Anti-Vaxxers In Texas Would Rather Have Liberty Than Safety (HBO)
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Anti-Vaxxers In Texas Would Rather Have Liberty Than Safety (HBO)

March 8, 2020

Baseless claims about a link between
vaccines and developmental disorders have fueled the so called
“anti-vaxxer” movement for years now. But in Texas, the anti-vaxxers are motivated by something else: an unconditional commitment to personal freedom— even at the expense of public health. — A parent decides whether their
children get vaccinated or not. That is it in a nutshell! — In 2003, about 2,000 kids in Texas held exemptions allowing
them to opt out of vaccinations for nonmedical reasons. Today, that number has risen to almost 45,000. More than 20 vaccine-related bills were introduced in
the recently completed 85th Texas Legislative Session. And while some of those bills promote vaccinations, others definitely don’t. 31-year-old Republican State Representative
Briscoe Cain is a member of the state’s Freedom Caucus: — Why is the debate about vaccines so strong in Texas? Is there something specific to Texas? — It’s something in our history, in our DNA, that we desire to be free from
government intervention in our lives. — From your perspective, what’s the vaccine choice debate about? — The parent should have the ability to decide whether or not their child
takes medicine or receives an injection. It’s about liberty. — So it’s not about vaccines themselves or their safety? — For some, it is. For me personally, it has nothing to do with the
science or debating the science of vaccines. — Do you get vaccines yourself? — I do. — Do you have children?
— I do, and they’ve been vaccinated. — Yeah, I mean, I grew up getting the flu shot every year. But it was at my own choosing. — Some vaccines are only, like, 97 percent protective. So, hypothetically, if your child were to get the measles
from a child who wasn’t vaccinated, how would you feel about that? — It’s troubling that my child got the measles. — I mean, there’s an outbreak right now in Minnesota. — I believe that personal liberty, or my personal liberty, stops at the person of another. — What about when that person’s personal
liberties infringes on somebody else’s safety? — I believe that, in the hierarchy of rights, that liberty is higher than safety and security. — When Briscoe talks about fighting for parental rights, it’s people like Stacy Methvin that he has in mind: — This is an exemption form. This is for me and my son. — She’s previously filed exemptions
for her 11-year-old son Christian, the youngest of her five children. Christian hasn’t received any
vaccines since he was six. — Could you walk me through some
of the documents that are in here? — This one is one of the first ones
that I actually went and researched. And it talks about the role of the federal government, but it doesn’t give them the right to mandate vaccines. We have a right on this planet to choose
for our own bodies what we take in. And it should be the same way
with a shot or treatments. — In Texas, non-medical or “conscientious”
exemptions from vaccines can be granted for any personal reason, including religion. Stacy is studying to be a nurse. She claims that two of her grandchildren
were injured after getting vaccinated. — My attitude with life, as well as vaccines, is that if you believe in it, you push for it. It’s hard for me. It’s hard for me to think of a future where other children would lose their rights and continue to be injured when none of us knows why. — Do you think that’s a possibility? Are you worried about your rights being taken away? — I worry about the rights of my children,
and all of the other children out there. — Ready to get the eggs? — Okay! — Heather and David Pencil are worried too. But for a different reason. They live in the Austin suburbs, where public school districts have some of
the highest exemptions rates in the state, and private schools exemption rates
run as high as 40 percent. — The fact that you live in Austin
instead of of New York City, for instance, puts your family more at risk. — Yeah. — What happens if there’s a measles outbreak here? — Bar the doors!
— Right, yeah. — So, say the baby is younger than six months. I would genuinely be concerned. Because measles is a serious disease— I mean, it can cause encephalitis,
it can cause deafness, you know, lots of things. — A bill introduced this year would have made exemption rates for
individual schools publicly available. But in May, that bill stalled out in the state legislature, after the Freedom Caucus opposed it
for infringing on personal privacy. — How does it make you feel that the debate right now is people putting their privacy
above other people’s health safety? — It’s a privilege issue. They’re more concerned about their children
than the risk of the greater population. And it’s a false risk, because that information is
already available at that level. — It’s already being collected. — Yeah! — You just wish that you could just… — Yeah, it should be available to parents. It’s a public health issue. — Peter Hotez, a vaccine expert and Dean
of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College in Houston, has been contending with dangers of the
vaccine choice movement in Texas for years: — A group of anti-vaccine activists have somehow convinced a large number
of people in the state of Texas that this is a civil libertarian issue. And I don’t accept that. What about the civil liberties of a young mother,
a young parent, in the Austin Texas area? If I’m a mother of a young baby
under the age of 12 months— because we don’t vaccinate kids till
12 to 15 months with measles— I’d be terrified. If you’re a parent, you’re required by law to
strap your child in a seatbelt in a car, right? That that’s not a parental choice. If you own a gun— and a lot of people in Texas own guns— you’re required to lock that gun
if you have a child at home. And it’s the same for vaccines. — Is there anything in Texas right now that could stop that from happening, stop outbreaks from happening? — We could proactively block outbreaks
from happening tomorrow. And it’s very simple. All we have to do is what was done in California: when they had measles outbreaks, the state legislature finally woke up and they said, “Oh my God, what have we done?” And they closed all the non-medical exemptions. And guess what? Vaccine coverage rate went up, and problem solved. — Do you see that happening in Texas? — I don’t, and I’ve been saying this now and it’s very sad that the only thing that’s going to stop
this runaway train right now is a large measles outbreak.

