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AP Language and Composition

September 24, 2019

we’re here with students from the AP composition class and they’re here to share their thoughts about the class so what sort of content will they learn in this class um you guys are gonna learn alot about rhetorical devices and just like analyzing things rather than picking sides on certain arguments in like regular media or popular topics you will do a lot of picking apart things mostly essays and questions and how the author or rather uses then uses rhetorical devices like she said to write the argument in it and you’re just trying to like get everything and understand it all instead of like take deep meaning from it or something yeah and you do a lot o essay practice so every other Monday you’ll write an in class essay and so you just get in the practice of writing essays and it really helps your essay writing we talk a lot about social stuff we do a lot on with the presidential debates and stuff which might change because we want all those next year but then we also talk about gender stereotypes so what sort of challenges did you face while taking this class oh um I didn’t expect that it was gonna we were gonna have homework like every night but it’s like it was easy to overcome because just to get into a pattern of it but also i thought i was going to be easier than it was so that my grade wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be so that was a challenge for me it was just getting the effort like backing the effort to do all the work because it’s not difficult work but you have to put an effort compared to the ninth or tenth grade where you can just skate through language arts it you have to actually put in time and effort into this class I think most ever for me was like having to remember all the retorical devices because you’re going to use that like a ton I kind of was expecting a lot more homework but like I said it’s like it’s not or like I said it’s not that difficult but you have to at least try so for this class how manyhours each week should they expect to spend on reading at home working oh well it depends but oh like right now lately just been doing a lot of green like articles and a text books so that doesn’t take too long depending on the article we read novels we don’t read like a couple chapters every night we usually like one or two chapters and then we have a couple days break and then you read another chapter and the chapters don’t take very long roughly a week we probably spend at most three hours and at least 30 minutes depending on how fast of a reader you are and how good you want your quality of work to do it shouldn’t take up most of your time but it’s a good chunk and finally why did you take this class and did it meet your expectations um I just like Language Arts just kind of seems easier to me rather than like math or something and I really like it because you don’t always pick sides on certain arguments or you talk about things that relate to the world today but I just actually feel smarter after I took this class because I enjoy Language Arts and I was tired of having to deal with all the kids and regular classes who didn’t want to do any work or that just there because they were forced to go and it’s much more interactive and enjoyable because everyone wants to be involved and that’s one of the reasons I took it and it didn’t meet my expectations because you have to try in that class and I was hoping to be forced to try because I don’t have to try in regular Language Arts yeah I’ve been doing Honors so the no just seemed like the next thing to do and people said it was easy so I was like all right yeah sounds good um and I kind of like the discussion based it’s more it’s not as much busy work as like the regular language arts classes are well thank you for your time you guys thank you

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