Article 370 & Jammu and Kashmir | Article 35 A | Current Affair 2019
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Article 370 & Jammu and Kashmir | Article 35 A | Current Affair 2019

September 28, 2019

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  1. Mam, Im from south India, it is very difficult for me to follow Hindi,can u pls do it in english as it will reach to us also

  2. The way u explained is vry perfect… M searching lots of videos on article 370 …but when m seeing ur videos… It's just damn great 👍👍👍

  3. Mam am from South India can u explain in english .. ur way of giving d content is supb but I couldn't reach it fruitfully

  4. 1. The legislations, which provide various rights to J&K people especially Right to Property, have already existed in J&K before instrument of action by India which has no Constitution yet. The Right to Property of J&K is much earlier than our constitution. The motto of both regions J&K and India at the time of accession was in order to be a part of India we, the Indians, must allow them exercising their rights. Isn't it? Then how can we trick the J&K people through circus of constitutional voids? (Ref: How India is formed)
    2. Instrumentation of accession of J&K was partial. The Indian govt can involve only in defence, external affairs and telecommunication but not in their politics. Is not the scrapping of article 370 against it?
    3. Was govt trying to find solution to develop J&K or doing circus around nature of constitution?
    4. What is the need to decrease the status of being state to UT? Just to control directly by central govt? Then how does it provide federal nature to J&K or Ladhak, which has no legislation now?
    5. Important thing is do Kashmiris really invite the decision even after long period who have been upset with us for 70 years? If they don't accept, what going to be the circumstances? Do we really care what they feel and think?

  5. Academically/theoritically very true… practically its open to debate…
    Very well presented.. Though I have not seen too many other videos as I prefer reading, I am sure no other youtuber presents and teaches the way you do… Happy to find your channel..

  6. Sahi kaha kia improvements aengi ye to kuch arsay baad hi pta chal jay ga,aur aap us par bhi lazmi phir video banaye ga, takay pta chalay ye sahi tha ya ghalt.

  7. Fantastic explanations without any prejudice to any political party. I really enjoyed it. I am scientist by profession and this knowledge is invaluable. God bless you and thanks a lot. I am also a you-tuber. Pl visit my channel also.

  8. Rubbish. We don't even want to marry outside Kashmir. Stop making kashmiri women a deliberate victim even when they are not. Discrimination ab nahi hai when there is a communication blockade? There is NO CONSENT OF PEOPLE INVOLVED. You can't
    simply ignore these facts Ma'am

  9. There will be no development only polluting the heaven on earth. You gonna turn it from heaven to hell on earth.

  10. Priya mam please answer this so now in upcoming exams can we wrote now this Act apply on whole India including J & K..? Or wait till the Parliament don't amend stick to bare act?

  11. Ma'm please use English language there are so many people with different languages watch your videos few of them like me can't understand much hindi please make your videos in English

  12. but abhi bhi to J&k me constitutional assembly nahi hai to fir ab kaise 370 hataya gya….hataya pehle bhi ja sakta tha…..

  13. ढ़ोल गंवार शूद्र पशु नारी सकल तारन के अधिकारी। जय तुलसीदास

  14. my first question how they could imposed presidential rule from Governor rule , cause j&k's constitution 92 section says that rule could goes to Governor?
    my second question has president taken permission from legislative assembly of j&k cause there wasn't any legislative assembly?

  15. I am from j and k..Very well explained but some facts are wrong. For instance i am a dalit and there is no discrimination against us in j and k we enjoy reservation here too and similar provisions as in india. This is a misnomer created by bjp that dalits are being oppressed. In fact dalits in j and k are socially as well as economically well established as compared to any other state in india

  16. Madam it's nice explanation, But who made and why made your not explained!!!
    Still bhartiya afraid to say truth about the article 370/ 35A???
    It's showing partiality to explore things.. don't you?
    Please make another video to explore who and why made article 370/35A.

    Vandematram 🚩

  17. 8:41 we know how much u developed the othes like assam ,bihar etc where people r living miserable life ,but j&k has no such situation it is ok ,so need need was to scrap 370 &35A

  18. please make a video on Analysis of Swami Chinmayanand Case…with history of the case, legal provisions involved…why there was a form of SIT?… As a case study.

  19. Thanks for your clarification of Articles 370 & 35A.
    After the illumination of this (safe guard rules for Kasmiry peoples) articles what's are we have find in the region of Jumbo and Kasmir.

    This situation already open a new era for the rest Indians to capture the land, properties,woman & life also.
    At the same time the Kasmiry people's are lost their living rights.

    So the Indian government legalized ethnic killings.

  20. Yes very well said , development ruka hua h. Kashmir is witnessing immense development since August 5 due to the communication blockade , curfew , students not able to go to school , no internet ,no phones ,wow kya development ho rahi . Aisi he development puray India m ho 😣

  21. Such an awesome and amazing explanation, Simply Wow!! You made us understand beautifuly, keep up the good work 😊😊

  22. Madam i have one question..
    Is the scrapping of article 370 through a constitutionally or unconstitutionally??? Was The method or process that used by govt of india to abrogate this article unconstitutional or constitutional???? Was it removed from indian statued book?? Is it possible to resume by amother govt??

  23. In this video u skipped abt shiekh abdullah part which is important in framing those articles ..I think So becz i m not that much knowledgeable to suggest u ..

  24. Ma'am you making things easier for every one to learn, I never felt to refer any other book,after watching all your videos on fundamental right, PLEASE MAKE A PLAYLIST FOR CoVERING UPSC Syllabus of CONSTITUTION, POLITY AND GOVERNENCE.. Many would be grateful🙇🙌❤

  25. You are really great man and your efforts are are so true that I want to salute you ☺☺☺☺☺☺👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  26. If you are a true indian and honest person of india, can you please tell or show a video on corrupt practice judges and advocates who dealt civil and criminal cases, what should be the punishments to the above inefficient judges and advocates, how a common man can get justice from the above colluded judges, advocates and other government officials selling law in kgs or tons to rich people or criminal politicians etc., this is the present burning issue in entire country majority cases are becoming pending, bribing at every stage of judicial proceedings, money is ruling every where, where can we get justice to a common poor indian can get. living in a fools paradise is waste of time.

  27. I wrote assignment on jammu and kashmir,in pg level,i wrote your whole video,thanks a lot…please make a video on the present situation of Jammu and Kashmir after removing 370 & 35a in a little practical scenario.

  28. Wow! Today I have understood the matter. You explained it really well. Thanks a ton for clearing it up Ma'am!! Really BJP is great. Definitely, Kashmiri will get benefitted. Nobody talked about the “constituent assembly” and legislative assembly thing. Love it.

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