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  1. VICE News Tonight correspondent Arielle Duhaime-Ross travels to three cities in Texas to speak with people on either side of this fight.
    WATCH NEXT: How The World's Deadliest Pandemics Are Born –

  2. Jigsaw: Live or die, make your choice.

    Anti Vax: Okay,death to my kids it is!

    Jigsaw: Where did this come from!? Your insane!

  3. I have to wear a seat belt in my car and more than half of anti vac people want to put restrictions on what guns I can buy. But not getting your kids vaccinated is more dangerous than any gun and I hurt no one by not wearing a seat belt. I still can’t believe this is a real thing even if the vaccine does cause autism isn’t it better than alternative?

  4. Talk about First World problems. Your rights/personal privacy ends at public safety. If you want your kid to go to school with other kids, you need to ensure they are safe for those other kids to be around. I'd think parents in Third World countries are worried that their kids don't die from diseases that are easily preventable here (unless we get stupid.)

  5. In an ideal world nobody would be forced to vaccinate their children, it should be a choice, but in that same ideal world everybody is smart and chooses to vaccinate so in effect there is no problem. Though we don't live in such ideal world, you give people choice and a number of them choose the wrong one either because dumbness or selfishness.

  6. It shouldn't be up to government to force people to “protect” themselves in ways they don't agree with. If we value individual liberty and want to live in a free society, then people must be allowed to do dangerous things, including sky diving, skiing, hang gliding, auto racing, boxing, football, extreme sports, using fireworks, and refusing to get vaccinated. Why should people be forced to have foreign substances injected into their bodies? How is that freedom? If we allow government to do that to us, then there's nothing government can't do to us.

    Here are some reasons not to get vaccinated:

    First, vaccinations can cause great damage to individuals. $4.2 billion has been paid from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to people who have been injured
    from vaccinations, or had family members die. And many people have seen their children develop autism after being vaccinated.
    Watch the suppressed movie “Vaxxed”

    Personally, my immune system was permanently damaged by a defective swine flu vaccine which was forced upon me while serving in the USAF in 1976. Since then, I've refused any further vaccinations, as it my right.

    Second, vaccines can be used to intentionally inject harmful substances into unsuspecting populations, as happened to ½ million women in Kenya:
    “Kenya: Thousands infertile after govt-sponsored vaccination”

  7. Vice news can take their baseless claims propaganda and shove it up their asses. I invite them to actually do some research instead of pushing this crap.

  8. If you choose not to vaccinate, you should not have access to public schools, day care (private and public), playgrounds, etc. Period.

  9. If your vaccines truly worked and keeps you safe, then why are you all afraid of those unvaccinated ones? Makes no sense….

  10. Vaccines kill, paralyze, cause cancer, diabetes, lupus, seizures, autism, arthritis, Alzheimer’s. The viruses are grown on aborted baby cell lines and contain human DNA, human DNA gets picked up by our stem cells and cause mutations (cancer), as well as animal cell lines and animal DNA contaminated with retro viruses from the animal kingdom, retro viruses cause immune deficiency, they can lay dormant in your body for years until an environmental trigger activates them (AIDS, cancer, autoimmune disease). They contain aluminum, Mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, glyphosate, polysorbate 80, antibiotics., among many other highly toxic ingredients. If you will not feed your baby these things why are you injecting them with it?

