away present.Amnesty for Clayton DrummThis looks more like a welcome back present. – Who do I have to kill?
– Matthew Sebanek. Too big for the Pinkerton boys?
My life’s not worth that much. Would a little money make up the difference?
500 now, and 1,000 when the job’s done. – I thought he worked for you.
– He did. Didn’t work out, huh? Hello! – Does Matthew Sebanek lives around here?
– Yes. Where? – Just over the hill.
– Thanks. – Are you Matthew Sebanek?
– Who’s asking? Hold it. – Are you Matthew Sebanek?
– Give me your gun, Mr. Drumm. – I don’t give my gun to anyone.
– Take it off. Or I’ll take you off
right at the neck. One hand. Now step down. Now walk over here
so I can watch you. – You’re pretty careful.
– Yeah. – How did you know me?
– What are you doin’ round these parts? – Just passing through. Can I put my hands down? Nice place here. – Now what you want?
– I need a place to rest up. You look fine to me. – Get your gun and ride on.
– I was wondering if I could
sleep here for a day or so. I promise no trouble. I’m really pretty tired
back on the trail. Let’s go clean our tonsils. I would have killed
any other man who tried to take my gun.
– Yeah I know. The biggest mistake I ever made was
to let Charlie Bernardo draw first on me. Hell, I don’t even remember what
we were arguing about. – What made you take up dirt farming?
– Dirt farming? Hell, I’m not dirt farming.
Gold! Black gold! When the railroad
comes through here, I’ll be rich. The country is full of it. Well come on in, girl, don’t be shy. This is Clay Drumm. He’s gonna stay for dinner tonight.
My wife Catherine. Pleased to meet you. I don’t know why an old man like
me married a nice thing like that. She’s so shy she changes clothes
in the barn. – Where are you headed?
– Figured I’d take a look
at California. California. That’s a
long way off. – Matt?
– Yes. If the gentleman’s staying for dinner,
do you want to kill a chicken? Alright. – Want to wash up?
– Yes. – Pretty quiet here, huh?
– I’ve had enough excitement
for one lifetime. – Only got one more fight ahead of me
I reckon.
– Who with? – The railroad. They tried to buy me out a couple of times,
and I played it like a possum. It’ll come smoking one day and the government will auction off my land and
buy it for themselves. – Meanwhile…
– It’s happened before. Are you coming to bed Matthew? Get in the house, woman.
You got no shame? She’s used to being out here
alone with me, you know. I’m sorry, I only got the barn
to offer you. The barn is better than
I’ve seen for days. Well, I enjoyed your company.
See you in the morning. – Good night.
– Good night. Who is Mr. Drumm? He’s a gunman. – Probably the best around.
– He seems nice enough. I think he’s come to kill me, Catherine. Hired by the railroad I imagine. Why are you letting him stay? Because when he’s ready, it ain’t
gonna do no good to hide. -Good Morning.
-Good Morning. – Sleep good?
– Like a log. I’m getting a mite jumpy
in my old age. You are still pretty fast. I never could shoot with a handgun.
Come on in, let’s have some breakfast. Let me clean up and I’ll be there. I appreciate you cleaning
those rabbits for me, Clay. Why don’t you go in the house
and cook ’em? Or are you saving ’em
for a souvenir? You’re pretty calm, knowing the railroad
is coming after you. Well, I never learned how to run. Besides, this is my land. What about her?
Won’t they kill her, too? The land goes to my brothers
and they’ll have to kill all of us. They will. Well, I ain’t gonna make it
easy for ’em. I used to work for that
railroad. Five years ago… …I had to kill a whole family.
Down to the dogs, and the cats and the chickens. I guess it’s my turn now. It don’t matter who you are
or what you done for ’em. You get in their way and
they’re gonna move you. You do take care of that cannon. It’s been a good old gun to me. Damn thing’d take your arm off
over a mile. A man could live a long time with
that cannon between him and his enemies. That’s the idea. Company is here. Would you look at that mess! How are you, old man? Clayton, come on over and
meet my family. This here’s my brother Virgil
and his wife Barbara. This is my brother Hank. This is Johnny.
And this is Duke. This is Barbara’s brother. This is Clayton Drumm, boys.
Nice to meet you. And this is Virgil, Jnr. How a man knows what’s inside a woman’s stomach
I’ll never know. It’s simple. He put it there,
that’s how! Where did you learn that bad language?
Come on, let’s have a drink. – Since you ain’t singing no more, let’s dance.
– No. – Oh, come off that high horse and dance with me.
– I don’t feel like it. Someone out to take her down
a notch or two. – Anything wrong?
– No. I’m just checking my horse.
I’m leaving in the morning. What changed your mind? I got to like you. Well…
What’ll we do now? – I leave, and you take care.
– And what happens to you? Who will they send to get me?
You? – No. Probably just some ordinary man
whose morals wouldn’t keep him from
shooting you in the back. – A couple of lousy shots!
– Let me try again. One more time! Ready… set…
Go! One more time, one more time. I can see you don’t believe in rust. Ready… get set…
Go! One more time and wait for “go”.
