Android PhotoCloud image Frame slideshow intro
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Android PhotoCloud image Frame slideshow intro

October 25, 2019

Welcome to the PhotoCloud Slideshow
introductional video. PhotoCloud allows you to browse your photos located in a
variety of cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Mega and
so on. If you don’t want to store your sensitive photos on cloud, you can set up
your own server and access those images through SSH or SFTP, set up your own
personal OwnCloud or NextCloud, or you can just browse the images from your
local Windows Share, or at the DLNA server. The first feature i’d like to
show you is the slideshow feature. Pressing the slideshow button will start
an endless repetitive slideshow of all images on that stream. Those images are
also cached in the phone internal memory, so that when the networks network drops
down the slide show will show cached photos until the network comes up. You
can also slideshow the cached images which is handy if you have no network at
the present. You can also browse the stream for
photos. To limit the images which are shown in a
slideshow to a particular folder, you can just touch the folder and select the
“root streams here”. So for example I’ll root this stream to this “Pictures”
folder. From now on when you start slideshow from this stream, only the
images in the “Pictures” folder will be shown. You can also combine multiple
streams into one slideshow, for example if you select OneCloud,
Instagram and Mega then you can just start the slideshow and all three
of those storages or streams will be polled for images. To pause the slideshow
just touch the image. Here you can scroll to five most recent images and see the
EXIF image data. in the settings you can configure
various slideshow options: show the clock, the weather forecast, and so on and so
on. You can also make the slideshow app start up when your device boots.
This “Auto Start slideshow on boot” setting. With this you can turn your old
Android tablet into a photo frame. Okay that’s it thanks for watching.

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