  11. Psst, ever wonder why the folks who made agent Orange, the gas for Nazi gas chambers, and the pesticides for factory farms…. are making your kids vaccines….

    Don't question it. Vice says so.



    I used to like you and your cokey reporting vice, but now, you bend the knee, for FOX of all corporations?! Douchey to the max my friends. Please, reportmoreon why we shouldn't question mandatory vaccines full of glyphosates, profiting foxbuddies, not read any labels,question ingredients or agendas…. or askaboutinfertility rates in Bill Gates vccinesforcedtest zones….. nope. Vice says its cool guys. So when this shit hits the fan…. you know who to sue for false advertising.


  13. As Dr Tent informs us ( Dr Tent> how JFK, Oswald, Ruby ties into vaccines start at minute 50 ) there have been an explosion in new diseases since the 1950 when mass vaccinations began in earnest.. Cancers / autoimmune disorders/ new unknown diseases. Back in the 50's & 60's one would receive only 2-7 vaccines; today 20-70 & usually it's more toward the high end & vaccines used to never given to a pregnant woman, today it is.

    If one only had to worry about vaccine ingredients on the insert in the packaging that would be bad enough, but it is proven that many vaccines contain more than what is listed. Most don't know that vaccines contains aborted fetus materiel.

    CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud

    The FACT that most vaccines contain fetal tissue bother most of us pro lifers:

    greg Hunter Russia, vaccines. forced vaccination

    polio measles.

    vaccine force choice vaxxed dr CDC data proof

    30 piecesEditor's Note: Age of Autism has co-signed this statement with several other organizations:

    According to multiple reliable sources, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004. If true, this is of major concern. For over a decade, officials have cited this disputable study to claim no connection between the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism and to deny compensation to parents of MMR vaccine-injured children.

    Dr. Thompson has admitted in taped phone conversations and in a statement through his lawyer, that he and other authors of the study, which include senior officials at CDC, manipulated the data and violated study protocol to conceal their findings linking the MMR vaccine to autism. In what can only be described as scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson is now poised to publish “a rework” of the data in a blatant attempt to exonerate the MMR vaccine.

  14. In the US in 1982, there were only 3 vaccines (25 toxic shots w boosters) now it's 16 vaccines (72 toxic shots w boosters) til 18. what changed? If these vaccines were so critical why weren't we giving them in 1982? In 1886, the vaccines companies lost all liability and they started dreaming up all kinds of infections to scare us with; infections that very few children in a crib would ever encounter, never mind die from. I am 70, and I and my 6 siblings had these childhood infections (not diseases) and we all lived. I have lifetime immunity, children today do not. Most adults who haven't had a booster shot since childhood are wide open to getting measles which is more dangerous as an adult. anyone who thinks Pharma loves you, think again. You are fools.

  15. Antivaxxers: It’s my body i should decide if i want vaccines
    Kid at preschool that can’t get a shot because of medical reasons: it’s my body i should decide if i want to die or not

  16. Oh boo hoo I have to get pinchy shots, it hurts, 2 months later large measles outbreak


  17. I get vaccinated every year, I do not support the antivaxxers, but the idea that the government mandates vaccines is dystopian.

  18. 2:58 I wonder how she feels about people taking illegal drugs? Would she fight for her son's right to shoot heroin because its his body?
    (I'm for decriminalization of all drugs) curious about her stance on drugs.

  19. …no. Don't spin this into a liberty vs safety thing. The topic of vaccines is something completely different. I think anti vaccine parents are willfully ignorant and anyone with a brain can see that they are putting their children along with many other children in direct danger, however I also would take liberty over safety any day of the week. Actually I'd take any basic human right over safety. The world isn't safe. When you give up your freedom to the nanny state all you're getting in return is the ability to fool yourself. And when you title stuff like this it is obvious you're aiming to make people read it and go "Oh, gosh look at these stupid people" and that is dangerous because that title in and of itself is very American. We did trade safety for liberty, we've always traded safety for liberty (pre 9-11…) and human beings always should.

  20. Here's the deal, you want freedom of choice. Fine. But your ducking kid better stay out of my ducking kids classroom. If your not vaccinated you can't enter here. And I think that should be the same for all pediatric doctors. They should have the right to refuse services to these people.

