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Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking? – Real Law Review

September 11, 2019

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  2. Get your facts straight before you report on this. You’re allowed to go up to the fence but no further. The signs are to warn you that you’re entering into restricted areas. They won’t do anything usually unless you cross the fenced in area or act like you’re up to something. Also it’s not run by the military it’s a privately owned company. The “camo dudes” aren’t military they’re a private security. Actually read up before spreading misinformation about it.

  3. We don't need a lawyer to tell us that storming a military base protected by signs that explicitly state that lethal force will be used on trespassers is a bad idea.

    What we need is somebody to film what a Hellfire MK2 missile does to 300,000 people.

  4. How can you court martial a pilot if they aren't in the military? I thought CM was only if you turn down an article 15

  5. You're Marine-friend is a crayon muncher. No, the United States military would not, under almost any circumstance, opt to massacre thousands of unarmed civilians conducting civil-disobedience. Even if somehow all of the media in the United States somehow didn't turn on the military for that, then the global ramifications would be extreme. I can see the U.S. doing everything to prevent this gathering from happening, but not shooting into crowds of people. Is this actually a legal-brief or just someone who doesn't understand common sense?

  6. My suggestion: Hoard the popcorn as this will turn out to be better then any movie. No CGI, stunt doubles or fake blood! All real and most likely streamed live online!

    Okay, now without the sarcasm. People who go there sign their own death warrend and if they survive the legal matter will probably finish them off (financially and taking away their freedom). Only idiots will go there and think no one will actually shoot and that none of them will get prosecuted because none of these morons read actual laws or have any common sense. I been saying this from the moment this stupidity came up first and I keep repeating myself, don't throw away your life just because of your stupidity.

  7. If this did happen, the government response would be critical. it would stem all kinds of debates or worse about our rights to hold the government accounted to the people of this country and the right to of what kind of arms or has the right to bear.
    And when I get some money, a curiosity stream subscription would be a dream.

  8. "If thousands of civilians stormed Area 51, where would they be tried? He should ask, where they were burined.
    Well the air force, have lots of non deadly weapons… Cant wait for these people to puke and poop emself =D ( sound weapon )

  9. Well if thy shoot,instead of talking first,than thy whill be in big trouble whit the country's that whent there in the first place,people from all over are going,besides ''secrets are there to discover'' nothing sty's a secret, im a Fuselier soldier in the Belgian army,and i know for sure,if thy shoot whitout talking,thy whill be in deep shit whit the country's that whent there

  10. We used the area for f117 testing, might reverse engineering etc. Aliens? We have a bunch of aliens but they hop the border

  11. There’s not gonna be a raid. It’s just gonna turn out to be a 2nd burning man. Guy fieri, other celebrities, and some bands already said they are gonna show up and cook, play, etc… it’s just gonna be a big ass festival. All the hotels in a large radius are already booked out. Traffic is gonna be a mess. And there’s only one store in the entire surrounding city lol

  12. Just join the Air Force and work your way there if you wanna know that badly. The really crazy stuff is probably at the moonbase, good luck storming that.

  13. There are already aliens around, but they are not invading, as they are already a part of humanity, and has been for tens of millenia.
    It's nothing special.

  14. I think it’s pretty obvious why the government doesn’t trust people with knowledge of their secrets, I don’t even trust most of my neighbors, I couldn’t expect those with power to trust me or anyone else. Imagine if everyone in the United States knew what was in Area 51, all it would was ONE person who’s willing to betray their government (which, let’s face it, is most people.) and other nations would know it too. And so they would know the secrets it took to hurt us.

  15. People underestimate "non-lethal force", there are various ones of course, up to and including body-on-body defense, but it would never get there. My guess? People aiming to storm in would likely at first (assuming lethal force was being avoided) be smacked by a wall of LRAD Sound Cannon's, which I can assure you will turn 75% of the people off cold, think the loudest concert you've ever seen times 100 and in a deeply unpleasant form, we're not talking blasting some AC/DC here, this is more akin to a directed wail that will drop most people flat. I've seen people throwing up because of the sounds directed by such devices. PArticularly due to vestibular activity making many feel like they're suddenly spinning around as though drunk with none of the fun. If the few who made it through (which, if it was a thousand would be less than a few hundred), would be faced with a series of stun guns, likely not people, but large walls imbued with 100-200 cords per wall detonated remotely. At this point about say 7 or 8 of every 10 would be hit with a high volt deterrent and be laid out seizing on the ground. The 100 or so left would then run into something a bit more serious, likely armored units firing high projectile rubber bullets.

    In short, I assure you, no one would get close enough to see or so anything, you'd have whole hospitals of people with mild aftereffects of these weapons recouping for a few days (likely decrying how their "rights" were hindered when they decided to raid a secured military base). They wouldn't be trying it again any time soon. Whether you're for it, or against it, bases like this have virtually non-limit funding and about any right to do what they see fit to protect national security. Had they WANTED to be dicks about it, those people would have just run into the middle of a mine-field that was being bombarded with thermobaric weapons…

  16. I guess they haven't heard of Active Denial System, geosynchronous orbit platform area denial systems, or the supercomputers live tracking all the data and surveillance (ground based radar,electromagnetic,photoelectric proximity, seismic, and acoustic sensors etc.) Raiding Area 51 is literal suicide.

