Animasi Stoikiometri: Komposisi Zat

September 15, 2019

A substance has several constituent components Also known as substance composition If similar components are separated, then collected, and weighed Each of the components has its own mass To facilitate identification, mass values can be expressed in percent Mathematically, the mass percent of the component is equal to the mass of the component divided by the mass of the substance, the result is multiplied by 100% This calculation applies to each component So, each component will have a certain percentage value between 0 and 100% Well, the composition of substances is a combination of all the percentages of its constituent compounds In other words, the complete composition of substances is 100% The same substance will have the same composition, even though the shape looks different To understand the concept of “substance composition”, we will practice solving the following questions: A sample of a chemical contains 4.8 grams of carbon, 6.4 grams of oxygen, 11.2 grams of nitrogen, and 1.6 grams of hydrogen State the composition in percent mass? Well, the first step is to calculate the total mass of the substance mass of substance =mC + mO + mN + mH equal to 4.8 + 6.4 + 11.2 + 1.6 equal to 24 gram Next, for the mass of the component with the mass of the substance for each component The carbon mass percentage is (4.8/24) x 100 %=20 % The oxygen mass percentage is (6.4/24) x 100 %=26.67 % The nitrogen mass percentage is (11.2/24) x 100 %=46.67 % The hydrogen mass percentage is (1.6/24) x 100 %=6.67 % So that the sample has a composition of 20% carbon, 26.67% oxygen, 46.67% nitrogen, and 1.67% hydrogen By matching this information in a catalog of chemicals This substance is none other than Urea Yup, I hope this short tutorial can provide useful benefits And, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe

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