Ok, ready, get set, go! See that, you did it! Okay, one more time.
Ready… get set… and go! Come on, one more time.
Get ready. Get set. Wait for me! – It was a fine party.
– Sure was. – Nice send away for Clayton.
– Send away? Yeah, he’s gonna be leaving
first thing in the morning. Seems like we’ve been here before. Throw me my pants. Good Morning. Let’s get back to bed. No, I’m going to fix breakfast. You’ve been with him,
haven’t you? You have, haven’t you? Haven’t you? Well, I’m damned Well I’m…I’ll be damned! I’ll be damned! No, no…no! It wasn’t his fault. It never is. It never is. I killed my husband. He found out and
started beating me. He was going to come after you.
I didn’t mean to kill him. A man’s life for a moment’s weakness. It doesn’t seem like
a fair exchange. – What am I going to do?
– That’s your decision. But I wouldn’t stay here any more. Will you take me to Liberty?
I can get the stage from there. – Do you need any money?
– I’ve got his rifle. He told me once he could get
$100 for it. You’re not selling that gun
to anybody but me. I’ll give you $ 100. You’ll take me? Why not? I had a feeling you were
going to be trouble. This is the last place to stop
before Liberty. Do they know you here? Matthew always went with his brothers
to pick up supplies. He never took me. Good. I only need to rest for a couple of hours.
Then we can go on. – We’ll stay here all night. – I don’t want to be a bother.
– Don’t worry. Hello!
Anybody here? Hello! Excuse me, my husband is resting. I need a room for me and…
…the missus. It’s three dollars in advance. 50 cents extra for the bath.
The dinner is at 7 o’clock. One dollar for each one. 25 cents for the breakfast,
and 50 cents to take care of your horse. I’ve already seen you. Come here. – What for?
– I’ll tell you later. – Have you been with many women?
– A few. – How do I stand up next to them?
– You’ll do. You’re the only man I’ve ever been
with, beside my husband. Well – you’re the second married
woman I’ve been with. What happened to the first? I shot her husband. Right after he killed her. – Do you want anything else, Mr. Sebanek?
– These’ll do. – Two dollars, please. – Does your husband fix any breakfasts?
– Yes, ready now. I’ll have some eggs and coffee. Just eat your breakfast. Good Morning. Where’s Matt? Back at his place. The lady here killed him defending herself. I’m taking her to Liberty. If that be the case,
I’m taking her back. – Sorry, she’s coming with me.
– It ain’t your affair, mister. Either I take her
or I pull on you. I wouldn’t. You’ve got a wife.
And a kid coming. They need you much more
than Matt needs her. – It’s suicide.
– I can’t help that. That’s enough. Let’s go. Look out! Stupid. Go see who’s coming. Mr. Frost, on the wee station. Go and see what’s back there. It’s Virgil. Who done it? Clayton Drumm. – Let’s go.
– We ain’t finished, Matt. We’ll do it when we get back.
He ain’t gonna go noplace. What choices do I have? – Whoring or teaching school.
– I can get married again. I’ve always tried to find
peace in myself. It is not good to rely on people or things.
Or new places to make you happy. I need you tonight.
And I hate you for it. Give them water and
let them rest. You are crazy. – What are you doing out here?
– Don’t leave me. Please give me a hand. – I wandered away and they overlooked me.
– Who’s ‘they’? – The circus.
– What’s that? Circus, a place where people come to laugh
at God’s little slip-ups. – Climb on.
– I’d rather climb on her. – You rather walk?
– I don’t mind. – Is it alright if I hold onto you tight?
– Yes. – Here or there?
– Hold me on my shoulder, sir. – Hold tight.
– Yes. Looks like they cleared out. Not before getting to know each other
real well. Clayton Drumm… You’ll bring in a hundred people a week.
They’ll come from miles around to see you shoot. Not interested. Look, I’ll give you $ 50 a
month and 20% of the take. My life is worth more to me
than being a side show. The main attraction. Suit yourself. What’s that stuff?
I do not know, but.. a few sips of this and you
won’t feel any pain. Here, take one. – The show’s about to start. Can we stay?
– Yes.Voila.– Do you want some?
– What is it? – I do not know, but
the taste is very good. Show him you’re nuts. Ladies and gentlemen,
Lady Godiva. Monty, Clayton Drumm just rode into town.
With a woman. – I hope he doesn’t shoot at her.
– They just checked into the hotel. – Where’s my deputy?
– Over at Cassie’s. Do me a favour, go get my deputy.
He’ll have to take over for a couple of days. I got duties in Juarez. – Wait, wait a minute.
– Hey, where are
you going? You can’t go there. What’s this? Give me a receipt. It’s all there.
$ 500 dollars. Sebanek is dead. But I didn’t kill him. I’m here to see an old friend, Mr. Drumm.
Perhaps this will help. He’s in room 23 with a lady.
I think it’s his wife. Yes. I was told that I could buy a
ticket here for the morning stage. Yes, sir, Mr. Drumm. Mrs. Drumm?
