Angela Merkels first parliament speech since announcing her future | DW News
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Angela Merkels first parliament speech since announcing her future | DW News

November 30, 2019

It was Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first parliamentary
speech since announcing she would step down as party leader. And she was unusually passionate. She vigorously defended the UN migration pact,
saying acting internationally was the only way to solve global problems. It’s in our national interest to improve the
conditions for refugees on the one hand, and for employment migration on the other. This was a budget debate – traditionally a
chance for the opposition to attack the government’s policies. But the largest opposition party, the far-right
AfD, is under pressure itself. Stung by a scandal over campaign donations,
the AfD parliamentary co-leader lashed out. You have no right to criticise us on moral
grounds! Step out of your glass house and stop throwing
stones. You’ll only hit yourself in the end ! The
nice thing about free debates is that everyone can talk about whatever they think is important
for the country. Smaller opposition parties took the government
to task for quarrelling and inaction. People are sick of the coalition. With its bad compromises and impasses, it’s
clearly incapable of solving people’s real problems. This coalition is like a self-help group that’s
concerned only with itself and not with the needs of society. After such unusually animated parliamentary
exchanges, politicians returned to the rather drier task of discussing next year’s budget.

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