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  1. Hillary says she supports the LGBT community….. But oks a deal with Saudis, who would rather lop off your fucking head, than be bothered even looking at you. Fucking hypocrite piece of shit, open your fucking eyes!!!

  2. Well hell yes it is. We been selling the saudis the weapons for years. We need to expose the saudis for their involvement in 9/11 and then take them out and take their oil. They oppress their women worse than any place in the world. They cut more heads off each year than isis ever has. They are a rich terrorist country. TRUMP 2016

  3. Wonder if the liberals know the saudi people obama bows too and clinton has dealt with for years would execute any gay people on sight..and that they kill women for driving or being seen with a man who is not her husband.

  4. What if another country that wants to hurt Yemen supplies those weapons to make it look like America supplied those weapons?

  5. The US is ready to blame a bunch of shit on Saudi Arabia that's why it's exposing Saudi crimes to the public.

  6. Lol. The U.S cries about Russia bombing civilians but then stays silent when it's own ally is bombing civilians

  7. shame on you American government providing this savage regime with weapons for money and not caring about human rights

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