Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo – Review (Does it sounds great?)
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Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo – Review (Does it sounds great?)

February 4, 2020

On today’s video, we are going to review
Liberty Neo, wireless earphones from ANKER. As you may know, at quick review show, we
are quite strict when we review the products given to us. So, before we start our review, here’s are
our checklist to see if they are able to meet our standard. One, the product must benefit our daily lifestyle,
it can be something that makes our daily life convenient. Two, the product must have at least 1 year
lifespan Three, the product must be at least water-
resistant From the information they have given to me,
they do state that the weight of the product is only at 51.8g which separates into two. 11g for the earbuds and 40.8g for the charging
case. Personally, with the weight of the earbuds
at 11g, it is definitely one of the lightest among other products. So, first on the checklist, it kinda benefit
our daily lifestyle in terms of its wireless technology and weight. Next, from the specs shown on their website,
I can roughly tell that their lifespan is roughly 2-3 years depending how often you
charge your earphones. And for that I given it a pass on the second
checklist. On the last of our checklist, without a doubt,
their earphones definitely have water resistance. It has IPX5 water resistance which are able
to prevent liquid from damaging the internal components. Since it passed all of our checklist, we will
officially start our review. Package Script
First off, the liberty neo have an ultra-compact design which translate into small and light,
featuring GripFit technology that will make average consumer forget they are wearing them. This is great for those who loves to run while
listening to their music. One thing that a lot of people will consider
before they purchase an earphone is the quality of the sound it produces. With graphene-enhanced sound, it delivers
exceptional clarity via graphene drivers with deep resonant bass. Personally, once you wear the Liberty Neo,
it can literally block out the sound coming from the outside. Next, we are going to review its connectivity. It uses a satellite technology also known
as LDS antenna, which able to maintain a strong Bluetooth 5 connection. What I love about this earphone is that it
automatically connects once you have done your pairing on startup for the first time. You would be surprise that you can connect
individually if you decided not to wear both of the earpiece. With all that exciting features, we are now
going to talk about its battery life. A single charge can last you 3.5 hours of
playtime. With an extra 9 hours in the charging case,
it can basically last 12.5 hours of playtime which is more than enough. When it comes to charging, you can only charge
the earbuds in the charging case which uses MICRO USB port. Now to test its water resistance. We decided to simulate a rainy weather by
using this spray bottle. With the amount we sprayed, we were so sure
that the liberty neo is done for but to our surprise, it still works and the sound it
produces is still the same. Now every product has its own few disadvantages
but as far as we experience, there are almost none other than the fact that it may need
a little bit of customization such as colors. Now let’s summarize what we have review. The product is lightweight weighing at 11g
for the earbuds featuring GripFit Technology for comfort
With it’s graphene-enhance system, it has great clarity of its deep resonant bass. It uses LDS antenna, which are able to maintain
super-strong connectivity. Able to pair the earbuds individually. A total of 12.5 hours of playtime including
the charging case. Water resistance that can keep your device
safe in rainy weather. The only bad thing is there’s no choice
of colors. So what’s the price of Liberty Neo? Currently it’s at USD 49.99. For that kind of price, you wouldn’t be
disappointed as it gives such a quality sound which can easily out-perform other wireless
earphones. There’s a link in the description down below
if you decide to purchase it. Remember to subscribe and like this video. Comment down below on what you like and dislike
about this product and stand a chance to win this product! We will contact you if you are the winner. Until then we will see you next time!

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