Amy Klobuchar To GOP: You’re Supposed To Protect Our Constitution | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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Amy Klobuchar To GOP: You’re Supposed To Protect Our Constitution | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

January 24, 2020

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  2. action plan:
    It is clear the republicans chose the trump cult over country a long time ago. We have to be realistic: most trump followers will always support him and as long as this is the case the republicans will too. Maybe our last patriotic chance is to become activists, all of us: call McConnells office and ask for witnesses, do the same with other relevant republicans. Go on fox news and comment with facts and ask others to do the same, comment on CNN, msnbc etc to inform others that you do so on fox's chanel, so others might too. Yes, there are many (russian) trolls out there, but we can be more! Right now i will comment on the last three fox videos and i will encourage others to do the same and i with this comment i inform you i do so. Public opinion must be changed now, lies must be called out.

  3. How could they possibly hope that the Republicans will remove this president? The evidence already point in a direction where not just DJT but Pence knew about everything that took place in the Ukraine. Which means removing Trump leads most likely to a Pence-trial too.
    The conclusion if both succeed would be a democratic president until November.
    From a political point of view it seems like removing Trump from office comes close to suicide for any given Republican.


  5. I refuse to believe the Republican senators are going to vote to acquit
    now that all of the facts have been presented to them. If they
    unanimously vote to remove, they will restore trust in our government,
    they will take control of the party back from Trump and they show that
    their loyalty is to the constitution, to the republic, to truth. They
    will be deserving of our admiration. We will be in debt to them for
    their courage. They will be the new heroes. We Americans love a good
    redemption story, I trust that the 53 will redeem themselves if we all
    encourage them to do so. If we all treat them as if they are a lost
    cause, that is what they will be. We should all be doing whatever we can
    to help the 53 understand that voting to remove will save the Republic
    and save the GOP. This is their chance to speak truth to power.

  6. Adam Schiff is my hero! The world is watching the Trump impeachment and the GOP politicians. The GOP will deny and lie to protect Trump. The GOP will not uphold their oath to protect America and the US Constitution. The GOP that defend Trump will be judged by their peers, law makers, judges, churches, corporations, our foreign Allies and, most important, everyday Americans.   Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.  This is not about being a Democratic or Republican.  We need a president with honor and integrity that will protect our  US Constitution and unite our country.

  7. Any persons having made public statements against being fair should be removed from the vote and trial space. Remove the cancer so the other cells can breath. Maybe without intimidation we would find some "Republicans" who haven't been bought.

  8. Republicans swore under oath to lie and cover up Donald Trump's coruptions they should be thrown out of the senate how dear them lie to us the american people and the world that's watching them clowns they have no shame what so ever.

  9. The LEGENDARY JOHN MCCAIN moment is what this is all about now!

    Anyone courageous enough to step in his legendary shoes will be in the revered place for HEROES!

  10. let's start at the whisleblower, where all started, why are the democrats refuse to apear.the whisleblower, it will be a snowball.

  11. What the GOP needs to think about is the fact that Drump can do much much worse. If you give him a pardon this time, you are telling him that what he did is OK, and he will take it as the fact that he 'did nothing wrong', that it was a 'perfect phone call', and that 'article 2' shows that he actually has the ability to do exactly what he wants with no come back. That's what they need to fear…..they are empowering a tyrant. The cannot have found the past 3 years easy, they have been back peddling and running around like headless rats trying to mop up the outpouring of damage done by Drump on a daily basis. They are going to be running around a lot more, mopping up a lot worse for the rest of his time in power.

  12. Remember Trump the thug threatened Vindeman so the Army announced it was protecting him (Vindeman) Another article of impeachment!

  13. Well, I’m so glad to see that all the politicians are having such a fun time with this! Does my little heart so much good

  14. I heard Amy is a total shrew when it comes to her own staffers – they hate her because she verbally abuses them. Is that true? Why not ask about that?

