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November 28, 2019

to find the Arkansas judiciary website you can start with the catalog we’ve provided a link in our a-to-z list but this isn’t a subscription service you can access the site directly at courts . arkansas . gov it’s a government site for both legal professionals and the public from the site you can access forms and publications court rules and administrative orders guides and self-help resources in 2009 the Arkansas Supreme Court decided to start publishing all appellate decisions online because publishing online was found to be more efficient and cost-effective revised rule five dash two states that after februari 14th 2009 the official report of decisions will be located on the Arkansas judiciary website february 14th 2009 coincides with the closing date of the last print volumes of Arkansas reports and Arkansas Appellate reports volume 375 is the last print volume of Arkansas reports and volume 104 is the last volume of Arkansas appellate reports the print reporters contain any decisions issued before the cutoff date february 14th 2009 after that opinions are published exclusively online abandoning print reporters in favor of online reporting raised the question of the distinction between published and unpublished or non-precedential cases the revised rule says every Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinion issued after july first 2009 is precedent and may be relied upon and cited by any party in any proceeding the distinction between published a non-precedential opinions still applies to opinions issued prior to july first 2009 so if you need to cite something older than this be sure to make sure it’s published opinions issued between February 14 and july first may still be considered unpublished even though they appear on the Arkansas judiciary website the citation format for opinions published online is the name of the case the year the abbreviation for the court and a sequential number so white vs green is the 171st opinion issued by the Arkansas Supreme Court in 2010 to cite print refer to the volume and page numbers of the print reporter as well as parallel citations you can refer to the Bluebook for citation format of print and online cases arkansas Court opinions can still be found on subscription services like westlaw and lexisnexis but keep in mind that not all of them will necessarily be printed in a print reporter there are two important dates to remember all opinions issued after February fourteenth 2009 are found on the Arkansas judiciary website this date coincides with the publication of the last print volumes of Arkansas reports and Arkansas Appellate reports any opinion published after july first 2009 should be considered published be sure to check court rules before relying on an unpublished or a non-precedential opinion while it’s not the ideal place to start case law research you should be able to use this site the Arkansas judiciary website is a valuable resource for information about the Arkansas court system and it’s where you will find official versions of Arkansas Court opinions

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