As Supreme Court considers landmark discrimination case, protesters make their voices heard
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As Supreme Court considers landmark discrimination case, protesters make their voices heard

October 10, 2019

-Gather your things!
We’re about to move. Follow your leader! Stay together and stay safe! -Hey-hey, ho-ho,
Donald Trump has got to go! Hey-hey —
What’s on the line here today is whether or not people
can live their lives truly and authentically without
being fired from their jobs just because of who they are. -I’ve been out here since about
7:20 in the morning yesterday. So, it’s been a long
25-some hours. -This is what America
looks like! -It shouldn’t matter if you’re
in Mississippi or Rhode Island that you get LGBTQ rights. That should be universal
for the nation. -This is what America —
-This is a very important case. I mean, they’re literally
defining the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act. -I was a school counselor at Roncalli High School
in Indianapolis, and I was released
from my job last year. My marriage certificate had been
sought out, had been found, and had been
turned into the school. And because I’m married
to a woman, I had four options, basically. I could divorce my wife and be
counseled back into the church. I could resign immediately. I could stay quiet for the rest
of the year, and they would
keep me on staff, but I would not be renewed
the next year but if I let it
get into the public that they would have
to terminate me. -There are a lot of people who
are living their authentic lives who are fearful of saying
that they’re gay at their jobs because of situations
just like this, because they are at risk
of being fired. -This shouldn’t even be
a discussion at this point. The civil liberties that were
endowed by our Constitution should be extended
to us automatically. It shouldn’t be a question of — they need to be
secure to us, as well. That should just be a given. -Workplace discrimination to me
is a travesty. The fact that we’re still
in a place where the only people
who can discriminate are people who do it in the name
of God is disgusting to me. -You can pretend,
and you will change. -I feel like this Court, they put religious freedom
above everything else, and that’s what they’re gonna
consider first and foremost. -It would have been so much
easier for me to walk away from everything if a group
of students hadn’t stood up, and it made me recognize,
“This isn’t about me. This is about them. This is about the next
generation of people so that this doesn’t happen
to anybody else.” ♪ This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine ♪ ♪ This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine ♪ ♪ This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine ♪ ♪ Let it shine, let it shine,
let it shine ♪

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  1. Transgender people need help, not encouragement. Why do we teach body acceptance in literally every other way but this one

  2. Maybe a bill which says you can't be discriminated against for your sex race religion or sexual orientation. Oh wait there is one.

  3. The comment section really shows how hateful the right really has become in the past 3 years. Wonder why so many countries are getting tired of Americans visiting them😴

  4. I’m gonna need somebody to provide me one homophobic quote from Donald trump, just one. If he’s as hateful as you people claim that should be easy huh

  5. To be honest God loves everyone one and all the LGBT people, but God just doesn’t like what they do like a guy marrying a guy.

  6. These people don't want equality. They want the whole world around them to BE THEM. Don't work like that. They wanna push their narrative horseshit thru my front door. Too bad they don't have the balls to actually approach people's doorsteps. They'd get fucked up or killed.

  7. Last i checked, if ur a Trump supporter u get fired and shamed. Because in these peoples tiny little minds, they think only their worldview is right and everything else is hate.

  8. I disliked because this is a news channel and I learned nothing about the issue, only that gay people are mad at some kind of discrimination. Also, what makes gay rights more or less important than religious freedom? They're both rights, and if you are deprived of one, it's discrimination, regardless of what right you're being deprived of.

  9. I'm not gay but treating the LGBTQ community like this is horrific and inhumane. Right wingers are horrible people. That are traitors

  10. Man and woman nothing else, man is a man and a woman is a woman. But its starting to look like the days of Noah, closer and closer.

  11. Does anyone know what this video is actually about, or what these people were even trying to do? Please help me YouTube comment section!🤔🥺

  12. The article linked in the description is informative if this is too vague for u. It's kind of annoying how everyone in the comments is immediately against or for this without a general idea of what it is. From my understanding (quick skim of the article) they are just trying to ensure that discrimination protections that were established in the 60s are considered for lgbtq people too. Idk…I'm fine with whatever reasonably protects people who are Lgbtq. It just makes sense that (for example) a person should be protected from getting fired for taking time off to get married to the same gender.

  13. I was always taught in Sunday School that God is love, God loves all his children every one, Jesus would go looking for every last lost lamb, Jesus loves YOU.

    What happened to that? The Christians today are greedy, hateful bullies. How did things change so much?

    My favorite scene here is the two guys dancing and then they kiss. It made me smile.

  14. Why are gay people linking themselves to the struggle of black people? Nobody in this country has endured anything close to it not even them so called Jews even Trump noticed that.

  15. This case is about whether or not the laws against discrimination in the workplace because of sex include not only sexual orientation, but also gender identity. I support equal rights for all Americans and do not want to see my gay and lesbian close friends, colleagues and fellow citizens deprived of those rights. This issue is somewhat complex, however, because it is hard to determine definitions, limits and parameters as to how gender identity is manifest.
    Certainly the sexual identity that an individual chooses to adopt should be respected, but one can foresee business situations in which that might be a source of confusion and create complex interactions which could bring accusations of discrimination against companies and businesses. Simply being aware of using the personal pronoun preferred by an employee can be perilous. I know of some individuals who reject any sexual identity and want to be referenced with genderless terms. I do not actually know how to reference them other than using their name.
    I am not trying to trivialize the issue, but matters such as dress, pronoun disputes and other factors may present difficulties for some business situations. I think it will be difficult to frame a gender-identity, non-discrimination law in a way which offers clear guidelines and definitions to courts. I hope the SCOTUS has the wisdom to accommodate and support all parties.