  15. @1:20 Difficult decision? He was a republican SCOTUS nominee… Voting against him should have been an easy decision for a democratic senator. Claire McCaskil is trash and that's why she lost. I'll bet she thinks she lost because of the Kavanaugh vote too. These establishment democrats are so dumb. And Amy Kobuchar is another out of touch establishment democrat. That's why she never gets even 5% in the average of national polls.

  16. Seems a whole lot of you have already made up your mind before the white house have started their case. Talk about a fair shake. Pfft whatever

  17. It is widely discussed and accepted as a matter of fact behind the scenes on both sides of the aisle that a significant number of Republicans would vote in support of all relevant documented evidence and witness testimony if the voting were anonymous.
    It is pathetic that Republican Senators are cowering before the threat of intimidation by a mob mentality intellectual dwarf like Trump, or the senate leader McConnell purely for party tribalism.
    If their voters don't return them to office for demonstrating uncompromising commitment to their oath of office and acting to protect the constitution and uphold the rule of law, so be it.
    They can build a new life and contribute outside the Senate, comfortable with their conscience and place in history.

  18. There is a reason checks and balances exist. Just because you don't agree with
    something doesn't make you in the right. Again this is pretty much stagnant among party lines.

    At least come to negotiation table to figure out something or it's going to be stagnant.

  19. It's as old as political history, from tribes to the US Congress; when the last line of defense falls it's over. The Senate is supposed to be this ultimate line of defense as the Framers foresaw it. No full and fair trial means subjecting to the push by and for tyranny.
    After that….well, after that no one knows exactly but it's a nasty outlook. An other civil war? An other revolution?
    Or could the elections, midterms and presidential, correct the wrong before it's too late. Let's hope so.

  20. How did the president help himself? By exposing a cheating crook like Joe Biden. The dems are trying to impeach him and yet they won’t admit the Biden’s and the Pelosi’s family are stealing from our tax paying country. So much corruption is coming out of Ukraine and it ties back to the Democrats who have been stealing our money for decades.

  21. Both Florida senators think its a joke; as Republicans, they’re already falling in line behind McConn. Well… wave them goodbye; you won’t be seeing them next term.

  22. Seems to me the Democrats have done everything possible the pervert th Constitution. And remember. NO one is above the law! Paybacks are tough!
    So far the Democrats have been an open can of hypocrites!

  23. Our political system is so broken I don't even pay attention to this any more. The Senate all but said they were finding Trump innocent of everything long before the impeachment started. What is crazy to me is how is this treated differently than any other trial? Why is it even a discussion that evidence and witness' can or can not be introduced? Non of this makes any sense at all to me. Well, i just hope the Republicans pay a heavy price for years to come for this farce of justice they are doing now.

  24. The ticket will be Biden/Klobuchar and it will lose to Trump. All of this after the nomination is stolen from Bernie once again.

  25. Democrats demand that GOP should protect the constitution. Then why did they shred the constitution by introducing two more grounds for impeaching a president, i.e. "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" which are not found in Article II Section 4 of our Constitution? Hypocrites!

  26. At this point everyone knows that Trump is guilty. The only questions is these. How many others are just as guilty or nearly so? How many Senators will join the line of those in the Trump Administration – those FAILING to protect and defend the Constitution, America, and the American people?

  27. How to Judge A Candidate –Smart Voter

    Trump: "When I can, I tell the truth"
    –Devan Cole, CNN, Nov 1/18

    United States Constitution – Amendments – Bill of Rights

  28. How she says protect the Constitution what about our gun rights and are constantly being stripped in a lot of States throughout the US , Or in some States the right to the find yourself the right the castle law to defend your home in any family members inside when you're being robbed it seems like they only talk about the Constitution when it's convenient for their own goals

  29. Thanks, 11th Hour Team, for great coverage. There’s a German expression (from the Nazi Era), for what Moscow Mitch and his Repugnithugs are attempting to do: “Nacht-und-Nebel Aktion”! It translates as “Operation in the dead of night and thickest fog.” German CAN be quite concise. <grin>
    I do hope a goodly number of our R-Senators will finally remember that our Constitution, and Law, and their constituents, put them in the position to decide for our country, instead of their subverted party!