  21. So ur child is vaccinated against measels they come in contact with a child that has measels and never been vaccinated the now vaccinated child catches it from a child that never been vaccinated how does that make sense I can tell u IT doesn't cause it's a gimmick to buy into lies

  22. Getting vaccinated IS NOT A PERSONAL ISSUE!!!! Example, you might get drunk in your own home but once your drunk and drive you are effecting other peoples lives.

  23. government :you have the right to life and freedom

    Anti vacxxers : yay freedom means risk children’s Lives to protest the government and for FrEeDom

  24. Karen:doesn't vaccinate
    Any reasonable, not idiotic people:Why?
    Karen:AUTISM is caused by vaccines!
    Us:who said that, a Facebook mom?

  25. Vaccines causing autism is NOT A BASELESS CLAIM. Ive seen HUNDREDS of testimonies from parents nurses and doctors who have witnessed children regress into autism after receiving their vaccines. ANECDOTES ARE EVIDENCE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY COME FROM PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED NURSES AND DOCTORS. ALSO THE ABSENCE OF PROPERLY PERFORMED SAFETY STUDIES INVOLVING FULLY UNVACCINATED GROUPS BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO LET ANYONE BE UNVACCINATED EVEN FOR THE SAKE OF PROPER SAFETY TESTING. A diet abundant with nutrient-rich raw foods and the avoiding of toxins like metals from canned food and pesticides cures smallpox, measles and polio too, the right way, by creating a healthy “terrain” on which disease cannot occur, because it is actually the terrain on which bacteria grows that causes disease, not various types of microbes like previously thought. Louis Pasteur who invented the germ theory eventually admitted this before he died and so did Claude Bernard. Let’s talk about whether vaccines cause autism, infant deaths, seizures, and learning disabilities, as well as paralysis. Can we, for once in history, have a properly controlled study where a completely unvaccinated group of people are compared to those who are vaccinated and we can compare the rates of those diseases. Then once we all understand that vaccines cause autism seizures and death, then we can make our own desicions and assess the risk and eat a raw food nutrient rich diet instead of getting vaccines because it honestly is a much superior method of preventing disease.

  26. As a Texan (Houston, where the Texas Medical Center and NASA are located) I have to apologize for some of the less intelligent and more vocal denizens of my home state.

  27. Its not liberty if you are endangering those around you , when you endanger those around you its called in the case of anti vaxers , genocide through ignorance

  28. Vaccines are not promised to keep your child from getting sick it’s been said before it is made to build up your immunity to it so IF your kid gets sick, it won’t be as bad.

  29. Some kids that have been vaccinated have autism

    Some Anti-vax kids also have autism but you dont see them because they are already dead

  30. To late they already have development disorders..when a preventable disease breaks out we will just have to forcebly vac thier kids at least theyll be alive to bury their parents.

  31. Becoming entrenched to a positional belief refusing to except any real common sense fact that might challange that precious belief shows the belief to be contrived and not a true belief.

  32. Measles are a terrible disease agonising permanent damage , future carrier also persons effected at a young age often suffer they reamergance in the form of shingles in older age.

  33. We are experiencing random measles outbreaks in Australia ..govt has issued travel warnings about Texas among other thirdworld fiefdoms.

  34. Anything slapped with the label “Public health issue” does not = automatic free pass to trample constitutionally guaranteed rights. Peter Hotez = industry sponsored shill. There will be outbreaks regardless because microbe is smarter than man. We have already forced measles & pertussis to mutate into vaccine-resistant strains due to genetic selective pressure of mass vax campaigns. Fear, coercion, hubristic hopefulness and PR spin are not going to fix it. Vice fails again 🤦‍♀️

  35. Liberty is more important than safety? Well, then why can’t I go to a playground and shoot off a gun around children for fun? Why can’t I start an improperly contained trash fire in my yard? Why can’t I smash glass bottles in the road? Why can’t I drive drunk?

    The answer to all of those is the same as the answer to “Why can’t I neglect to vaccinate myself and my kids?” Because it’s dangerous, and having that “liberty” benefits no one. Anti-vaxxers need to cut the crap and realize that their personal preference is contributing to innocent people’s deaths and life-changing medical bills. Your sense of entitlement to a meaningless notion of liberty is not more important than other people’s lives, and it never will be.

