Article 370 Removal: Right or Wrong? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Article 370 Removal: Right or Wrong? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

August 25, 2019

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  1. 0:40 What is Article 370?
    1:26 What Happened?
    2:23 What does it mean?
    3:10 People who Support this
    4:34 People who are Against this
    6:37 Union Territory
    7:27 My Opinion

  2. I am from Nubra valley…J&K
    we are very happy …..regarding thid desicion
    Yaar yaha par sabkuch INDIA ka hi…
    Only wait …..for change in mental level

  3. are bhadwee tum kitna bhoookee the kya hua aa gaya na tera baap … fir bhi bhadwee tu aapna opinion de raha hai nobody cares about u and ur opinion …

  4. Agreed with ur conversation….
    Any location seems to be strong, stable nd transparent due to there localites not due to locality… So government should take care of Kashmiries first, than Kashmir……

  5. MAN made mockery! of article 370 in bjp's manifesto : "ye to jhumla hai". Amit Shah made mockery of u now.

  6. क्या जम्मू कश्मीर राज्य को 3 भागों में बांट देने से वहां की समस्या कुछ सुलझेगी? और करफ्यू लगा के वहा की स्थिति को संभालना कहा तक सही है? मेरा जवाब पढ़े

  7. I m from Chenab valley Jammu and Kashmir I m not happy this decision
    BC Indian Army are everywhere
    No Democracy Here

  8. Ab ap logo ki khair nahe
    Yehi waja hai
    Jb Islam jihad ka hukm daita hai
    Aur ap is jihad ko terrorisme sy jorr daity ho
    Modi ny poory khity ko atomic War sy 2char kr Dia hai

  9. You have concluded this issue very well and I liked your method to present bothers the parties opinion but why you didn't covered the Ladak people who are crushed because of J&K. Frankly I don't care much about J&K I am only happy because atleast Ladak people will get lot of other opputunity to grow and Govt. also has to start focusing more on them than other region. Kashmiri will come along once they see the development in ladak region.

  10. If indian can buy property in kashmir and kashmiris can't buy property in India then its unfair and its bullshit. Its good if India want to develop kashmir its fine.

  11. I am from jammu, its injustice, unfare & unconstitutional decision taken bjp govt, they stopped the pace of growth in our state

  12. No body want to carry guns and fight unless there is unjustice in the country. Kashmiris r suffering unjustice no doubt

  13. India remove 370 cowardly.shame on India….
    Now the process of Jihad in Kashmir will began fast…..and due to this separation movements of khalistaan and in Asaam take oxygen from Jihad in Kashmir

  14. pakistani man married to kashmiri girl can buy land but not indian…. india only given liabilities like its defence..communication etc… so yeh kashmir ko india se kam pakistan se jada jodta hai… my view is it is good! (my view i respect everybody's view)

  15. Your opinion is bullshit. U don't actually care about Kashmiris you just want Kashmir. You can't forcefully integrate Kashmir. They want their freedom. You support the removal of this article.. Seriously… This just means u want kashmir to be a part of India whether Kashmiris want it or not. You should not support the removal of the Article bcoz before anything.. Before your love for ur country or whatever comes HUMANITY AND EMPHATY. The removal of the article was an terror act and illegal. The people of kashmir should be able to decide.. And seriously. Why would they want to be part of a country that send thousand of military troops. They suffer from so much violence… Yet you think they will want to be part of India?? They most probably want their own independence. I'm actually really disappointed after watching your video… I didn't think you'd have such a stupid opinion…. But well you are good at sugaring and covering it with intelligent words. Intelligent words but nothing behind it

  16. Bc tu sudhrega nhi kya? Mnn me to tere abi bhi hate speech h country nd modi k liye bt votesup dekha tha tera us din k bad se tere hos udd gye h tuje smj aa gya h ese teri dukan nhi chalne wali..sudhar ja desh drohi..

  17. My question, why your Indian government wants Kashmir land instead of giving value the opinion of Kashmiri, one thing more this land is of Kashmiri not Indian and remember Kashmiri never consider themselves Indian the evil.

  18. Me Pakistani hoon , ore mera Kehna yeh hai k Kam se Kam Kashmiri logon se pouchna Chayeh tha , Ager wo support nai kerte to nai kerna Chayeh

  19. Bat kar hataya jata….?😂 are Jinhone lagaya,jo wanha 50 salo se malai kha rahe the wo ise teen janmo tak nahi hatne dete.😅😅

  20. I didn't think you ur opinion is ryt but it's your… Just keep it
    U can know only history but not present…..
    Best of luck Hippocratic

  21. Interesting how you twist facts. President's rule laga rakha hai ka kya matlab hai??? J&K people didn't give mandate to any party to rule. Hence there was no possibility of a government as per Indian constitution and President's rule was applied by Law (if you at all understand what it means).
    Nevermind, you have your reasons to twist the fact, I am concerned about those who listen to your crap and get misled.