It is Mrs. Drumm? Excuse me, my name is Wilbur Olsen.
You’ve heard of me? No. Should I have? Let’s say that you will. I bring the West to the East. People say I write lies, but
the truth is… … he’s dead, in a year
or less. Now I can make you rich. Touch and taste
the wonders of the world. I’m not buying any merchandise
you so obviously are selling, I’m only interested in…
the truth is you see… Mrs. Drumm… Women age, wrinkle. Money makes it more
comfortable, and I can provide money. What is going on? Go and sit down. – Mr. Drumm, my name is Wilbur.
– I know who you are. What do you want? To buy a little legend. A touch of pulchritude
for the people back East. A piece of the American West
they can believe in. – You mean lie to them.
– Of course, the lies they need. We all need. – My life is not for sale.
– Nonsense. – It’s only a question of who pays and when.
– Putting it in one word… – I won’t… but
take your time and think it over And remember….
Wild Bill Hickcok made a fortune. Till some jackass
shot him in the back. But he left a rich widow. – Good luck.
– Thanks. The stage leaves in the morning. I want to go with you. – It would not work.
– Why not? You were right. I go to town and
I saw things as they are. – How are things?
– I’m a gunfighter, and you are a woman
between husbands. -That’s a lie. – You could quit.
– Like Matt? We could go somewhere where
they do not know you. You know you live the way you do
because you want to. You’re a coward, you’re
afraid to care about anything. Everyone I ever cared for
either died or ran away. My father had no money.
My mother’s parents had money. But wouldn’t give him any.
So my mother took poison to scare them. She did not want to
die, but she died anyway. And my father went away. I stayed with my grandparents
till they got the fever and died. I went on a ship and I
came to this country. But that’s the past.
Don’t you feel anything for me right now? Look at me. I can make you happy I know I could. I could tend you,
care for you when you’re sick. We could get a farm,
build a life, have kids. I need you to try. I’m not going to let you
ruin our only chance. Do you love me? – Yes.
– Why? Make me understand. I’ve been lonely for so long! What’s the matter?
It’s only your husband. – How are we going to get him outside?
– I don’t know, but I don’t want to rush him. I’m going. Stay with her. All this is ‘cos of your whoring. And we’ll be planting your stud
before sundown. Why the tears? – Come here!
– No! Damn! He’s ready. Hey! Thanks. Well go ahead, boy. That’s what whores are for. Get your clothes on, you’re going home. – Okay, you know what to do?
– Don’t worry. He’s as good as dead. – I think I ought to go with her.
– Leave her alone. – Round the front, cowboy.
– Open the door, Cassie. Clay, we heard you was dead. Tell Henry to get in here. – Hey Cassie, where’s that little chilli bean going?
– Oh Bob, you know she doesn’t entertain. – I’ll give you $ 15 for her.
– Why should you? You can get plenty others for 5. Take Clay upstairs. – You scared the living hell out of me.
– I’m sorry. – Where are the Sebaneks?
– They rode out this afternoon. – Was there a woman with them?
– Yeah. I need a couple of horses. – It’s gonna be a cold night.
– Yeah. We better get some more wood
for the fire. I know how we can all keep warm. Shut up, Johnny. Or I’ll break
every bone in your face. She’s still my wife. It’s gonna get cold. I thought you might need
another blanket. Well go ahead and starve yourself.
I don’t give a damn. – You gonna tie her up?
– Please don’t. Sit right here. As long as I have a face
you’ll always have a place. Damn it, Matt, you’re going to
kill your own brother. Ain’t nobody gonna hurt you.
Not no more. – What did you want?
– You scared me half to death. – We’ll be home tomorrow.
– It’s not my home. Not anymore. I want you to forget about
what’s happened. Woman… You made a fool out of me.
I’m a laughing stock wherever I go. – I never meant to hurt you.
– Well you damn near killed me. – I sure made a mess out of things.
– I’m not letting you off the hook that easy. – It’s the why I’ve been trying to understand.
– I thought you were dead. You know what I’m talking about. – I don’t know. It wasn’t you. Did you kill him? No. They’re coming. Alright, get ready. Remember, wait till they’re afoot. Come on. They’re sharps. Kinda funny us
ending up like this. – Jimmy’s going for position.
– Stupid. Cover him. It’s probably that
damn Clayton Drumm. I thought your brother was
supposed to take care of him. This hasn’t turned out well. – You can’t even see him up there.
– Well, I guess we better go for it. It’s better than sitting here
and getting shot. Don’t shoot! – Don’t shoot!
– You must be crazy. I’m obliged for your help, but
that don’t change the way things are. I want her to stay,
but she’s free to go. – Then this doesn’t have to be.
– The hell it doesn’t. – There’s Virgil and Duke.
– Nothing’s going to change that. Nor this. No! You call it, old man. – Are you satisfied now?
– You ain’t gonna last long, son. There ain’t no
soft-hearted gunfighters. – What will you do?
– That is my problem.

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