  30. The republican party would not know anything about doing something righ … when they are the ones helping trump lie .. the republican party look the other way whan trump is bracking the law ..

  31. So proud I accepted 666, rather than be a Christian and Worship with these Christians, serving their Christian Lord.

    I mean, I could have spent eternity, living out the endless cycle of consequences, these men and women, all face… Behold the Tabernacle, the Temple of the Goat…. Born in Trespass and Sin…
    Behold America's history, the Templar, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones…. Behold their Greatness.. Behold their Goat God.. Watch as they all serve him,. Watch as their trespasses and sin, increases more and more, as they serve their Goat God..

    Here, I accepted 666 and Betrayed all these men… Ill see you all in Karnataka, Banglore or perhaps Bangladesh, Dhaka?

    Not sure what will become of these Rohingya? Only time will tell!

  32. As a Republican, this is awful. It’s like both sides don’t understand what’s actually happening. 8 years of the most progressive president we’ve ever had lead to this… The only thing to do to right the course is to elect a moderate/ moderate democrat.

  33. Finally, the efforts of the GOP to get this impeachment all their own way is starting to crack. They are only a part of the USA. They are supposed do their job protecting and guiding the country for the good of the people. Their whole attitude of we don’t have to let you see behind the curtain makes me sick. Talk about entitlement. The country does not belong to you for your use only. The rest of the population is not just about working themselves to death just to buy your crap to enrich the 1%.

  34. Yes they supposed to protect our constitution. That if they were going to follow the rules themselves, but they went to congress to steal money. That why when they got in they changed law's. To keep them in power and to cover up on how they steal tax payer's money. People are not in jail for no reason behind their king.

    This is the exact reason why McConnell will not allow a secret vote. He knew Republicans would loose.

  36. So this Amy is an old cold war Commie Hunter. Looking for tears when the phony grand-son of Joe McCarthy – Col. Vynman, gets Amy dripping tears. How did we get to this new cold war with those Dastardly Rooskies, selling THEIR oil for rubles on 6.6.14, the animals. I guess it comes a little by little propaganda from watching these TV's… I'm no Trumper, but I might be, these anti-Russian cold warriors are the apex of stupidity in this warring place. Sickos! "sided with Vladimin Putin. The Vynman guy is a spectacular. Back to duty the day of his "Purple Heart" – took a band-aide or change helmets and took a medal. But a decorated "Red Menace" gate keeper. I don't think you can get a job in D.C. unless you can pass the "Hate those Rookies" McCarthy "LItmus Test".

  37. The act and obligation of being a Senator supersedes angling to keep your job. Senators who act as if a no witness, no document trial is anything but another deceit of their constituents need to be fired with enthusiasm 11/3/2020 When We the People take back our country from them.

  38. We can only fight now, but even the GOP conspiracy of ignorance and denial will unravel with time. There are very many criminal charges stacked and waiting for Trump when he leaves office. When he is indicted I look forward to Mcconnell and Graham's comments.
    "Donald J Trump? I don't know the man".
    History will be the Victor. The truth will out.

  39. Once again where is your Bernie interview on his opinions concerning the impeachment trial…. Bernie Yang 2020 Making the SWAMP a Publicity funded Park… oh yeah all publicly funded parks are a socialist plot to make poor people healthy again….

  40. Right Matters. As we have found out in the case of Boeing, and the 737 ER problem and subsequent two crashes. When a company does something to benefit itself in the short term, but causes harm to pilots and crew and innocent passengers there is a corruption of basic Moral Principle.

    And when the President of the USA also does the same, enriches himself at the expense of the Country, then a corrupt and Amoral Government must be punished. So if we don't enough Senators to vote convict, no problem. I feel quite confident that come November, we will get enough People Of America to vote against GOP, in the Senate, in the House of Representatives and ultimately in the Presidential Race.

    As poor simpleton George Bush said:
    Published on Jul 24, 2011. George W. Bush botches a classic aphorism, saying, "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.".