  16. The lesbian woman who feels she has the right to work at a religious school while being an open lesbian shows they dont want equality, they want superiority.

  17. All US CITIZENS ARE GARRANTEED EQUAL RIGHTS UNDER OUR US CONSTITUTION, THAT INCLUDES GAYS. WHAT appears to be happening, is the gay community wants more rights then anyone else. HOW EQUAL IS THAT?

  18. Hold up there, the police chief of Thousand Oaks, California cancelled a fund raiser for a fallen officer because Republicans were going to attend. HYPOCRITES!

  19. These people want to dictate to business owners that they HAVE to serve them, that is NOT FAIR TO BUSINESS OWNERS!!! If I'm a Baker and I don't want to bake and decorate a cake for a lesbo wedding, because it goes against my Christian Faith, then I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO!!! DON'T INFRINGE UPON MY RIGHTS AS A BUSINESS OWNER,THANK YOU!!!

  20. Not even lgbtq I can't keep up with the ever-expanding intersectional identifications. First they were just LGBT, then they added Q then they added I A +

  21. Wtf is this, what is I and A now. God please stop adding more of these I'm tired having to keep track of all this non-sense in fear of being labelled a Nazi.

  22. That lady was fired from a Catholic high school. She knew the rules and signed a contract before her employment started. She violated that contract, and was fired. It's not their fault she broke the contract.

  23. All people covered under civil rights so total bs..dont need any further special protections already covered by current laws !

  24. I thought this was the land of the “FREE”!! Americans should have rights no matter what sexuality they have!! This is why I hate religion!!!

  25. First of all, man was made for woman and woman was made for man. This is an abomination as stated in the Bible. Also, God made you the way he saw was good, and it was so. It is an abomination to even question God's choices, and is a mental disorder to even think that you yourself are wrong. No human being is created incorrectly, and if you think that you should be the other gender, then you are mentally handicapped. If you have a Y-Chromasome, then you are without question a male, and if you lack a Y-Chromasome completely, then you are a female, there is no in-between. This is genetics, people. Also, those born with the opposing gender appendage as well are still female because that appendage is not functionable, and is just additional flesh on the body. If you do not carry sperm and cannot use it functionally unless you are castrated, then you are not male. Also, scientists have just as much faith in their calculations and estimations as Christians do, and there is plenty of evidence historically, scientifically and faithfully that The Holy Bible is true and God's love is 100% real. Watch Genesis Apologetics' YouTube Channel for this information. He uses official documentaries, interviews, scripture, and statistics.

  26. Trump 2020…its about screwing America the democrat party way…lies upon lies upon lies upon lies…faith is choice don't you under stand that,you gay folks are being total assholes trying to force yourself upon someone

  27. Meanwhile we have people in hong kong dying and getting beat up protest for freedom while u idiots are mad cuz someone "misgenderd" u

  28. More bullshit. If you are gay dont work for a religious organization that is against your lifestyle, what's so difficult to understand.

  29. Being Gay is one thing Telling the rest of the World More than 2 genders is a Global Disaster We have Man and We Have Women Period

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  31. Boys with balls are still boys! Doesnt make them have a period. Girls with a penis. Still makes them a boy!. If I want to be a cat can I in this world as it seems like dogs want to be cats…I mean pussies! And pussies want to be dogs and not beeyatches! DNA says all and you cant pretend

  32. It is anatomically incorrect and just plain disgustingly wrong to you have a sexual relationship with a person of your same sex, do not listen to these lies

  33. The only reason we need more laws in some instances is for things like this! If you give people a vague definition of something, and broad authority over that thing — then differences of opinion will eventually arise. In those instances we need to the law to agree wholly that a certain right belongs with someone. The matter at hand is adjusting the law to recognize the inherent rights of all people — which has always been a task of those subject to it since its inception. It shouldn’t be legal for your employer to restrict your sexual orientation, they not requiring you to have sex are they?? Then why on earth do they care? Bigotry. Plain and simple — it’s almost as prevalent as the racism we see in the US all the time. Being half woke, like being in day-dream… or a nightmare with an almost total populace disparity of understanding and a massive amount of socioeconomic inequity in its place. just kidding I love Disneyland

  34. Sooo like less than 1% of America? How about equal rights for Fathers when it comes to custody battles? How about requiring the woman to spend child support money on the Child instead of herself? Men are getting fucked in this day and age, we cant be manly because its aggressive, because we hurt feelings, as dudes we have it tough yet we are busy WORKING and PROVIDING to be out protesting!

  35. I’d fire a transgender If they were not doing their job in a heartbeat. Now the school counselor kind of knew what she was getting into by working at a catholic school

  36. Are they protesting Trump? What did he do to the gay community? Are they protesting Christian organizations and their contracts with employees? Is the LGBT community above honoring there Employment contracts. Maybe these people are fighting against right to work laws. Why exactly are they out there in front of the Supreme court?

  37. It is so sad that America has devolved to this, that we need to rehash civil rights. What good will be accomplished by rolling back ANYONE's civil protections? Keep in mind the old adage, "If everyone isn't equal, then NO one is equal." This applies to EVERY person.

  38. I despise bigots, especially sky fairy worshippers, but reserving the right to call No Homo is probably pretty basic, Shirley?

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