Arms race ahead? Everything you need to know about the nuclear treaty Trump wants to ditch
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Arms race ahead? Everything you need to know about the nuclear treaty Trump wants to ditch

January 23, 2020

President Trump has promised to remove
the U.S. from the intermediate nuclear forces treaty with Russia. The timing
surprised both security experts and U.S. allies, but what is the INF treaty and
why is it so important? The INF treaty it’s the
intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty was signed in 1987 between the United
States and the Soviet Union, and banned ground-launched missiles with ranges of
500 to 5,500 kilometers. So before that point, the United States and the Soviet
Union had thousands of missiles in Europe pointed at each other. With this
treaty, they were completely eliminated. The treaty survived the fall of the
Soviet Union and is considered to have been successful in helping prevent
nuclear war, so what went wrong? The simple answer:
Russia cheated. We’re not gonna let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out
and do weapons and we’re not allowed to. Russia’s apparent reasoning for
violating the agreement is simple: it doesn’t cover everyone. So China, India,
Pakistan, North Korea, all have these capabilities.
Despite the agreement’s flaws, some are concerned that a new arms race could
result without it. We believe that the U.S. and Russia need to remain engaged in
constructive dialogue to preserve the treaty. But others say it is important
for the U.S. to keep an edge to maintain security. I would say the arms race has
already begun the United States is just setting it out. So if we allow Russia and
China to exploit this one-sided treaty to gain a decisive military advantage
that would be very destabilizing.

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