  41. The Republicans to this point have been A reference for Trump. Meaning they speak to his reliability. If they vote not to remove him, they are Co-signing the rest of his Presidency. This means they take full responsibility with President Trump in the rest of his Presidency. Everything he does from that point on, Republicans can not wash their hands of it. So when Truth calls in the repossession of reality, Facts will stand up. Republicans will be held accountable to our Nation.

  42. Witnesses and documents would open up the floodgates and finish Trump for good. That is why Moscow Mitch is SO desperately trying to stop it from happening.

  43. To the GOP Republicans what tRump did was wrong! He does not care for no one but himself! Smh country first not party!

  44. Let's start a campaign of "The phone call wasn't perfect – there's no proof." and let that run across the nation for awhile – everyday.. I believe it might poke trump into releasing the REAL transcript so he can prove he's right. Put it in his face that his call was not perfect. And that's all we need him to feel and do. Play to his ego, the door to his major weakness.

  45. It has been reported that many GOP Senators left before the end of the day, some are sleeping, doing crosswords, reading. Pathetic.

  46. That evidence is the People's Property in the first place!!! I cannot believe that any withholding of these documents is even argued at all!! They belong to US, not the Exucutive, nor the Judiciary, but to WE THE People!! All public employees whom continue to lamely dance like Tom Do-not Delay on our right to even view our own possessions are lousy criminal thieves at best. #ThePeoplesEvidenceIsNotTheirsToHide! ♤Lv

  47. Look I don’t understand how people can be so blind, Trump stood by Putin in front of the world, I wonder our Allies think.

  48. The cult of Trumpism formerly known as the GOP. They are hypocritical and self serving. They are looking too destroy democracy. Starting with our constitution and the will of the American people. These people work for us. Don't let them turn America into a dictatorship ruled by oligarchs and tyrants!! Vote while we still can. The GOP is already allowing foriegn interference to benefit the trump. Putin is running America through Trump, Graham and McConnell.

  49. I don',t believe the republicans., face any tough choices, if you hate being a republican , you can quit, the democrats knows your weaknesses that is why they play you like a timbre, If democrat are vocal with lies you can also be vocal with truth

  50. Democrats don't understand the difference between opinion and fact. We're gonna decide on facts. We WILL re elect Trump in 2020. We will SUE democrats into oblivion for conspiracy to defraud America.

  51. THE REPUBLICAN SENATORS HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR IF THEY REMOVE TRUMP. IF ANYTHING IT WILL MOVE INDEPENDENT VOTERS TO THEIR SIDE. I'm an independent voter and I will not vote for any GOP candidate until they show they will stand up against a wannabe dictator and tyrant! This is a shame

  52. If there is any Republican senator who respects John McCain's courage to stand up against a bad president and put his thumb down, regardless of party affinity, please follow McCain's moral constitution and support those in the Senate who support the collection of evidence for a fair trail. Who would be against evidence? Facts? Truth?

  53. God You People Are A Joke…Your The Ones Destroying It…And You Think People Want You For President…Better Give Your Head A Shake.

  54. Here They Go Lying Again…People Are So Sick Of This Crap…The President Is For The People And You People Are Against The People.

  55. Why can’t the tv hosts be more positive, if they were it might help to convince the publisher to pressure the Senators? Try being positive.

  56. On the flip side of the coin….should any of the democrat senators have said they would vote for removal from office while they were on the campaign trail before articles of impeachment were ever voted on? While it may be what people consider correct…it also put all the republicans on immediate defense because they feel like this was all a fishing expedition in search of a crime instead of a crime with evidence that rises to beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  57. Stop naming names–they do'n't need the spot light–drawing attention to those who may do the "right" thing is not useful.


  59. The enemies of the American people are not at the gates or at our walls, or in foreign lands. They are within the hallowed halls of congress destroying the foundations of liberty and freedom forsaking the very people who they took an oath to protect and defend. Forfeiting their eternal souls for worldly power and riches. But I say to them the bell is tolling and their ledger of evil deeds is full and shall be brought to account.Their payment for this treachery is past due. Lady justice has removed her blindfold and her sword of judgement is unsheathed and will deliver it's judgement in full.

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