  22. Bro it is temporary UT as said by HM amit shah Later on it will be State and About military Hugeness in JK It is due A bhikhari Country Pak

  23. सरकार को कोई भी कदम उठाने से पहले
    तुझे पूछ लेना चाहिए
    हर बार गलती करते है बेचारे
    उन्हें पता नही की देश मे तुझ जैसे महानुभवि भी मौजूद है

  24. कश्मीरी जब भारत का झण्डा जलाते है और सेना के ऊपर पत्थर मारते है और आतंवादियों को भागते है और उन्हें अपने घर में छिपाते है तो तुम्हारा कैमरा और माइक पता नहीं कहा होता है। कश्मीरी जब सारी सुविधा भारत से लेते है तो झंडा भी भारत का लगाये और संविधान भी भारत का माने तोप नहीं है कही के की इन्हें स्पेशल राज्य बने वो तो नेहरू की गलती थी जो नौटंकी किये नहीं तो राजा हरी सिंह बिना किसी शर्त के भारत में विलय चाहते थे जब पाकिस्तान ने हमला किया और अपने बेवकूफी से बिना संविधान संशोधन के 35A को सामिल कर लिया पूरा संविधान पढ़े तो होंगे नहीं संविधान छोड़ो प्रस्तावना भी नहीं पढ़े होगे पर वीडियो बना दोगे पुरा संविधान माइक्रोस्कोप लगा के पढोगे तो भी 35A नहीं मिलेगा क्योंकि ऐसा कोई आर्टिकल है ही नहीं संविधान में जो हुआ बहोत अच्छा हुआ नहीं तो कल के दिन बिहार और उत्तर प्रदेश का भी अपना झंडा होता और संविधान भी और हा कभी लद्दाख की भी बात करलेना वह के लोग कितने खुस है इसपे

  25. Mere hisab se to 370 hataya Gaya hai vah bilkul theek hai lekin ham hi Nahin Lagta ki aapko vah pasand hai Soch badlo fark Apne Na aap najar aaega

  26. Decision was Right according to my understanding sir.

    Implementation kaise karte is all together is very difficult topic.

    Let's see what happens in the future, as situation is tough. Finger crossed🤞.

  27. जो लोग इस फैसले से खुश नही है वो अपना सामान उठाकर 30 किलोमीटर पैदल जाकर pok होत हुए भिकारिष्टान मुल्क जा सकते है , अगर गद्दार नेता अपना मुह चलाने के वजाय, कश्मीरियों को समझाए की वो भारत मे पूरी तरह सुरक्षित है , लेकिन नेता तो कश्मीरी लोगो को भड़काने के लिए कश्मीर गये, अबकी कांग्रेस मिट्टी में मिल जाएगी, पाकिस्तान की तरह चाह जो रख रहे है

  28. कश्मीर के विषय मे जो इरादा पाकिस्तान का है , वही इरादा कांग्रेस का भी है ,

    हिंसा और दंगे फैलाने का

  29. Bhai ksm she ..jaise article 370 htadia gya….mai pm bnaa nA youtube she htadunga……also tell about kashmir pandits ke bare me bnaoo na…….#rascall……

  30. hahahaha yaar kaun se jobs kaun sa development india ki sab se badi state hai UP ab wahan pe toe koi articl nhi tha 1947 se toe wahan ka kya haal hai kaun se jobs hain aur rahi baat khatm karne ki toe is articl se srf jammu kashmir me develepmemt ruki hai wah bhai toe HP aur north east states me ku rakha hai fr unko b khatm kar dou ye sab bahane hain developmemt ke aur jammu kashmir ke loogun ke paas aacha paisa hai aur litracy rate b 85 percent hai toe agar hallat sudharne they aur b tarreqe thy ye kaun tareqa nhi tha

  31. Abe gadhe tune tera opinion dia kya🤔🤔sorry comments padh rha tha🤗…. Kyuki video se bore ho rha tha😁😂😂😪😪……jai modi🤓jai hind🇮🇳…… Video end karte time jai hind bol dia kar agar sacha deshbhakt hai to #rathi

  32. Where is the opinion of people of Ladhak and Jammu. Why your opinion is so bias? You have lack of knowledge. Go and learn the history first.

  33. Mr Dhruv , You have made a real point that Indian cannot just impose its ruling over kashmiri, GOI have to listen to what Kashmiris want ? GOi cannot win kashmiri by force . Cheers

  34. Agree with most of your comments except for the classification of the state as a UT. For the past 70 yrs, there has anyway been an abnormal presence of the military forces in Kashmir. So in a sense the security of the place was anyway not a state subject as in the past. It was more of a UT in that sense. I believe as things return to normal, as the locals start becoming wealthier and more liberal towards other communities thru their interactions with the rest of the Indians as tourists, security can be handed over to the state. You can see this happen today, more and more Indians are making trips to places like Khardungla, North Eastern states etc and the locals are seeing more tourists and seeing that they are no different than the locals.

  35. Bhai it's not about kashmir only. There are jammu and ladhak which are always missing. Please go through the demographic of jammu and kashmir. Moreover you can talk about per capita income of the state. Also, why common people always suffer in this state and where were you guys before this decision. It's very easy to talk about but keep your facts straight so that common people can understand.

  36. Tumra yrr kuch nhi hoga….Tum is per q vedio nahi bante ho jo hindua. Kai saath pakistan nai hua tab tumhare maa mar gye thi ya tumhra baap…..Phale yeah batao…..

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