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Andrei Tarkovsky – Poetic Harmony | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography

August 24, 2019

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  1. Weird how I had to watch an ad for "the meg" before this video. Cinema sure has gone into the shitter.

  2. Great video, thank you! I just watched Stalker couple of days ago and could not "decipher" it. Yet I had an interesting experience watching the movie and coming up with ideas based on an imagery.

    There is that feeling when you enjoy the experience of watching a film but after finishing it don't get an "achievement" feeling and that bothers you. I guess that's because we are now conditioned by many other movies that have a "message" they are trying to convey to try to understand it and be done with it.
    While there is nothing wrong with that, we should not feel unsatisfied watching more fluid, so to speak, kinds of films. They may not have discrete meaning in them, but you can immerse yourself in them and the meaning will create itself inside you. This process takes time and an effort to relax and give in to your own thoughts. This flow of mind is not suited for our fast paced world so we don't practice it, yet it can yield great results.

  3. Tarkovsky's movies have a meaning I think and to quote what stalker says basically when talking about music: everything has a meaning

  4. Excellent video Lewis Bond. Solaris, Stalker, Sacrifice: three of the best films ever made. I must watch his others.

  5. To man, no other time is more relevant than his own. We don't merely measure time as if it would be some external object, as temporal beings our 'given' time is within…

    On 'life history theory', adaptive to circumstance:


  6. Interesting, from a Jungian perspective, it seems like Tarkovsky subverts the conventional role of the artist (or director) as one who journeys in to chaos to bring back meaning. He instead summons the chaotic landscape itself, allowing the viewer to create their own sense of order. In this way he is a conduit to the visceral experience of chaos (as evidenced by his fascination with texture for example)

  7. For "Andrey Rublev" Tarkovsky asked to be allowed to use the prisoner of the death for a scene of burning melted tin execution.
    Maybe its sounds crazy and too much, but it speaks of the scale of his genius.

  8. Thank you. Elegantly constructed, argued and illustrated. Makes me want to go back and watch all his films again. The point about texture is so true, but I had never been consciously aware of that.

  9. I think like Tarkovsky lets us get a glimpse what the 4th dimension feels like and the chance to capture time as a substantial thing of this world.

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  12. "— Самое главное в любом искусстве это найти свой собственный язык.
    Да, но легко это говорить, когда ты сам родоначальник своего языка (не без помощи отца, в том числе).

  13. Great video thesis, I’ve had similar thoughts about art in general, I can’t fathom how this guy slipped under my radar for so long, I’m as old as his films damn it, anyway, thank you and YouTube for putting it in my recommendation box. I will definitely find and watch these movies before dying from this shitty word, hell these films seem to be cheery by comparison to the real world

  14. If you like Tarkovskij, you can find some of his movies (like The mirror, Stalker, Solaris, Andrej Rublew) with English subs on Mosfilm's official channel.
    Here is the link of, for example, The mirror:

  15. It is  not so much "nihilism" as  it is  Christian, "panentheistic" mysticism. Malick is the American Tarkovsky.

  16. this is one of the most interesting videos ive seen on cinema, i loved that u spoke so much on emotion, this strikes a great conversation

  17. I have enjoyed the works of many autuers. But Tarkovsky's STALKER was one hell of experience.
    Those extreme long takes & ambiguous narrative style. Ugh!

  18. this analysis of meaning is very nice looking but unfortunately quite inaccurate in my opinion. tarkovsky had symbols in his films, especially stalker. he is orthodox christian but he lived under a government that was very hostile towards it. there are however mysteries in his films but that doesnt mean mysteries mean just "anything" as is defined by materialist/platonic thinking. orthodox view life like this, how the narrator says in this video, but there is a logical, philosophical and theological foundation behind it. many if not every single scene cited in this video about meaning or message is delivering a message similar to those familiar of orthodox christian teaching, especially in the russian tradition. lovely video either way!

  19. Tarkovsky is not overrated but he is definitely overpraised and overhyped. Unsurprisingly, nobody's talking about his conflicts with operators, conflicts with screen writers, nobody even tries to mention acting or unjustifiedly big budgets. Who cares, it's just ancient foreign cinematography – it's rather permanently genius or unknowable due to language barriers. Keep pretending that subtext doesn't exist.

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  22. Really appreciate you dissecting these films by Tarkovsky…there's a lot of people only dissecting mainstream films and it's so predictable and boring. It's really great you are doing this!

  23. I like what this video says about Tarkovsky's use of textures and long takes. But I disagree that he is a "narrative nihilist". His narratives are intuitively constructed, true. But they're not without meaning. He, like Lynch, was understandably cagey about there being single "correct" readings of his films — that's a wise position for an artist to take. But you can pretty clearly discern meanings which line up with Tarkovsky's stated philosophical concerns. For example, the opening scene of Andrei Rublev is very consistent with the rest of the film's focus on the lonely creative and spiritual struggle of the artist (a frequent theme in his films).

  24. Tarkovsky behind Kubrick are my favorite Directors each for a different reason Kubrick for his unapologetic views of humanity and how we dehumanize each other barely any hope but Andrei Tarkovsky had a more poetic look at humanity

  25. Does anyone know where to watch or where to get original Tarkovsky movies with English/German subtitles??

  26. That house wasnt rigged to exact time or anything…the camera roll was finished and the house was still burning….

  27. When I see tarkovskis movies my heart starts palpitating and I feel like I am high on weed or shrooms . No kidding it feels so unreal . Never felt that with any other filmakers work

  28. Thank you for this. This was really helpful. Tarkovsky for me has always been an alluring mystery. this fifteen minute video helped me understand that mystery more then years of reading about his movies and being lecture to by my high minded cinema snob friends ever did.

  29. And not even a word about Orthodox faith influence on Tarkosvki?
    but still great video, smooth
    just in his style

  30. 🏃‍♀️💃💃🖤❤🖤No podemos permitir que Tarkovsky quede en el olvido…Es inolvidable….Tarnovsky N

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