Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg Argue Over Experience On Voting Rights | MSNBC
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Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg Argue Over Experience On Voting Rights | MSNBC

November 23, 2019

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  1. I support showing Id's to vote. I gotta show it for everything including some cold medication. Voting shouldn't be any different.

  2. Pete is too middle of the road for the Democratic Party. They will make sure no matter what that he won’t get a nomination

  3. If you have so much experience, why didn't you make these changes already? I hate when they say I've been doing this for decades but it's like why you still bringing it up saying you will do it when you been had time. Bye. Pete is rising in the polls so you just going at him with the little jab "you did great locally" well looks like polls are showing more than locally boo. #Pete2020!

  4. Why are the women standing on boxes to make them taller? How is that not sexist? If any of them become President will they stand on boxes all the time….wtf, how undermining of their self empowerment that seems. Height is now a measure of a person?

  5. Pete's just talk, and pretty shallow talk at that. He seems like a bad, choice. I'll take real passion, experience and big ideas over his middle-of-the-road approach.

  6. Pete Buttigieg put out a list of 400 Black South Carolinians that endorse him/his plan. The problem is, they didn't endorse. Also, 42 percent of the list of people are white.

  7. Klobuchar is shaking, she can’t handle the stress, Pete is calm, cool, collected, and well spoken. He is the better candidate. Klobuchar seems desperate.

  8. I #EndorseAndrewYang because he's really the only candidate who knows what the f#ck is going on and he's the only one who's trying to unf#ck us all!

  9. Attacking Pete over experience doesn't do Klobuchar any good. Sure, Klobuchar has more experience in Washington than Pete. But for people who care about the experience, she still hasn't proved why her experience is better than Warren or Biden's who lead in national polls. And for people who care about a generally favorable, charismatic nice guy persona like Pete, attacking him will not do you any good either – people will withhold their toward the attacker even if criticism is true

  10. This is annoying.
    Amy: "Look look! I'm capable too!"
    There is nothing worse than having to tell people that you are capable, instead of it just being understood by everyone.
    It just shows that you're aiming way too high. Let it be natural.

  11. Honest and stark PSA commercials and ads telling the American people what's stake if they don't participate in Election day voting.

  12. Klobuchar has zero chance of being the nominee, getting my vote or beating Trump. She should get off the stage and make room for a real contender.

  13. election day doesn't need to be a federal holiday. Many states have a time-off-to-vote law. Just make time-off-to-vote a federal law.

  14. The experience argument about a younger candidate don't have a good track record , JFK , bill and Obama what are you doing sister ?

  15. all of them come off as really weak. no wisdom. nothing in common with regular people. even pete with his calm demeanor compared to amy. still just feels funny

  16. I swear lying pete was gonna start hitting his fists against his stand. I can just see lying pete's internal monologue- "stop saying I'd don't have experience, I'm a Mayor of really small town danmit, I do have experience." Talk about a little boy throwing a tantrum.

  17. As we move on, the theme will be, he is playing chess while they are playing checkers . He is both highly intelligent and extremely prepared . This will become more evident as the field narrows . And if he gets to debate trump, well just imagine that . I haven't seen pete flustered yet. He would expose trumps attacks as childlike .

  18. Very simple…if you are a CITIZEN, you get to vote. Natural born or naturalized. Work, student, daca or illegal should not be allowed to vote. Daca is simple to fix…you will be sent a notification with a date one year from issuance to take a naturalization exam, with one extra chance should you fail. If you've been here that long, it should be easy. Take satisfaction that upon completion you will know more about this country than probably 80% of recent college students….sad but true….

  19. Not a single question about Pete faking endorsements in South Carolina. That should have been brought up by the moderators.

  20. Pete is a sociopath and he increased the eviction rate in South Bend to 3x the national average than promptly gentrified previously black and brown neighborhood

  21. Amy always barks at the wrong tree. She just doesn't get it.
    Pete a a copy cat, nothing original . A failed mayor sold himself to big money donors to buy the candidacy. He is a smooth talker but can't even govern in his own district. He should go back home and proves he can govern first.

  22. Pete is a clown. Tulsi put him in his place and he just pouted like a baby. He had no credible responses, he twisted her words, and then used tired smears, which backfired tremendously.

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