Andy LaVerne – Piano Lesson – Blues Beyond Bebop 3

September 19, 2019

This is a minor blues. Obviously, those two notes fit within those
two chords, which is kind of nice. So, on the C minor, you’ve got, it’s the guidetones. The third, and the seven. On the Gb7, it’s now the third, the thirteen. I realize that I could play a C aeolian mode
over that moving bassline. It’s called pan-diatonicism, where you have
a diatonic line on top, and you’re moving the bassline underneath it, but it’s still
within that same scale. I was comping behind Jerry. And here, I’m going to the Gb7, so really,
that’s only a halfstep above that C minor. If I’m thinking C dorian, I can think of C#
dorian, and just put it over a Gb. And now from C# dorian to F dorian, and now
here, on the G7 altered, I can play an Ab dorian. So, if you want to, just as an exercise maybe,
but also, in terms of soloing, here’s the C minor6 scale over the C minor chord. You can play a C# minor6 scale over the Gb,
or the F#7. To an F minor6 scale. To an Ab minor6 scale over G7. The F minor6 is over the F minor.

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