  17. Lmao I really hope they go through with it. "Gunned down while naruto running across the desert towards a US airbase" is probably the best obituary anyone considering this could get anyways. Fckn dummies.

  18. Uh S-4 is logistics in the military, the S demotes different shops within the military that carry’s out different roles. It’s not a secret thing or unit. It’s just parts of the day to day work. Plus on every base there are different areas, like I used to work in Area 52 on Camp Pendleton which is the school of infantry.

  19. Even if they did manage to enter the base, chances if them seeing anything interesting is about .000001% They won't put the good stuff out in the open where it can be easily seen.

  20. A secret military Air Force base testing experimental weaponry and simulating warfare for training purposes?
    I know, let's charge in there, ON FOOT, wearing Naruto headbands, and see what happens!

  21. 2:01 The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

  22. I have a slight issue with "non lethal" term. Most crowd control items are called "less lethal", such as bean bag shotgun ammo. Point is if with any accident the item kills anyone and item was called "non lethal" the manufacturer would probably be sued and you'd be called.

  23. In all seriousness, it is highly unlikely there is actually any aliens there. It makes sense that the place where the government tests highly experimental technology also has many sightings of 'unidentified flying objects', because yes, we would not have seen it before.

  24. Excuse me. I wonder if you could speak on the issues with unfounded claims against others during disputed especially in custody cases and the difficulties involved in false abuse/rape charges and lack of punishments versus protection to rape and abuse victims.

  25. I'm rooting for the outcome his friend the Marine Corp Major said… "There'd be no trial… they'd all be died." I'm just curious… how many would still try after, the military exhausted "non-lethal" rounds?

  26. Anyone who storms Area 51 should be prepared to hear the loudest noises they've heard in their life , sonic crowd dispersal, maybe even a few taser vans with water cannons, good luck with that , maybe instead try get five people to watch the national press club event 2001 disclosure project or the 2011 disclosure project and hear what military personnel and radar operators have to say about it

  27. The Nellis Air Force Base is probably on high alert because of this shtick (Which I hope is really a joke). The morons stating openly that they are planning to storm the site has given the base ample time to ramp up the base's defenses. The Air Force has probably strengthened the defenses, locked down all the important buildings and underground sections, and placed armed personnel on high alert.

    I firmly believe that the Area 51 site is simply just a top secret weapons testing facility. Any UFO conspiracy from the 50's onward (including Roswell) is just a cover-up for top secret testing. I seriously hope that Sept 20 comes and goes without anything stupid happening.

  28. I’d love it if the guards actually get ‘overruned’
    They make it in the hanger, and it’s just a bunch of soldiers in alien costumes playing poker, while. 100” screen plays Rick Ashley.

  29. Aliens almost certainly exist. With the shear number of planets that exist in this galaxy alone, never mind the other umpteen-billion galaxies it is truly absurd to think that only one has life on it. That said given the astronomically vast distances between the stars I'm not convinced aliens have ever or will ever visit Earth, but I'm sure that they do exist. UFOs people have seen are likely to be of Earth origin, be they black projects or other misidentified aircraft.

  30. I want to believe I want to believe I want to believe… Scully and Mulder don't plan to raid area 51.

  31. "No Aliens have ever set foot on Earth" is wrong…there have been recordings of UFO's since the time of Alexander the great o/ Fact !

  32. Quick question.
    Since the age of around 12, I've been getting abducted by Aliens.
    They still abduct me to this day.
    Can I sue these aliens for abducting me and can they legally keep my new Nike trainers?
    They keep stealing trainers every time I'm abducted. They say they are allowed to do this, but I think they're wrong. It really annoys me, as I'm sure I've seen a couple of the aliens wearing my trainers last time I was abducted.
    Don't even know how they get my trainers, as I'm always abducted in my sleep and obviously don't wear my trainers to bed.
    They also come into my house uninvited, so I'm sure that's breaking and entering.
    The aliens said they'd use the Chewbacca defence if I ever sued them or went to the police, so do you think i'd be wasting my time sueing them?

  33. As a veteran who worked on H-60s, I'm familiar with what an aircraft mounted .50 caliber weapon can do. I can assure you, the USAF can stop these people, it can stop them (quite literally) dead in their tracks. The only real question is whether or not the government is going to allow the military to take the kids gloves off and actually do what they train to do.

  34. It's a military black site in the desert. Assuming you tried to get in, you could easily 'disappear' in the desert and no one, except the government guard who shot you, would know any different. The government could easily claim that you got lost in the desert and died, all the while your body is in a shallow grave.

  35. Oh Stella, just had to say love your name…:) Thanks for all your hard work dealing with the mentally challenged comments…:)

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