  36. Good for them. Handing over liberty for safety will result in neither. Stated or any government should not mandate them or even try. The moment they try to enforce it…

    The sheep been falling for this for hundreds of years…

  37. Hey dishonest idiots, most of these people like me don’t want it because the gov doesn’t have the right to force an injection on you of any kind

  38. You can choose to unvaxxinate your child or shoot him with a m416 rifle in both cases the child dies

    But only one of the choises is illegal

    thats some thing to think about lul

  39. “They’re more worried about their children than other children.”

    What did you expect? Of course they’re more more worried about they’re own instead of yours. And I’m pro vax so don’t come for me.

  40. Are they free from government laws???
    Let them murder, drive cars without licenses, run around naked in the streets. Oh that's right we have laws!!!

    Why does Vice even bother?

  41. I love how Anti-vaxxers unite idiots on both sides of politics.

    Only in America. The rest of world laughs at you btw.

  42. Yeah your overweight son looks like he’s doing just fine lmao … these people are straight up inbred bums … keep ur kids home then don’t go to the museums none of our movie theaters better grow ur own food done come to the grocery store if you don’t have vaccinations u cannot participate in society then!

  43. Its all a trap they creat illness to kill u then get vaccines to control u…fear is greater than love all the love u give will b overturned by fear..

  44. Does not matter where you live, any country in the world, the benefits of vaccination will always be greater than the small risk of side effects, and the fact that some people believe that their civil liberties are more important than protecting their child/children from diseases that KILL is absurd and totally selfish, not just to their children but to children that CANNOT be protected by vaccine as it could also KILL them, so those children are put in a position of greater risk by other parents just because they THINK (or unthinkingly) believe that THEIR civil liberties are MORE IMPORTANT than those of a child/children whom could miss out on so many things and could live in fear of people who aren’t vaccinated, isn’t that infringement of their civil liberties, the liberty to live in a place WITHOUT FEAR, to those parents I say GROW UP, your civil liberties are nothing when it comes down to placing a child’s (or any person) life at risk. How are they going to feel if their child is killed or left with life limiting conditions because they catch an illness that could have prevented it, or, how would they feel and explain to another parent that their child was patient zero that killed another parents child/children, don’t forget that some people can carry a disease or virus without being ill themselves, not a position I would want to be in, and it could/can be easily avoided if they a) put aside their “civil liberties “ in the interest of others, and b) have their children vaccinated, for everyone’s sake. Perhaps if they were told that if they wish to stand by their opinions then if it can be proven that their child infected a child that could NOT be immunised and that child became ill or DIED they would be held criminally responsible and charged with reckless endangerment, perhaps that would make them more receptive to vaccinations.
    I am so glad I live in a place where the safety and understanding of others is placed above any PERCEIVED attack on civil liberties, and not the other way round.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting, bud angering, video. 🤬👍

  45. So it’s okay for the government to FORCE people to inject their children? I just want to hear someone flat out say it already and stop beating around the Bush!

  46. Children don’t have rights there parents do they didcate if they can get vaccinated or even if the kids want to or not so they have no rights.

  47. Anti-Vax Parent: “I am worried my child will get measles.”
    Me: “Then vaccinate your kid.”
    Anti-Vax Parent: “No. Vaccines are poison.”
    Me: Facepalm

  48. Vaccines kill 4 thousand American babies each year, they give. 60,000 children autism, 22,000 will develop seizure disorders, another 12,000 will get cancer, 18,000 will be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. No anti vaxxes are not giving up safety for liberty, it’s the other way around. They are realizing they are responsible for the safety of their children and they no longer want to participate in poisoning babies. Vaccines should be illegal.

  49. 45,000 exemptions…. and NO deaths from the measles??? It’s a miracle!!! Oh, maybe it’s because if you’re trying for herd immunity, you may want to look at all those in the school system who aren’t up to date on their vaccinations… THINK about it. We’ve NEVER even been close to having herd immunity!!! 😏 And No Measles outbreaks in public schools… ever. BUT, mumps outbreaks in FULLY vaccinated colleges? Fully vaccinate military ships??? THINK.

  50. My whole thing about antivaxxers is that if you believe that vaccines are dangerous. Then don't go to the hospital or doctor and get medicines. Just pray that you or your child
    Be cured. I'm 99% sure that these parents fighting against vaccines are vaccinated themselves

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